WIN! Lost Planet 2 360/PS3 Game And Figurines

Capcom's new shooter, Lost Planet 2, is all about taking down mammoth alien beasts with your friends. Winning this competition is, likewise, a cooperative affair.

UPDATE: Just a quick reminder that this comp closes at midnight tonight! This comp is now closed. Winners will be announced Friday afternoon.

Thanks to Capcom, we have TWO Lost Planet 2 prize packs up for grabs. There's a PlayStation 3 pack, which contains two copies of the game on PS3 and two Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit figurines. And there's an Xbox 360 pack, which contains two copies of the game on 360 and two Lost Planet 2 Vital Suit figurines.

The idea is that you and a friend share the spoils and can play online together. And presumably, you and a friend fight over which of the figurines you each keep.

How do you enter?

You've got to cooperate. In the comments below, you and a friend must describe how you would take down a Lost Planet 2 boss monster. One of you will start and the other will join in by replying to the original comment. You can keep replying back and forth up to five times each. No more than that though!

If you need to find a friend, try placing a call out in this week's Talk Amongst Yourselves post. Or perhaps even in the neglected discussion forum on the Kotaku AU Facebook page. But hopefully you already have friends!

You've only got until midnight, Thursday, May 13 to get your entry in. As usual multiple entries are forbidden. You must leave a valid email or comment via Facebook Connect. And don't forget to state which format you prefer in the opening comment.

Good luck!

[Terms and Conditions]


    As if any of my "Gamer" freinds can read and write!

    PS3 - Ok im going for the quick match online option, waiting for players? Im starting with a shotgun and plasma grenades.

    i don't care who joins in, (maybe i'll end up going it alone :0 ) but i'll start by standing in front of the beast and taunting it (na-na-na-na-na-na style), acting as fodder to distract it and give my teammate a chance to move around the back!

      You need to state your format preference up-front!

        I have both systems, so either or!

          I've got a 360 so I'll join in with you if that's ok. I'll do my best. Here goes.

          "i’ll start by standing in front of the beast and taunting it (na-na-na-na-na-na style), acting as fodder to distract it and give my teammate a chance to move around the back!"

          And me playing as Marcus Fenix will use the chainsaw on my lancer to tear him a new one.

            /me high 5's his new partner! Welcome aboard!
            When the boss turns around in disbelief at being hacked by your chainsaw, I run up behind and drop a grenade in his pants, snapping his undies for extra punishment!

              The beast, knocked off balance from the grenade comes crashing down. So I quickly run up to it's head and give it an almighty teabagging.

                The boss had now suffered much harm,
                Bewildered by all of our charm,
                the teabag from Skool,
                made him feel quite the fool,
                then i ran up and cut off his arm!

                  The boss now flailing about
                  Had opened up it's huge mouth
                  So I climbed on in
                  And then pulled the pin
                  It's time to take this bitch out

      I'll step up! (360 Please)

      (I am imagining it taking place in a canyon filled with low scrub, rocks and a few trees, the monster is like a giant krakken that burst out of the earth in front of us.)
      While welbot does a impressive impression of a tasty meal, I sneak along a ridge behind the monster, looking for the inevitable weak spot.
      Taking aim with a grenade launcher I fire a few into some glowing spots between the tentacles.
      It goes nuts, spins around and swallows me whole...

      Xbox 360

      Rumaging through my knapsack I can feel a couple of grenades and a few rounds for the machine gun, "He's either brave or very stupid", Welbot continues to taunt the metal gargantuan with surly flair "I suppose it's the latter" I mutter.

      I exit the foliage and gingerly approach the boss monster from behind. A dozen meters away I can see a cavity coming into view on the back of the boss, "Okay a few jammed grenades should get it done". The boss monster suddenly stops its blundering pursuit and swivels 180 degrees towards me, it trains it's guns directly on my forehead. "You didn't disable the beacons!?" I yell, its chain gun whirls in anticipation, "Do something Welbot!".

        Sorry Jo and Chingchong. Old_Skool_Gamer did get the first reply, so perhaps you two should team up together! Thanks for the support though! ;)

          All good.
          Want to team up Ching Chong? Ill take the place of welbot and continue from your post if you want.

            I'm going to assume you do and reply to your post.
            Go with it if you want or just reject me like welbot.


        Unzipping my finely crafted welbot suit I hear a frantic cry from Ching Chong. "Beacons?" I wonder. "Beacons, beacons... OH beacons! Here I was hoping for a tasty breakfast!
        I could never figure out how to crack these eggs anyway."
        With several tugs I pull the round grey things free from the pins holding them to my belt and chuck them towards the beast who now seems be whining loudly. "Here boy! You hungry?"
        In a high arch they fall and clatter into a hole in the things back...

    Ooooh so cool! Now I'm gonna have to go find my brother who is currently away on vacation. If you're reading this - you begin!

      I am now your brother. Your other brother was eaten by a freaking massive alien monster thing..!

      We gotta take it down dude. I'm gonna use the squirrel tactic, and go straight for the 'nuts'. Right between the legs. Thats gotta hurt.

        Oh, hello there! Who would've thought, Kotaku bringing together long lost family members! You'll have to choose your console preference, I have both so I'm easy. Ok then...

        Whilst stunned by your first attack, I'll put my Butterfree onto him with sleep powder - the most efficient way to begin a boss takedown.

          Hmmm. Unfortunately it seems the sleep powder may have worked too well, and gotten to Andrew as well... come back, Butterfree.

            The end is nigh! There's only one thing that could wake Andrew up now...

            *grabs Andrew's tail, twirls him around until there is enough momentum... then HURLS him towards one of the perimeter fires*

    The first stage of madness is talking to yourself.
    The second stage is answering yourself.
    The third stage is when the voices start answering for you.
    Considering I'm in the second stage, do i still have to find a friend?

      I'll be your friend Ross.

      You kneel behind the salamander and I'll push it into you. It'll trip with highlarious results!

