Unboxing The Secret Treasures Of Uncharted 2’s Art Book

Unboxing The Secret Treasures Of Uncharted 2’s Art Book

Kotaku reader Katy was one of just 200 people worldwide to get hold of Uncharted 2’s amazing hardcover “Limited Folio Edition” art book. She was so excited, she took some unboxing pics.

The Folio Edition is something else. You’d hope so, given it costs $US300!

It also comes with a certificate of authenticity.

“Complete with gold seal, the certificate is signed by Naughty Dog’s Evan Wells (Co-President), Amy Hennig (Creative Director), Robh Ruppel (Art Director) and Erick Pangilinan (also Art Director),” says Katy. “The certificate is signed using real ink – which is always a nice touch.

“This book is an absolute treat for a true fan like me. So I thought I would share the love around through photographs. Behold!”

You can see more unboxing pics at Katy’s blog at the link below.

Uncharted 2 Art Book Unboxing [Katy Andrews]


  • I’m still yet to play this game or it’s prequil.. but thats more due to a lack of PS3..

    That said, i’d say that book looks pretty damn awesome!

    Certainly a great deal better than many other art books these days.

    • You’d hope so for US$300! More often than not, you’re getting a crappy scrapbook with a ‘Collectors Edition’.

  • Wouldn’t want to pay that much for it…

    Still, the personalised touch with the signature would make it that more special to those lucky enough to get their hands on a copy.

  • Video game art all look great these days, it really has come a long way where often you’d associate developers with really nerdy designs. I suppose its because these days games are becomming a lot bigger in scale and so are their teams, requiring actual designers and artists.

    This artbook is an example of how much focus there is to artwork.

  • Dammit, I thought you got one Mr Wildgoose, and given that you’re not that fond of Uncharted, would have put an offer in for it…

    Real Money of course!

  • I also bought the limited folio edition (Number 53) and it is absolutely amazing. I can’t stop admiring it!

  • I’d be afraid to touch it if it were $300 lol. Though forgive me for saying this, it seems that most people are paying $150 just for 4 real signatures.

    But, this can be a good thing… for those who wants to sell it on ebay lol. Imagine 20 years from now, this thing can net about $10,000 or more

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