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    I recently went through my shed and found a box full of my old sega master system and mega drive games, they are just taking up space, but i really dont have the heart to just throw them out.

    I'll see if any of them are actually worth $20,000 on ebay.

      Nice find... I'd be happy to take them off your hands! :D

      What games did you have sitting there?

        Mega drive:
        Alex Kidd: The enchanted castle, Terminator 2, Sonic 1, Altered Beast, Columns X2, Lion King , Aladdin, Sonic 2, Golden Axe 2, Mortal Kombat 2, Sonic Spinball, Mr Nutz

        Master System
        Sonic 1, MJ Moonwalker, Hang On, Ghost House, Super Tennis, Teddy Boy, Outrun, Shinobi, Back to the future 3, Quartet, Global Defence, Altered Beast, Black belt, Golden Axe, Line Of Fire, Psycho Fox.

          Freakin loved Ghost House back in the day. Never had so much fun running back and forwards over and over lol

            thats only about half of them, i had about 30 mega drive games, i'll find more once i clean out my shed this weekend, as for ghost house, did not like :(

      Besides the odd $30 cartridge, nothing.

      Jealous, I am. There's nothing better than finding that Pandora's trove of old games/collectables boxed away in the shed, although it's not one I often get to experience. Re-discovering things however is something I'm quite adept at, especially when it comes to my Star Wars collection ("Oh what? Where did these boxed, original Return of the Jedi figures come from?? I don't remember buying these..." etc).

      Back on topic, I just picked up myself a Megadrive 2 (boxed an all!) with the 6-in-1 cart that contains Golden Axe, Super Hang-On, Columns, Streets of Rage & 2 other games that escape me. My console collection already features a Megadrive 1, but wanted the Megadrive 2 specifically for the power adapter so I can use my Japanese PC Engine Duo-R! Nothing like getting a bit of Ai Cho Aniki, Bonk or Sidearms to bring yourself back to a better day. The only problem I've got is a number of the Hu-Cards that came with the system don't work properly, but as it's a Duo it means I've got the CD side of things there to use (until the laser gives out anyway).

      (PS. Holler out if you decide to get rid of any of the games, more than happy to give some of them a good home!)

      I have about 70-80 mega drive games. A lot didn't work last time i tries. Does anyone know the best way to clean the cartridges and get them working again.


        First, go pick up some contact cleaner from Jaycar/Dicksmiths/Electrical supply store. Be warned as it isn't cheap (about $20-25 a can).

        Next, grab a cheap toothbrush - the longer the bristles the better. Some cheap cotton buds too.

        Spray contact cleaner on one side of the cart's contacts, then brush vigorously with the toothbrush for a few moments. After this, roll the cotton bud along the side you just cleaned to remove any residue cleaner/crud.

        Rinse/repeat for the other side of the contacts.

        I've managed to get all my NES carts working much better after this, although the same can't be said for the Hu-Cards I have for my PC Engine :(

        Good luck!

    I've got a Megadrive and Sega CD with some games boxed up in a closet. Fond memories.

    I tell ya, the international postal delays lately are killing me. I have a few games in the mail coming to me which are a week overdue. Doesn't stop me from ordering though. Go zavvi!

    Ok so am i the only one that thinks the new transformers game on the way should have a special collectors edition that comes with a limited edition transformer... i mean the guys are working with Hasbro.. surely they could do it for us loyal fans of robots that become cars that become robots again!?!?

    ...or am i just a geek dreaming?

      u're talking about a transformer that actually transforms right? if that's the case, definitely. :D

        If it doesn;t transform then it's not a transformer is it? :P

          oh no, you might have a bumblebee model that does everything bumblebee does... as a robot. like one of them models you keep on ur shelf and aren't meant to play with =[


          They did it with the DVD case for the movie. They could pop one in for the game.


      The entire Transforms franchise exists just to sell toys. Its damn right un-Hasbro not to be flogging their wares any which way, I guess they are looking more at you buying it individually over giving them away.

      I'd love to see them do a re-release of the Titaniums War Within Optimus Prime for this, given the in-game Prime is incredibly similar to the WW version. Won't happen, but one can wish!

    Andrew you just brought a tear to my eye, i played Shinobi endlessly. i ached to have a Master sydtem again, if i had one id promptly relieve you of your Master system gear. last weeks off topic seemed to have a massive amount of comments on the one page which made it very hard to read them on my iphone while at work.