    PS3 - I would choose to play Local Co-Op to avoid the internet lag. My primary weapon of choice would be the "Machine Gun" (simple but deadly) to fight the "Gordiant" (aka Salamander) boss (which was also one of my favourite from Lost Planet 1). I get my partner and I to target the yellow spikes that grows on his back.

      Preference: PS3

      While Dennis runs circles around the "Gordiant" (aka Salamander) shotting the crap out of those yellow spikes and popping up his mobile shield when it emits electrical blasts. I'll sprint towards my mobile mech suit.

      Once inside the mech suit, I'll start unloading my rockets and machine gun at the beast’s weak yellow spikes. We try to keep this up until the spikes become smaller, grey and remain hidden inside his body.

      As soon as they two or more become smaller, I’ll hop out of my mech and try infiltrate his body and shoot it from inside out. As this happens Dennis will engage in damaging it’s secondary weak points – one of its six knees. Dennis should concentrate on taking down at least 2 of these knees, as the Gordiant will be stunned for at least 30 seconds to 1 minute.

      When the Gordiant is stunned, I’ll pop in front of it and focus on the inside of its mouth. I’ll try to keep relatively far from the Gordiant to avoid getting killed while pumping my shotgun into the mouth for continued massive damage.

        As Kenny, focuses on the mouth, I'll run back onto the Gordiant's back and shot the remaining yellow spikes.

        We'll repeat the same tactic where I focus on it's kenees once the spikes get small, grey and hidden. I'll make sure that Kenny will lob some grenades when inside the Gordiant body. This way, we can take him down faster while it is stunned from it's kenees being blasted away.

        Due to all this, the Gordiant should be reaching 40% of it's life. This will trigger it to enter rage mode. In order to avoid death, we'll try to be more careful as the Gordiant will have a considerable increase in its speed and attack, as well as the ability to release more damaging electrical blasts.

          From the continued firing of our guns, we see the Gordiant stuttering and reacting painfully from all the damage we're causing. The Gordiant tries to retreat, however we don't stop and continue unleashing everything we've got at his mouth, knee and spikes on his back. As we fire our last remaining rockets at the massive beast mouth, it erupts violently splashing a large amount of red, yellow and orange gore all over the terrain.

          We cheer in simultaneous praise as our aim was to cause large quantities of pain by consecutively severing parts of its body one after another. We did it, Boo yeah!!

    I'll start off, see if anyone else wants to join, and if not I'll get my bro to come in. And 360 would be great thanks.

    Once I see the monster, I will hunt one of the dinos from dinosaur hunter tri and rip off its flesh.

    I'll then go back to the monster and throw the giant dinosaur bone near it and hoep for god the monster has dog instincts.



    Ok Kwonmaster, we’ve encountered a Gordiant! It’s a Salamander-like creature that really just looks like a Crystal Covered Cactus. On 4 feet. That’s also ridiculously ultra-lethal.

    In order to kick its ass, we need to do the following;

    First, find its weakpoint. I’ll need you to lure it into this nifty, little canyon I found the other day by pretending to be a kangaroo hopping on two feet. Also, remember to wear a shield on your back so that you attract its attention. Think of yourself as Skippy the kangaroo being chased by Free Willy on land. I’ll be positioned conveniently on one of the canyon walls to provide you with moral, yet distant, support!

    Second, kick its ass! Feel free to use whatever guns you want. I took the spare rocket launcher and plasma cannon by the way so you’ll need to use something else. I think I forgot to tell you but I stuck a modified V Device to your back so the monster wouldn’t lose your trail and follow you around indefinitely. Hope you don’t mind.

    Thirdly, uhh, I also forgot to mention that this Gordiant thing likes to eat anything in sight so make sure you don’t trip over...

      Er... I think it ate Kwonmaster, Corey! Pretty sure I saw him coming out the other end...

      Have no fear though!, I have made my way to the canyon and this thing is hot on my trail! I used my gun sword to lop off its club-tail but it grew back (who knew?!) It just made it more angry.... tried a Chameleon grenade but I think I need a Salamander grenade. Could use some help!!

        What the hell! It ate Kwonmaster already? The guy barely stood a chance....

        And Smurf Man, I didn't know you were chucking grenades at it? I thought that was its tail smacking the earth around! Maybe sitting up on top of the canyon wall wasn't such a good idea. It's hard to tell where my rockets were going exactly anyway?

        But still, I have a new idea.

        We need to open that Gordiant's mouth and let loose with a little firepower inside! I'll distract the giant lizard by aiming for its rear end. Naturally, the force of a rocket up its backside will cause its giant gaping mouth to open wide so that you can sneak in. Once the first rocket has connected, you'll need to use your gunsword again on its forelegs so that the big guy comes crashing down to the ground.

        And for God's sake man, don't let him sit on you! We know we can get you inside him through the mouth but using the rear entry is not something I want you to try out!

        The things we do for a PS3 copy to relive our experiences... *sigh*

          “Sorry, sorry should have warned you, it just started snapping at me and I panicked and threw everything I had at it! Including my grenades!

          We have a problem though, my gunsword is gone, when I said I threw everything at it I really mean I threw everything at it. Lucky I picked up Kwonmaster’s Warp Grenade.

          But sneak into his mouth? Just cause it worked in Men in Black DOES NOT mean it’s going to work for us…… Let’s try the Universal Greeting I saw on Transformers “Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong”?

          ....So that didn’t work....

          *Sigh*, Okay, I’ll jump down Godzilla Jr’s gullet but rather than actually pass through his mouth and possibly die of suffocation how about this neat warp grenade. Keep him distracted with ass blasts and I’ll chuck it down his throat and detonate it. Voila portal and I am in his belly!! Then I’ll chuck another warp grenade out of his mouth and teleport his insides out?! Think it will work?! If not grab the Pile Driver and stake the b*stard. Then cut me out of him. ASAP. Let’s do it.

