Who Won Those Lost Planet 2 Games And Figurines?

Last week we asked you to co-operate with a fellow Kotaku reader and try to win yourselves a copy of Lost Planet 2 and a Lost Planet 2 VS figurine. Today we draw the winners.

Thanks to Capcom, we had TWO Lost Planet 2 prize packs up for grabs. There's a PlayStation 3 pack, which contains two copies of the game on PS3 and two Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit figurines. And there's an Xbox 360 pack, which contains two copies of the game on 360 and two Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit figurines.

We asked you and a friend to describe how you would take down a Lost Planet 2 boss monster.

I won't republish the winning entries - some of them were incredibly long! But you can read them in full over on the original competition post.

So, those winners?

The PS3 winners are Bjergi BJERGAZOR & i R SPaCe Cat, while the Xbox 360 winners are Stone & Mr Explody.

Congratulations guys, you each win a copy of the game and can share the VS figurines. I'll be in touch later today to sort out who gets which figurine.

And, thanks to Capcom's generosity, four runners-up will each receive a Lost Planet 2 t-shirt. They are: Corey Lee & Smurf Man and welbot & Old_Skool_Gamer. Well done to you, too!


    Thanks David! And thanks to Stone for being an awesome team-mate, we really worked well together.

    I have to say, I was feeling confident at the start, but as the posts increased and I saw the high quality of them, I felt that prize quickly slipping away from us. Very happy we won, but good work to all who contributed, and fantastic idea for a comp David!

    Awesome! I can't believe I won something! I would have liked to have won the game, but this is good enough for me.

    I just want to say a big thanks to Dave & Capcom. Also big thanks to my team-mate welbot.

    Congratulations to the other teams that won.

    ahhh limericks goddamit ;)

    Absolutely awesome stuff guys.

    I knew you had the win there Explody (and stone for that matter :P)

    Well done to everyone that was some awesome efforts there! :D

    Gratz guys! Great competition, would have loved to enter... but i'm just too lazy :P

    Woo! Free gaming t-shirt to hang up on my wall! Thanks heaps to Capcom and Kotaku for their generousity.

    And congrats to the major winners and other runners up as well.

      If you're going to wall mount it, you may as well make it special. How about i sign it for you? :P

        I'm actually great friends with the lead animator/rigger at Ubisoft Montreal! I might be able to get him to sign mine for me!!

        Congrats and thanks to everyone for the great reads on this comp! Especially Old_Skool_Gamer for his help with my part!!

          actually scrap that... might apply if it was the prince of persia comp... damn limericks!! i got prince on the brain!!! :0

            *shakes congratulatory fist at limericks*

        Hahaha. If you were Jun Takeuchi, I'd consider your offer.

    Big congrats guys, you really earned it! Great prizes too, thanks Capcom! :)

    Awesome, thanks David! It was accomplished during a hard night's work. Ily thursday night shopping.

    Thanks to i R SPaCe CaT, too!

      Awesome we won.

      Thankyou Kotaku, Capcom and Bjergi.

      David I have a tiny little problem. The email address that is attached to my competition posts has been deleted by yahoo :( so I was just wondering if you could use the email that is attached to this post or use Bjergi's email.

      Bjergi and myself work together.

      Sorry for any inconvenience.

        Dude, I reckon Spelling your name correctly is proof enough. Damn it's annoying to type out, hahaha.

    Giddy Up! - Great work Mr Explody, and many thanks to Capcom and Kotaku.

    Some very good, crazy and novel counter entries all!

    Congratulations Guys, they were certainly some grand entries...

    Congrats to guys! Quite miffed my work buddy & myself didn't win. :\ I thought we put in a good submission, but grats to winners. :)

    For the PS3 players looking for coop buddies, add yourself to this thread so we can get more coop happening. http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1441716

    Thanks for running the comp Capcom, Kotaku & Dave.

    Seeyas in E.D.N. III!

    Congratz everyone!

    Glad that Stone and Mr Explody won! :D

    Again, well done everyone.

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