    Choops, how about an Optimus Prime figure that is actually the game case and the back or chest opens to reveal your disc, now theres and idea for you.

      Actually mate, i got something similar to that for a birthday (or xmas) not long ago - and it's not actually as cool as it sounds. Basically the DVD case for the transformers movie was made of plastic and unfolded to become a standing optimus prime.. while it sounds cool on paper, the end result just looked cheap..

      that being said - how about this instead - a transforming USB stick filled with concept art and the usual goodies???

        I think the Transformers USB would just be awesome by itself.

          yeh thats what i was thinking of when i saw it - that this is all kinds of awesome.

    Here we go chaps, makes up for where Guitar Hero just didn't cut it,

    I have tonsillitis again. I get it every six months without fail (have since I was in high school).

    I am quietly disrupting my office.


        Probably should. Costs a lot without insurance though :(

          Get thee to the waiting list! I just had my gall bladder removed this week, they get to you eventually (well a year or so after being tagged as 'urgent').
          Oh and the general left me with a 3 inch uvula, looks like a Dune Sand Worm - It's awesome!
          Drown yr tonsils in ice-cream and jelly and some Halo Reach.

            Scrolling through the Talk Amongst Yourselves comments eating breakfast when I read "3 inch uvula, looks like a Dune Sand Worm".
            Kinda not hungry anymore.

      I didn't know that was possible.

      If it makes you feel any better I always have at least one blocked nostril.

        Me too... and it STILL drives me nuts!

          I have that too! Although mine is a deviated septum after having my nose broken.

          Sucks man.

            wow. i thought having a blocked nose randomly was bad, but you take the cake. bls man

    So in year 12 English at my school we have to do an oral assessment task based on a current issue. I've decided that I will be talking about "Should Australia Have a R18 Rating". It's pretty much a 3 minute speech talking about reasons for and against this issue.

    Since I'm looking for some good arguments I could use for each side of the issue I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Obviously you don't have to help, but any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

    This task is pretty important and I would like to make sure that I have a pretty solid coverage on this issue. Thanks in advance.

      You could take a look at this video in argument for:

      Basically, we need to fall in line with the rest of the world. Movies, music and other forms of media have R18+, what makes games different? It makes developers less 'scared' to release aussie games. Grading R18 games as MA15 means that 16-17 y/os get to play R18 games which are wrongly classified cause we DON't have a classification for them.

      In argument against,...


      Ok but seriously, I guess you could say that on the whole it allows for a release of more violent games cause there's a higher rating available. (You can rebutt: the rest of the world has these games available, why can't we?) Children could have access to these games, cause now they're made available in the australian market. (Parental supervision please.) Sorry i can't think of anymore arguments against LOL

      The arguments for an R18 rating in my mind are mainly that it alerts parents to the fact that games *are* rated at all, and helps stop kids seeing restricted content.
      While there is no R18+ category, a lot of stuff that should be R18 slips through, or gets through slightly modified and any kid can play it. Make it R18+ and have an advertising campaign and maybe some parents will stop buying their 10 year olds GTA IV or Saints-Row 2 for their birthdays. You can argue that millions upon millions of games are sold every year, and there is very little direct correlation between game violence and criminal-level violence. Compared to the numbers sold, very few kids go on a rampage and even then the links are pretty tenuous.

      Against, well you could argue that due to the interactive nature of the games that they are different from film, and that watching a psycho-killer is different to acting out being a psycho-killer and actually 'performing' these acts in a virtual space. That it has more impact as a participant than as a viewer. That the latest research shows that it does desensitise people to violence and that it can make people a bit more agressive. (see this week's Good-Game for details, you can podcast it or watch it on iview)

        Thanks for the help. I guess gamers have trouble thinking of reasonable reasons against an R18+ rating :(

        What were some of the reasons Michael Atkinson used?

          This is Atkinsons arguments. I recommend you read it if, but if you ceebs, basically:

          There are more than enough games containing violence, why do you want more?

          Usual talks about links to increased aggression and de-senstising of violence.

          If there are more violent games, (i.e. not censored) these run the risk of falling into younger hands.

          I'm sure there's more, but I really can't be bothered. Good luck with the presentation!