            Warp grenades are a great idea! Let me go get some more from the base.

            *Uses warp grenade* - WARP - *Teleports to base and stocks up on selection of weapons. Uses warp grenade* - WARP - *Arrives right behind Gordiant’s tale*

            Smurf Man, I’m gonna hold this thing down with my Pile Driver. It’s got enough rounds for that bloody, annoying tail and its stupid feet. It’ll also stop it from emitting shockwaves and sitting on top of your shiny, little head. Once the little bugger is pinned to the floor like a flightless piñata, I’ll warp across to you my spare rocket launcher so we can blast that gaudy crystal on the top of its head. Before I do this though, find Kwonmaster’s shield and purple vital suit! You need protection from his tongue otherwise he’ll start licking you to death.

            And if you die like that, I’ll probably die soon afterwards of laughter.

            Once we get you inside his body, we’ll move on to the next stage of the Insides-Outside plan!

              Commencing Operation Inside-Outside!

              Just removing the blood and various substances from the shield and purple vital suit. Maaaaan why wear purple? Salamanders see in ultra violet I am going to look like a beacon of light. Wait is that right? Not sure it matters right now. Wish I had my Green Lantern ring around here.

              *Running from possible death-by-licking*

              Okay Corey, he’s after me! Pin Gordiant down now!! Hurry up he seems to be charging up all of his attacks, I hope this isn’t a turn based encounter cause I don’t see myself surviving if he (she?) goes first.
              When you pin him you are going to have to throw me the spare rocket launcher (seriously who has a ‘spare’ rocket launcher?) really fast and then I am going in!

              *Avoids various tail slams and shockwaves*

              Noooowww!!!!!! Take down this Final Fantasy reject!!

                *Pins the tail on the donkey, uhh I mean Gordiant, while dodging tailswipes, horsekicks, bumsquats and natural gas attacks*

                ALRIGHTY SMURF MAN! I did it! I've nailed all four of his feet to the ground! Take my rocket launcher and just aim it at his eyes. That way, he won't be able to see you in ultra-violet and lick you in an exceedingly accurate and inappropriate matter!

                Once we take out those eyes, he will moan like a lizard (never seen a lizard moan but there's always a first?!) and we'll get access through the thro....

                Wait a sec....

                Throat....Rocket Launcher... Eyes....




                EYE SOCKETS!!! Forget the throat, let's get inside him through each eye socket and take a one-way trip straight to the brain!!!! When we get there, then we'll just alter the Insides-Outside plan by simply warping his brain outside of his head! And onto that giant crystal on top of him!

                He'll be taken down by his own empty-headedness.

                *Cleverly avoids a sudden combination tongue-twister attack and uses last nail to pin down the Gordiant's tongue. Passes the spare rocket launcher to Smurf Man to blow Gordy's eyes out*

                LETS GO!

                  But... What if I want to be licked in an exceedingly accurate and inappropriate manner?

                  *Dodges club-tail*

                  Okay forget it, ready, aim, FIRE!

                  *Fires a series of rockets at Gordiant’s eyes, the combined firepower destroys both eyes and opens a pathway directly to the brain*

                  I am going in for the kill, cover me!

                  *Drops the rocket launcher and deftly dodges the Gordiant’s blind tail attacks. Runs towards the head and aims warp grenade. Corey’s focus fire keeps it distracted. Throws the grenade directly into the eye. WARPS!!!*

                  Oh Man it is gross in here….. he has a really small brain. It seems to be protected by some crystal rock. I can’t get to his brain! He is shaking his head like crazy this must hurt a lot! Okay Corey, can you hear me? The pressure is slowly crushing my suit. Running out of oxygen. You’ll need to teleport something large into his body and explode him from the inside out! Can you hear me? I saw a GAH-42BS Vital Suit outside… its weapon systems are damaged but if you


      Wow, you guys had a lot to say o.O

      Though in my opinion Smurf Man SHOULD'VE gotten licked to death, would have made for one hell of an ending xD

      Anyways, goodluck guys! :D

        Thanks for reading Connor.

        We wrote it up at work today when we weren't being productive or particularly subtle.

    I would flip the beast onto its back and attack it with my SMG and/or rocket launcher for MASSIVE DAMAGE. In terms of historical accuracy this is the only way to attack any kind of outsized crustacean and/or insectoid creature.

    I start by shooting the monster with a water pistol disguised as a rocket launcher. After that, I fire a pistol off but it only has a BANG! flag. Meanwhile, my teammate...

      (whoops, I'm on 360. This isn't counted in the reply limit, right?)

      has loaded up a hypodermic delivery system with 3WB (Wicked Witch of West Blood) and fired it directly at the beast. The water from the pistol is now causing significant damage. Thankfully, the 'Bang' flag has startled the beast, and allowed a brief tactical retreat to consider our next move.

        As my teammate injects the boss, I power up my JETPACK and begin to fly towards the beast. As I do this, my teammate suddenely...

          realises his mistake in deciding to play the straight man in this battle. I quickly fire a tracking dart into my team-mates ankle as he flies towards the beast, and ready my homing missile. If I have to sacrifice my team mate to win this, then so be it...

            Jetpackinhg towards the beast, I see that my teammate has locked on and ready to fire the ULTIMATE WEAPON.

            Combining a Gears 2 Lancer and the best mech rocket propulsion system is...


            As I dive into the belly of the beast, in my final moments I note that it reminds me strangely of the Riftworm from Gears 2. As I fade to black, I think:

            "It's all up to Jeremy now."

    Preference: Xbox360

    She found me on my last expedition,
    Unfortunately I had low ammunition,
    I pulled out my side arm,
    But she caused me great harm,
    Wounded, "Is this my last mission?"

      Boom! said my mighty great Boom Stick,
      I grazed her, but that did the trick,
      I throw Stone a Medpack,
      And run round to her back,
      I can manage, but Stone "Get well quick!"

