LunchTimeWaster: Where Too Much Tower Defence Is Barely Enough

LunchTimeWaster: Where Too Much Tower Defence Is Barely Enough
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Here’s something new: a tower defence game! No wait, come back, this one’s a little unusual, offering up a fresh take that might just hold your interest.

In Nicemetal, you have to use your turrets to stop a giant mech from breaching your base. As is par for the course, the mech follows a predetermined path. Curiously, the position of your turrets is also preset.

Unfortunately, none of your turrets are manned. What you have to do is click on a turret to send one of your troops to it. You have a limited number of troops and they also seem to get bored or perhaps just tired and will only man a turret for a short period of time before heading back to base.

The key is to keep the right turrets fully operational for as long as possible. And watch out for the mech squishing your troops as they rush to and from the base.

Oh, and since it’s Japanese, you won’t understand the menu. Just keep clicking skip and selecting each option until you see “Stage 1” on the menu. Click that and the game proper will commence.

Thoroughly recommended. I’d like something like this on iPhone, if anyone has a suggestion?

Nicemetal [Babarego]


  • There is also a great new Mario “Clone” called Enough Plumbers on Newgrounds if you want to kill some time.

    • I like the pun 😛

      And yeah, it’s an extremely fun game (it’s also on Kongregate)

      Also, I do have to say, I never get tired of good TD’s, with this as an exception: I got tired because it wore me out 😛

      Fun game, but hard 🙂

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