      I had the same task a couple of years ago, and hooked my 360 up to a projector.
      Having people flying out of windshields on GTAIV in the background while I spoke was a good way to keep the audience involved, I think.

      I also had an audience member try to circumvent the parental controls, and fail, proving how well they work.

    Hey guys - if you haven't already bought the Humble Indie Bundle - i highly suggest you do so now as they have added yet another game to the lineup of what you get when you pay your chosen amount.

    The games are now as follows:

    World of Goo
    Samorost 2 (new)

    Thats 6 award winning Indie games at a price of your choosing!

    Please buy as your price will go to worthy charities and you'll get some awesome games in return.

    ...just don't be a tight ass and pay like 1c... keep it in the dollars people!

      Gotta say what a great idea! I'll take a look at these! Thanks Loops :)

      These kind of deals are super ideas. They generate great viral marketing and they get the consumer to properly consider the worth of what they're purchasing. The fashion world would be vastly different if this was the norm.

      The stats are also interesting. It would seem Linux users are the most generous.

      Cheers Loopy!

      As long as you pay more than $2-3, they'll actually get some money from it. Anything less than $1 and it'll all be eaten by paypal/credit card fees etc.

      I downloaded these last night. I only made a donation of 10 bucks, kinda felt bad, I would have paid more but I'm unemployed at the moment.

      Also, the latest news from the wolfire website is that they're making four of the games open source. Namely Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra: Overture.

      So those of you that know how, you can now start modding.

      Bought 'em last night for $USD15. I feel ok about the price, but still feel a bit stingy. Damn the morals of choosing your own price!

      Nevertheless these and Steam for Mac (Torchlight woo!) should tie me over nicely until Alan Wake next week. :D

    In other news, that DS I got a few days ago randomly decided to start working, I have no idea what the problem was, but it apparently fixed itself. FF3 is awesome so far, really old school traditional turn based RPG, and I like that. As much as I like this thing, I doubt I will be buying a prewoned console again anytime soon.

      If you like 3 you'll love 4. They really use the DS. Speech, mini-games and it looks damn cool.

      Also dont forget to check out FF Tactics A2, many hours of fun to be had!


      Main series Dragon Quest is also a good old-style RPG if you can find it. As far as I'm aware, IV: Chapters of the Chosen and V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride should still be floating around here. VI remake just got a release in Japan, and I think number 9 (not a remake) should be coming later this year.

      Also, as a side note to your last weekend's "What are you playing this weekend" post things, I managed to get Etrian Odyssey for $10 in one of EB's sales... sometime this year (I think?), and hey, you can't go wrong if it's only $10.
      ...Wait, you probably can (those Imagine: Whatever games make me sad), but hey, $10!

      The World Ends With You.
      Serious contender for best DS game I've ever played.
      Get it and play it, everyone.

    Please all gather and leaves your thoughts about my upcomming actions. This post shall perhaps be my last... On this keyboard. :/ Its met its match in an unreported coke spill, which while festering has become so sticky that all my arrow keys are working as one.
    Perhaps its my laziness, or a risk taking behaviour mindset, but I've decided to dishwasher my little friend. Normally, I'd be like, meh, lets give it a go. But coming to that thought has been hard given that its a Razer Tarantula. It goes in the dishwasher tonight, and is supposed to be dried for at least a week before replugging in. I'm not so patient, so am planning to pop it into the oven, on low, for a few hours.

    If all fails, its new keyboard time. :/

      Similar incident with a hefty coke and bourbon spillage over my Razer keyboard, unplugged it tipped it upside down, sprayed it with some citrus all purpose and dried it in a towel over night. Bob's your uncle she came good, and for the money spent on it, thank god.

      I have a habit of spilling tea all over the place (in fact, I did it last night!). To the point that all I have now are a small pile of standard 108-key keyboards, so when it eventually happens, I just swap it out for another one.
      I don't allow myself to have nice things. ='(

      Lol bish, you'll have nice things one day, one day. My problem was there was nothing to tip out! It was a sneak attack, by one of two short statured suspects. Both of whom drink coke... Its not coke any more though, its some dastedly sticky goo.

      Anyways, took my keyboard out of the dishwasher this morning, it looks lovely and clean, but the dripping water from it really left me feeling uneasy. I've popped on a spare keyboard for now as I had to congratulate loops on winning! Gotta run out for the day, but I'll oven the razer tonight and let you all know if it survive.