        With Bandages I dress my gash,
        I'm OK, I can rejoin the clash,
        But I'm still out of lead,
        and she’s full of bloodshed
        "Explody!", I shriek to an ear piercing flash!

          I knew that frag was too close,
          As the shrapnel just grazed my nose,
          I toss Stone a clip,
          Then hear an odd rip,
          She's pinned me, I'm done, I suppose...

            Tentacles, eyes, snow and dust,
            through it a clip of ammo was thrust.
            I aim for her chin
            it slackens her pin.
            "Get Fu**ing loose!" I desperately cuss

              With haste I twist myself free,
              It's time we bring this Akrid to its knee,
              I below a command,
              Stone hears my demand,
              We both deliver a mighty bullet spree

                She screams as she opens her maw,
                Immediately I notice her flaw,
                A large exposed membrane,
                I knew it was her bane,
                "Explody! Focus fire on her jaw!"

                  Together we dance with our guns,
                  She's scared, she turns and she runs,
                  But with a guttural sound,
                  The beast falls to ground,
                  Nature's mistake is undone.

      Somebody give these men a prize.

    *wipes sweat and Akrid giblets off brow*

    Phew... all right, that was a tough level, felt like I did most of it though... is your trigger button playing up again?

    - WHOA! -

    Never mind! That's one freakin' big boss! Alright, quick strategise.... I'll head up to the cover right in front of us, and draw the fire. You head to the left to get into a flanking position...


      Hmm, I'll just hang back out of the action so that you can respawn once you die... wait, this isn't Halo? Ohh... no wonder I was having so much trouble tea-bagging those guys back there!

        *In cover, under heavy fire*

        Where are you man? I need you on the left!! Damn it, I was saving this big arse bomb for later on, but you've force my hand. I'm going to jump out and fire this, you HAVE to cover me while I'm firing this. I'll be open for like 5 seconds.....

          *Reloads gun*
          I've got you covered, man.

          *starts running in, then starts to slow down*
          Oh, look..... that dog has a puffy tail!

          *Starts running in the opposite direction*
          here puff! hehehe, here puff!

            *Fires bomb, jumps back to cover*

            Damn that took half my health! Still, the boss is weak now, so now's the time to perform a co-ordinated strike. There's a weak spot on each side of this boo, so I'll strafe left, you strafe right, keep your finger on the trigger.

            Don't let up and I'll see you at the cover on the other side of the boss... GO!!

            *starts strafing left, firing*

              *Also starts strafing left, firing into the back of Gobbo*

              Oh, the OTHER left.

              Ha, look, sorry, I thought you were American, so you know, other side of the road type thing.... never mind, I'm here now.

              Hey, do we have friendly fire on? Cause you are losing a lot of health there..... Man, sucks to be you right now.

                *fighting for the same piece of cover as Drew*

                I'm almost dead, things are getting dark... won't even let me into cover properly... time for the last stand...

                *draws out cliched over-powered pistol*

      's tough to make the shot will all this blood in my eyes...

                - BAM!! -

                What a head shot! He's going down! Ohhhh yeah!!

                Next stop, the enemy stronghold. The toughest of the tough, the hardest of the hard, the nastiest of the nasty. Time for some serious co-operation here; we need to work as one, move as one and shoot as one.

                  Nice team work.

                  Oh, even sweeter, I just got a trophy for not losing any health!
                  Man, I earned that.
                  That was a hella hard boss fight.

                  Oh, yeah, um, don't know about that final level now.... got my girlfriend calling me, and see, yeah, well, you know....
                  You'll do fine, I'm sure.

    [PS3] I slump in my bean bag, head throbbing from last night’s Jaeger bomb marathon, and reach for my trusty DualShock 3. If there’s one thing that cures hangovers, it’s gaming. I text Grabda to see if he’s up for some intense Lost Planet 2 co-op action and ready myself for the battle ahead.

    “Sup G. Fire up the PS3, it’s time for some LP2 carnage. No excuses.”

      I'd just finished dinner when I received a message from Gander. He wants to hit up some co-op in Lost Planet 2. Will have to convince the missus to get off the TV.

      "Sam's watching MasterChef, I should be able to get on after that. Talk to you in 30."

        ‘Since when did Masterchef trump a gaming session?’ I thought, as I made a whip-cracking hand signal for my own amusement. I spend the next 30 mins mindlessly walking around E.D.N. III while I waited for my PS3 to tell me Grabda is online. Just as I was about to shotgun blast the head off an unsuspecting Akrid, Grabda signs in.

        Me, over the headset: “It’s about time. I cannot believe your missus made you watch Matt Preston while you could have been killing shit with me. No time to waste, let’s go!”

          "Alright, lets do this. I've only got an hour or so to play so we'll have to get this done quickly."

          I wonder if hes completed the campaign when I ask him to pick whatever mission he feels like playing.

          "We should play on easy and start from the beginning. There is a trophy for completing 39 chapters on easy mode."

            "F**k easy, what are you, a noob? We are heading straight to that crazy train level!"

            20 minutes later...

            Grabda: "Seriously dude, wtf? You have to dodge the rockets"

            Chris: "I'm struggling. It's quite possible I'm still drunk."

            Grabda: "Holy Mother of Christ, now they hit us with a giant worm thing, wasn't 2 speeding trains and a shitload of rockets enough?"

            Chris: "This level designer was on crack, I'm sure of it."

    To Kotaku Readership,

    We (MrBS & I) apologise in advance for making everyone cringe at our entry, we are fully aware of how lame this is (but we couldn't resist). :p Our console preference is PS3. So to kick things off...

    As we arrive on the distant planet, we step forth from our spaceship to instantly confront a beastly monster before us. We briefly look each other and give each other a slight knowing nod and assume our battle stance...

    Here we go! PS3 please :)

    To tip the scales in our favour, I lure the beast into our lair, ripe for an ambush. I am a bundle of nerves and excitement as I anticipate what is about to take place...

      PS3 for me too. :)

      I lay in wait in the shadows, sweat glistening on my brow as we carefully put on some protection. My heart throbs in anticipation as the beast approaches, and I check my weapon to ensure it’s ready for the impending battle..

        I start to lay into the beast, warming it up with some light melee action, keeping it's attention focussed on me...

          Pulling my weapon out, I slip out of the shadows and creep around the savage beast to come at it from behind..

            I keep pulling my trigger until my gun has almost overheated...

              I reach around to attack its weakpoint. The beast startles...

                I spray hot lead into its gaping maw!

                  I remove the safety and deliver my explosive payload!

    To denounce the evil of truth and love

      Ummm... so we kinda broke the chain by accident, as we can't duplicate the message above, continuing on now...

      To extend our reach to the stars above



            Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!

              Surrender now or prepare to fight!

              Thank you very much, once again we apologise for the pain and suffering we have put you through today!

              That's it from us today, from the both of us, Goodnight and Happy Lost Planet Exploring!

              This has been a MrBS/oggob Production, MMX, for the CWA Network.

    After rapidly tapping the b button on my xbox360 controller gaining control of the activation post, I would get two of my team members to pick up heavy weapons aka rocket launchers while me and Lost Cause retreive some V.S mounted machine guns.

      We gotta use the Machine guns to take out the boss Akrid's limbs and disable it so the two other team members can shoot it in the head with the rockets and do the most damage.

        Yeah but we can't count on the fact that there is gonna be two other players, so i think ill get on the machine gun and you get on the rocket launcher.
        That way we can kill it with or without a full squad.

          Yeah good point,
          Make sure you're at a good height to shoot it in the head or I'm gonna waste a heap of ammo waiting for you to get in position.

    Yep I can do that if there is somewhere high to get to. And dont you forget to move around a bit to make it harder for the akrid to get you.

      okay but u gotta do one thing for me, for the final kill shot you gotta go Starship Troopers still and jump on its back and shoot it in the back of the head. BooYeah!!!!

        It's Starship Troopers (STYLE) ya goose lol. but yeah that would be mad.
        Omg I cant wait to play this game.

          Yeah i know we so have to kill an akrid this way when we get LP2


    Partner: Epilogue

    Setting: Ancient Jungle Ruins

    Theme song for this particular boss fight; 'Lux Aeterna' by Clint Mansell.

    Whilst my partner readyies his weapons, I gain the beasts attention by firing at it long range with a VS Homing Laser, leaving multiple impact wounds along it's body.

    This first assault will however not be nearly enough to bring the beast down, and due to it's reasonable levels of speed, the laser will not be viable for pro-longed use in this

      The battle is intense and scary. I am frantically trying to reload my gatling gun... My partner is nearly overcome by the sheer power of the beast.

      Just as he is about to have his face mauled off I manage to get the the barrels spinning and lay a few shots into the beast. Which redirects its attention towards me.

      Spraying frantically at the beast as it lunges towards me my weapon becomes too hot to hold and it drops to the ground.

        Noticing the redirection of the beasts attention, I throw the Homing Laser to the ground and let forth a flurry of Disc Grenades. Some of the Disc Grenades fly astray but most are direct hits on the back of the creature.

        The creature is damaged, but not enough for it to care about me, its sights are set on the unarmed Epilogue now currently running for cover in the undergrowth. I'm going to need a few shots from a large gun to reattain this beasts attention.

        Quickly I unstrap my Rifle SP and start lining up some shots at what I assumed would be the creatures weakpoints, unloading a whole magazine into the beast. The beast lurches forth a bit, and swiftly spins around and snarls at me. The bolts must have hit just right spots. Now with the attention once again focused on me, it starts to run at me, slowly at first but gaining momentum until it's running towards me at full speed.

          With the full brunt of the beast focusing on Connor. I frantically began searching around, looking for a weapon, anything.

          The beast is amazingly menacing and looks to overcome his opponent at any second. Whilst searching I quickly find a weapons cache in the undergrowth. After opening it I am blinded by the shine emanating from the weapon inside.

          It is a gun sword. I quickly pick up the heavy weapon, and begin running at the beast who is swiping unrelentlessly at Connor. I manage to reach the best quicker than I have ever thought possible, I jump like I am in low gravity. And stab the beast in the nape. Then pull the trigger. The effect is stunning, literally. The beast has noticeably been seriously affected by the blow.

            The beast staggers around, throwing it's head around in extreme agony. The beast has been exceptionally damaged from the past two assaults and is starting to act reckless and erratic. After throwing itself around a little bit whilst we assess the situation, the beast once again turns itself around and gives each of us a slight glance, roars then charges at Epilogue and I.

            Noticing that the beast hasn't a particular target, we dodge roll to either side, the beast narrowly missing both of us and slamming into a small tree, knocking it over. Epilogue and I both let off a few rounds whilst the beast gains its bearings.

            After realising what has happened, the beast snarls and charges forth once more, targeting me rather than Epilogue due to the high powered rounds my Sniper uses.

            The creature hardly hanging on, and exceptionally damaged from the fight is thinking of nothing else other than to see Evan, myself and more importantly our weapons, DESTROYED. This will perhaps be it's final charge...

              The beast bearing down upon Connor, although obviously weaker than before is still intimidating. As it stumbles towards its prey I notice an exposed wound on the beasts back, obviously caused by my previous blade attack.

              I grab a grenade off my belt, pull the pin and run at the beast. As the beast nears I jump and throw the grenade into the deep exposed wound. Boom!!! The beast explodes into thousands of pieces flesh. We are covered in blood and tiny bits of brain matter.

              Wow. That was one ugly beast. Yep. And we celebrate with a nod and walk off.

    [PS3 pleeeaaasseee] "Ok, well i'd start this fight the very same way i would another other fight involving someone with far superior size and strength... I'd kick them right in the nads, what do you think stealthy?