      (for those interested, I gave it a good squirty soaking in soapy spray n wipe spray. Left for 10 minutes to ensure penetration. Inserted to Simpson* dishwaser, on 'eco' cycle, without any dishwashing powder, tablets or rinse aid. I figure spray n wipe was enough of an detergent aid.)

      *Brand indicated in hope of receiving tonnes of free whitegoods from those good folks at the Simpson Corporation.

      Since you asked for comment, comment I shall:

      "You're Mad!"

      It's not the dishwasher I'm worried about, as that is a necessary and calculated risk to ward of evil coke slim. However to be so impatient that you feel the need to oven dry it is sheer ctrl-alt-del loony bin crazy. Borrow, beg or steal a replacement keyboard for a week and give you beloved “Razer Tarantula” time to recover from its Morning Fresh encounter!

      Goodluck with the keyboard, hope it turns out well. I don't think I'd be able to bring myself to put a razer product into a warm, soapy and liquid filled environment. Hopefully the oven doesn't melt anything either, try not to put the oven too high or allow passers by to mess with the nobs.

      Again, goodluck on your quest mister Qumulys.

      i get this feeling you should actually sundry it. the oven can't do anything except make ur keyboard fizz up, unless you have it on like a REALLY REALLY low setting

        Im guessing the new extra grip coke bottle isnt working as advertised then?

          LOOOL. good call.

        Where IS the sun!!???

          briiiiiiiiight and sunny on the west coast :D

          oh, Here comes the sun... du, du, du duh.
          Here comes the sun... du, du, du duh.

    Ok. Stop ! I thought you were joking about the oven. The oven creates heat to cook, not to dry. Here's a few tips to save your Razer from drowning. Get a hold of enough of the moisture soaking kitty litter to bury your Razer in. Wrap it in a towel and stow it away in a drying cupboard, not so common in Australia but we had them in England, that kind of heat is what they use at ski lodges to dry and air your gear. WD40, a few sprays once the Razer is dryish will help clean up the remaining moisture and prevent rust which will cause a majormalfunction. Maybe even a gentle hairdrying will help aswell, if all else fails either hang it on the washing line or tape it to the roof of your car and go for a long drive.

      Heat is heat.
      A fanforced electric oven would work best, but a gas oven could make it worse, as gas makes water vapour when it burns.

      Razer is still air drying because you made me worry!! Grrr! But, it is an electric fan force. I was gonna put it in, but set temp around 50c or so and leave the door open a few inches to let the moisture escape. That will be ok right??

      I'm purusing pccasegear at the moment, just in case....

        Whatever you do man, DON'T PUT IT IN THE OVEN! I'm quite sure you don't want a melted keyboard. Hopefully the water hasn't completely stuffed it. Just airdry it and hope for the best.

        Also, I'm no expert on keyboards but it might dry quicker if you turn it over, take the screws out and take the back of the casing off.

        Good luck, I hope it all works out.

    Anyone catch that four corners thing last night about the internet filter?

      Interesting. I'll have to make use of that iview service now.

      I caught the end of it around midnight last night, must have been a replay. It did seem pretty well put together, but as I didn't see it all I can't vouch fully for this, but it did seem to give both sides of the arguament a geed turn each. I hope lots of ppl see it. Jump on iview!

    Hey everyone!

    Need a friend for the Lost Planet Squared Competition. (I have friends, just ones that aren't really into gaming/don't read kotaku/suck at being creative)

    Just send me a msg via facebook connect.

    email me: [email protected]

      i think Qumulys calls dibs on that one

        Nah, its ok, even tho he's my Kotaku Krush, he's not on ps3 so I'd think he'd want to team up with a 360 folk.

        Shame really. But I wish you guys best of luck! :)

        I'm actually trying to get some work done this week. By work, I actually mean finish recording a song.

          You sir have broken my heart - but Jebus, that sounds awesome!!!

          What kind of song is it?

            Sorry Loops :( Now I feel bad, buy a ps3 already!