      Dude, i am all for kicking people in the nads, but do you really think that would work in this situation, i mean that thing would have some massive nads...

        Hell yeah dude, when has kicking someone in the nads not worked?

          yeah i know, but c'mon those nads could like squash a small nation. I just dont think us two kicking it would work

            Nah man, We'll just wear massively huge boots. That'll learn'em

              so how do you propose we wear and then subsequently kick these massive nads with massively huge boots, and while you're at it, why not just say we'll summon a bajillion ton anvil and squash the boss to death.

                Well for a start thats not very creative. and it also wouldnt involve a good kick to the nads, man what do you have against kicking someone in the nads?

                  I dont have anything against it at all... Ok man is that all we're doing? Just kicking it in the nads?

    [Woohoo! I'm teaming with SarahK. She's trying to win this for her brother. So I won't be needing another teammate, thanks!]

    He stretched out his hands and pawed his way out of the pile of snow. He found that he was breathing heavily.

    More snow had begun to fall. He wiped his forehead, and realised that it was not snow, but the particles of skin blown off the 30 or so insects that attacked him. So much for those guys.

    Being a snow pirate is no walk in the park...

    "Sarah, are you still alive?!" he shouted.
    "Yes Nick, I'm over here!" came the reply.

    He adjusted his gaze in the general direction of the voice, and started trudging towards it.

    Just then, a terrible vibration shook the ground. He knew the feeling. He cocked his weapon, still warm from the last battle.

    Out from the ground burst a huge ugly monster, erupting chunks of rock in every direction.

    "The uglier they are, the gorier they die!" and he squinted and took aim.

      Sarah felt the vibration too. It reminded her of that trip she took to Mount Krakatoa in Indonesia a long time ago.

      Those were simpler times. Yes, When life was about spontaneity and ticking off items in the "things to do before I die" list.

      It was then that she saw Nick pointing the gun at the huge creature and something clicked in her head. As ugly as the creature was, it too was a living being, doesn't it deserve to live as much as we do?
      Why do we indulge ourselves in this meaningless war? Where the only winners are death and despair?

      She ran towards Nick as fast as she could, and stood in front of him, impeding the line of sight of the scope and the beast. A few seconds past, which felt like an eternity for Sarah, as she stared down the barrel of the gun.

      Then, the creature spoke "Thank you ever so much human. No one before has seen pass my ugly exterior, and shoot before I have a chance to say anything. The truth is, we are but peaceful vegetarian insects. We burrow in the ground to avoid the cold and come up occasionally to munch on the bark of the Taiga tree. We mean no harm to humans"

      Sarah was glad.

      "No, thank you creature. You have taught us both a very important lesson about tolerance today"

        [Sorry, forgot to mention, PS3 for us both]

        OBVIOUSLY, it was merely a facade on Sarah's part... She was a master at attaining the trust of anyone, even enemies. Nick smirked.

        They don't call her 'Sarah the Slick' for nothing...

        Nick made an acrobatic dive to the right, opening fire. The hideous monster let out a screech, blood gushing from its armour-like hide. Heh. Nothing stops our special acid-coated rounds.

        Being a pirate has its advantages.

        As quick as a wink, Sarah made a 180 turn, kneeling on one leg at pulled out her own gun, all in one swift move. She took aim and fired as well, her face showing none of that faked compassion and sympathy present awhile ago.

          [Oh sorry, that last reply was supposed to be from Nick, we figured because we are short of time, we will just write to each other separately and then post it all in one go. THIS is my real reply. sigh, sorry, new to this]

          Sarah DID take aim and fire. But she fired at Nick and not the creature. She was disgusted that Nick attempted to kill the creature even after its heartfelt outpour. Nick truly had a misconception about the true feelings of Sarah.

          They dont call him 'Nick the Dick' for nothing.

          The bullet knocked Nick's gun clean off his hand, breaking it for good. She then took out the ammunition of her own gun and threw it in the nearby bottomless pit. Now no one had ANY weapons. The ONLY way to solve this mess is to talk it out and resolve our differences.

          They all sat down and discussed the meaningless war that has gripped the two sides, occasionally dropping in small talk of hobbies, lifestyle and humourous experiences. They found out that they were not too different, the insects and humans, only the exterior.

          Sarah felt especially connected to the creature, whom they now know has a name, Jimmy. She believed that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

            Nick played along with this stupid charade. It was the only way to survive seeing as they had no weapons.

            Nick knew that Sarah had a split personality, but he is beginning to be concerned as the pansy, weakling side of her began to show more and more with each passing day. He and his team knew the time would come to expel her from the band of Snow pirates. In war, the weak perish and the strong live.

            As Sarah and the creature share tearful stories of breaking up with exes and eating chocolate ice-cream, Nick was anxiously looking at his watch. Little do they know that before they began their mission here, Nick has called in for air support should they not be heard from in 3 hours.

            The clock is ticking, 2 minutes to go...

            The three of them might all soon be dead, but he will die a proud Snow Pirate, and not a crying wreck of emotional meat.

              As Jimmy and Sarah bonded, a link began to form between them.

              Sarah found that Jimmy was sensitive to the motives of other humans, much like the gut feeling that Sarah came to rely on so much in her life.

              The movements and facial expression of Nick tells it all. He was planning something sinister.

              Sarah and Jimmy made eye-contact, communicating without words their intentions. Men will forever be engulfed in ridiculous war as long as they had the mindset like Nick's. She was sorely dissapointed in him, and only wished he had opened up, for it would have ended the war then and there.

              She jumped on the back of Jimmy, and they both jumped into the hole that Jimmy first emerged from. Sarah had heard of Jimmy's home. A multitude of creatures of different sizes, all living as a community, and would be more than welcome to accept Sarah into their lives.

              Yes, she knew it would be better there, away from blood-hungry men like Nick.

                RIDICULOUS, Nick thought to himself.

                To think that Sarah would betray the human race to be with a creature not even of her own species. He failed to see the appeal of these creatures that so enticed the womankin. Much like the movie "Twilight".

                As the depressing duo dissapeared into the hole, Nick's air support arrived. They did not bomb the place as he initially expected. Instead, the helicopter dropped a huge shiny Mech to the ground.

                Perfect! It was the MSII-KIL model, fitted with the drill mode attachment and more guns and ammo than you can pump into a horde of zombies.

                Indeed, the war will end today. But it will end with Nick wiping out the entire colony of insects. Sarah unwittingly led him right into their nest.

                Once there he prepped his mech, claws deployed into the ground as support, gears grinded as the shotguns, flamethrowers, and missle launchers found their targets.

                And Nick let loose a hellish rain of explosion and fire onto the nest. Laughing as he knew Sarah would be amongst the pathetic creatures.

                All will end tonight.

                  As the curtains closed on the supposed destruction of Jimmy's beloved home, Nick awoke from his hallucination.

                  He was delusional from lost of blood. When Sarah took aim at Nick after he shot Jimmy, she did not aim for his gun, but instead aimed for his chest.

                  Sarah and Jimmy DID talk and resolved their differences, that much was true. Nick must have heard all that while he lay spasming on the floor. His air support did come as well, but they landed and were more than willing to talk to end the war.

                  Nick dreamed the whole Mech thing, and Sarah was glad that at least he died smiling.

                  The war was over, and the creatures and humans co-existed in harmony ever since.

    Okidoki, Xbox 360.

    I sight the Akrid from a concealed position, undetected, and do a quick check of my gear. Machine gun. 500 rounds. 10 grenades. I see you on the opposite side of the great beast, crouched behind cover and also undetected for now. I give you a silent hand signal that I am ready.

      I too check my gear. I have 3 gum grenades, a Rifle and for some reason 100 shotgun shells. Desperate, I try to force a shell into the rifle using a rock. The rifle refuses. I'm also missing pants, which is a little emabarrasing but luckily you can't see that because I am crouched behind my cover. I see you wave to me, so I stand up and wave back.

        The Akrid spots you immediately and begins turning to eviscerate you. It is clear to me (and the Arkid) that you are not wearing pants. This seems to make it even angrier. I curse and charge ahead. I'm tossing grenades and laying down continuous fire with my gun to try to get its attention.

          Time seems to slow down. The Akrid and I make eye contact and I swear I see its gaze drift southward for a split second before it suddenly howls and cocks its head back in rage. I fumble for a gum grenade but drop them all. The Akrid eyes me. I trip on a rock and narrowly miss a thrust from its pincer.

            The Akrid is bleeding orange ooze out of its back but continues to ignore me. I toss the rest of my grenades in desperation, knowing that it is not enough.

              I stand up to find that I have fallen on a gum grenade and it is now attached to my head. It starts blinking. Luckily, while I have forgotten pants, I have remembered my helmet (safety first!). The Akrid is still eyeing me.

                1 grenade left. I say a silent prayer, kiss it and let fly. It lands between you and the Akrid.

                  *well, this is not working because it is taking too long for moderation approval and it is now 11.50pm. So, I'm just going to dump the rest that my brother and I had planned:

                  Jim: Something soft lands close to me and explodes, knocking me off my feet. There is dust and smoke everywhere. I can't see anything but the red glow of the armed grenade on top of my helmet. I take it off to wipe the dirt from my face when suddenly i see the sharp teeth emerge from the smoke and snatch it from my hand.

                  Badger: I see the Akrid swallow something. There is a pause. It seems confused. And then it suddenly explodes. Gore and guts fly everywhere. I am covered in gore and guts. I am not in a good place right now.

                  Jim: Victoriously I emerge, pantsless from the dust, smoke and mountain of guts. I give you the "A-Ok" sign with my right hand. You give me the finger with your left.

                  The End.

    Sorry, wanted to try this with my bro, but didn't realise the moderation check was going to get in the way (not sure if our posts are going to come out weird). Will try again tomorrow.

    Great idea for a competition btw!

    On PS3 thanks.
    I'm saddling up with Sprogai...when he reads this.

    As I slowly started to come round, head throbbing,body aching, I remeber the Haiku
    you taught me, when we started studying politics together.
    I think it went somthing like :

    Is war worth the price
    if it prevents our freedom
    to rear our children?

    Caskets returning
    bodies of men and women;
    war costs us a lot.

    I can slowly feel circulation returning to my arms and legs, I can move them, albeit gently.
    The blurry eyesight I first experienced when coming to, has passed, and I'm lying slanted, unable to get up.
    The ringing in my ears has gone, and I hear the alarms to my Vital Suit going off.
    Power is at critical, and awaiting to be restored, I'm stuck.
    Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere at the moment, gotta hold on before IT comes back and finish us off.
    Where the F^%$ is Sprogai !?!? He was supposed to have my him to leave me here.
    He never did like me, ever since I married his sister.

    Gloria, shnookems, baby...I'm sorry...your Megaman isn't ganna be able to make it back to you and Johnny.
    I'm....I'm sorry Johnny, your dady won't be able to buy you that Japanese re-issued Generation 1 Transformers PredaKing you wanted...
    Please....Please....Forgive me.....You take care of your mum ok??....

      I knew i had abandoned him. My team mate. My wingman...Bukake

      I just couldn't hold it anymore. You see, i had Xenophilia.

      And i wanted in. Alien balls and all.

      He needed me. And i needed IT.

      Thats how he got hurt. Thats why he's there now, on the ground, about to loose it all. Wife. Kid.

      All because of me. All because i needed tentacle tenderness. Proboscis passion...

        (AHAHAHAHAH WTF!?!?!? How to follow??)

        “Vital Suit now back Online”
        “Bout friggin time”, I muttered as I began the rigorous strains of standing my suit back up.