            Heheh, normally I make unusual experimental music, similar to "The Necks" (lots of patience needed for them, but I am normally freeflowing-improvise on the spot in style like them).
            However, I was annoying my kids on the way to school yesterday by singing "I pump the petrol, pump pump pump pump" over and over, followed by "I wash the fish, wish wash wish wish".
            Its really about the the huge oil cock-up BP has made, but I'm pointing out how crazy the whole thing is by being incredibly annoying.

            I'll post up a link once its done. Just dont expect quality! :D

              next time gadget next time

      Anyone working with Chuloopa is guaranteed to win :O


    Snow Pirate to help raid kotaku comp.
    Word has it there is a massive beastie to kill. Gonna need some help on that one.

    Someone with a suit of Mjolnir Armor and upgraded genetics to match would be really helpful.

    Reply here then we'll head on over to the comp.

      count me in, Dr Jones.
      email above

    So I was just looking around on the usual seller site (EB, JB, Game, BigW) and none of them are listing the PC version of War for Cybertron.

    I was wondering if there was actually going to be a PC version released down here.

    Also, if there is actually going to be a PC version, would anyone have an idea for the specs of it?

    P.S. I may forget to check au kotaku, so replies may not be read until later.

      I did a bit of searching and found a forum where the owner of a game store in Australia tried to put in an order for the PC version and found from his supplier that there was no listing for it.

      So it may not be getting a local release. Possibly Mr. Wildgoose could shed some light on this. Maybe ask him in his Ask Me Stuff post.

      I did however find it internationally on, and Play-Asia. Also I couldn't find any specs for it anywhere.

      Hope that helped.

        I just checked with Activision and they confirmed the PC version will not be released here.

          That's rather crummy of them. Any reason given?

          Well David, I suppose your response is better than the one from EB.

          "Hi Eugene C,

          Thanks for contacting us!

          We will be stocking the game, Transformers: War for Cybertron for Pc however as of yet we do not have any release dates.

          Thanks again for your enquiry; we hope to see you back online again soon.

          Ivy Goldsmith
          Customer Service Consultant
          EB Games Australia Pty Ltd"

    I think i'm addicted to Modern Warfare 2.

      My suggeestion is you take a few shots of Bad Company 2 folloed by some team fortress 2.

        I've tried Bad Company 2 but wasn't convinced. I love TF2 but unfortunately have no PC at the moment.

      You and millions of other people, so the upside is, you're not alone.

    Ok well seeing as my online man crush is going PS3, and Darius has teamed up with someone else now i need someone to join me on trying to obtain the xbox360 version of the game

    So i will do this the fairest and most fun way - it'll be a competition in itself!!! You can all call me Chuloopa Wildgoose for today!! =)

    Any applicants have until 1pm today to reply to this post with a Limerick (my favorite) about Space Cows.
    I could ask you to say stuff about me, but i'm not that egotistical... so be creative and tell me something about a Space Cow.

    I will post a starting comment in the LP2 competition thread shortly after 1pm announing who is teaming up with me and getting the ball rolling on what will be hopefully a win.

    ...god i love Kotaku...

    oh.. also little disclaimer - teaming up with me in no way shape or form guarantees a win. Nor can i promise you we'll have a better chance than anyone else. But good lord we will have fun trying!!!

      Perched upon Daisy in Space,
      Boots kicking her ribs in the race,
      With udders all flapping,
      The leader started crapping,
      Floating hot dung to the face!

      Buy a PS3 dammit! ;)

      Though I have no intention of entering, I can't turn down a good limerick challenge.

      Space Cows are a lonely few,
      That's a fact, sad but true,
      Consultation with clients,
      Often results in silence,
      Cause in space no one can hear you moo.

      Well this is going awesomly!!
      2 entries so far that are non entrants...

      Although i gotta say - what an awesome start! haha. goodness how i love a good limerick

      Not that it matters too much anyway, as i'm pretty sure stone and explody have this one pinned - you guys are doing awesome work!!

        I'm actually a little upset no one entered your competition.. I almost feel bad about not wanting to enter. Almost.

          I know... i may have to become an emo now.. lol

        Hey Chuey, if I didn't already have an awesome partner for the competition, I would totally have entered with you.

        Good Luck.

    Hey guys, does anyone else have the persistent Sony ad on the side of the screen? The one which follows the page as you scroll? I wouldn't mind it except for the fact it covers up the Editor's Picks links...

      Can you link a screengrab for our tech guys please? I'm not seeing it.