        The ground begins to tremble….before suddenly stopping.

        “Oh Shite, it’s coming back, it’s coming back” !!
        With all my might I muster to get my Vital Suit back to being fully operational.
        Something in my pereferal vision...
        !! There !! off in the distance, is IT back??
        Glaring 20m up a rocky dune, cuts a dark,foggy silhouette.
        With the fog beginning to clear, I then see him in full form, mouth salivating. Frothing even…is he?...Is he relishing this?
        "SPROGAI !!....Get down from there, and cover me! We gotta take down this thing !!!

        A giant Roar can be heard off in the distance….It’s heard us!!

        Sprogai remains still, his hands have now been relased from control sticks, and have begun slowly unbuttoning his standard issue suit.
        Hands now gyrating under the control hub,my view, now obscured by my visor. What’s he yanking at?? I don't recal there being an extra shaft/stick being issued to the Kotaku07 Model Suit. What ever it is, he’s certainly enjoying it.

        ITs footsteps can be heard now. It’s creeping up.
        Sprogai has a look of elation on his face !!
        "C’mon man" !!
        I’ve gotta make it through this.
        For Gloria, for Johnny.
        I’ve got 2 mouths to feed and love.
        And you Sprogai? Godamn you! You’re thinking bout feeding your mouth wih alien balls !!...this isn’t the TIME !!

          The timing was perfect.... I was ready...i was so, so close....

          My darling was on the way and i knew it could smell me...smell my eagerness...

          Whats this!! Bukake!! He's still alive!! But wait...!!!

          He was in the way! Between me and my queen.

          I can see Bukake clearly now. Oh no!! he doesn't realise!!

          The beast that is coming for me is not your enemy!!!

          My words fall into the emptiness. He cant hear me.

          What happens next hurts the most.

          With precise aim, with unmatched skill he set his weapon against that which i hold so dear...

          The sound of her body meeting the ground created a new feeling inside i feared, one i hoped would never come to the surface....

          My NecrophilicXenophobia... Now she was all mine... She would be my....silent....alien....lover....

            The deed was done…IT had been slain.
            Somehow, we had managed to overcome the impossible. Together, against the odds, we had managed to take down the gigantic behemoth in a manner most would deem unethical.

            For the Alien, with his extremely volatile go-nads, flashing orange, indicating a weakness, had attempted to pounce on me, and was met with the cold raw hard steel of my cocked weapon, and I quickly pulled the trigger and exploded my round.
            Actually, using the word “Cocked, and exploded my round” are a bad choice of words.
            Actually, realising the word “Cocked and exploded my round” as being a bad choice of words, paled in comparison to what I was now baring witness to.

            For the alien, IT. The one I had extinguished the “LIFE” from the word “Lifeform”, laid dead on the ground, had now been laid bare, lifeless and was now taking on another form.
            For Sprogai, his eyes now entranced by the delight of the slain monster, had decided to form a more…loving bond…and he was literally, Cocking his weapon, and ready to explode his round.

            I was dumbfounded…sickened…yet somewhat aroused…
            Sprogai was certainly going to be court marshalled after this, discharged.
            But it seemed he was doing enough of that already.
            With the Aliens from Planet Lost, having lost today’s battle, my consolation prize, was that I got to live another day, and go home to my family.
            Sprogai on the other hand, not content with this, continued to plough his “Trophy” away and “Claim” his prize.

            Some considerable time later….

            The sun was slowly beginning to set, an end to a day that will haunt me forever, we slowly started to make the trek back home to Fortune City.
            “We make quite the team Sprogai. I lure ‘em out, as bait, and well….you throw your bait in after. Hook line and “sink her”.

              It seemed like an unbreakable bond.

              The beginning of a set of soldiers with a plan to take control of the planet themselves...

              But questions still remained...

              Were the beasts after the heads on our necks...or the heads between our legs...

              I needed to find out, but more importantly...

              "Hey Bukake!" i shouted... "Wait up!" He had wondered forward. I relised i must have been deep in thought.

              "Will you just try it! I promise i wont do anything weird!!"

              "No way! Your a freak!! Get away from me!" He said pushing me away.

              "Come on!" i said slyly.... "Just hold up these tentacles and horns and pretend your attacking me....."

                “Man Get the F&%$ away from me! Man you need help ” ! I replied, disgusted by his gesture.
                “I’ll leave the probing to you, thanks.” It was clear that this Alien Co-Op killing partnership was not going to work.Instead of protecting my tail, it was obvious he was more after Alien tail.

                Yet what am I to do?
                Thoughts of that old TV Show Dexter springs to mind. A child with a penchant for murder and how his step dad, attempts to curb his anger and direct his lusts to criminals.
                Could the same thing be applied to Sprogai?
                He’s pretty much family...Time will tell...

                Freakish hobbies aside, Sprogai was a damn good fighter...and lover by the looks of it. The kind of guy you'd want in your corner...and not turn and corner you.
                I'd let this revelation play out and see where it took us. After all we have our new battle plan. I just need more work with the dismount part…or mounting part in Sprogai’s case.

                I hope the guys at Kotaku Command better take notice, and recognise our contribution to our community, and present us with a purple heart or some prize, it’s been one helluva journey, and Command will no doubt issue us new orders.
                Today I dodged a bullet, I'm alive…and I can’t wait to get home to my family….maybe try a few tricks I learnt from Sporgai tonight…as sick as it sounds…

                I glance over my troubled partner, somewhat a lot calmer and back in his shell.
                “Hey Sprogai…”

                  Sorry guys, looks like Sprogai is still in Transit, and was unable to finish the rest of the story.
                  So I'll just add sumthing short, just to round off our opus.

                  "Relax Bukake, your in safe hands, I'm not ganna harm you in your sleep".
                  Bukake seemed somewhat releived by this piece of news, straightened up his Vital suit,
                  and together trudged along back to Fortune City to be debriefed.

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