        Hope this helps, best I can do with crummy work computer.

        The ad on the right hand side always stays roughly 1 cm from the top of the screen as you can see in the screen shot. Not a huge problem, but I was curious! :-)

          Thanks, I've passed it on to our IT guru!

            Hey, whatever your IT guru did, it worked! Good work that man (or woman).

        Hey Elly,

        How's the internship going?

          Hey James, I think you might be confusing me with Tracey who was interning here a little while ago...

            Sorry Elly.

              Wait a minute, was?

              So Dave finally snapped and killed someone over his coffee.
              That's terrible, I had money on it happening during the Natal press conference at E3 this year.

                Rumour has it she accidentally got trapped in the fire escape stairwell, and you know how those dastardly things don't open from the inside, and it's not like anyone goes to check if there's anybody trapped in there, because only silly people do that, and from what I hear from the kids down the street, not being silly is all hip and trendy-like, so yeah, she was sort of... left there without anyone realising.

                Either that or she went to Europe or something, same thing.

                  or she could have been scalded beyond recognition by all the hot coffee that wildgoose poured on her, and now's living the streets getting hand-outs.

                  Or her contract expired, same thing.

    Ok this is embarrassing, I’ve never used Steam! I switched to console gaming nearly a decade ago and despite the odd RTS or minor evil addiction to WoW, haven’t needed to game on a PC so Steam has only ever really been in my peripheral vision.

    With the release of Steam on Mac I’m happy to buy in to this ‘electronically delivered media’ fad but I’ve no idea how. I assume it is some sort of native thick client download I install on my Mac and it provides a pseudo shell to my gaming experience much like Live or PSN on there respective consoles.

    Am I right? Where on the web is the magic ‘link’? Is it a worthwhile venture? I’m guessing by its popularity and incredibly good valued sales that it is worthwhile. Beside they are giving away Portal for Mac via Steam until the 24th May … and wait for it … *drum roll* … I haven’t played that yet either!

    "Don't look at me like that with those judging eyes"

      Hi Stone, Don't worry. Everyone starts out as a steam noob.

      Go to and you should find a link for the mac client on that front page. For me I see a link for the windows client myself. Whatever you do don't download of another site. I'm sure some mac malware is already out there taking advantage of this.

      You'll have to set up an account but that should be straight forward enough.

      Also Steam is awesome so have fun and enjoy the community.

    Ok my attempt to find a partner yesterday was a complete loss... I have never felt as epic fail as i do now haha

    So this is my last shot at getting a partner to win a copy of LP2 on 360.

    The game plan is that all of the entries we post will be re-writes of Queen songs to take down a monster. This will truly be a mammoth task - so if ANYONE feels up to it let me know - first to reply gets the job and hopefully we can rack up a total of 10 queen songs torn to shreds by the end of today...

    god i love a challenge!!!

      If there is one thing I love, it's a man with a plan. I would like to humbly cast my hat in to the ring, if you will have me. (Also it is a slow day at work, and I could use the diversion!)

        Done first post mate - we're on page 2 :)

        rock n roll!

          Hehehe, thanks Chuloopa! Win, lose or draw, I enjoyed that. Helped me to pass another dull workday :-)
          Oh and your version of Bohemian Rhapsody was gold, I'm glad you tackled it because that sucker is lo-ong!

            haha likewise pal - that was an absolute kicker. All of your parodies had me in stitches too.

            I don;t particularly mind if we don't win now - cause that was just FUN! haha

              Great job guys! Had me chuckling the whole way through! Best of luck :D

                Thanks sweetheart! haha

                We'll need every bit of luck we can muster :P

    Going to see Autechre at the Forum in about 2 weeks, dont suppose anyone here has heard of Autechre before?

      I just picked up Oversteps the other day. Digging it.

        Get Incunabula, its their best album. Much less dance, much more robotic sound, but its awesome.

        Those guys along with Future Sound of London and Boards of Canada make up my superstar team of electronic music.

    Finally finished my part of the Lost Planet Squared Competition.

    To be honest, I've never had so much fun entering a comp before. My workmate and I talking about it in front of the other employees made them wonder what the hell we were even talking about =P

      I second that. My workmates and I usually bounce our competition entry ideas off each other anyway, so it was fun to be able to enter together (although I do apologise again for taking it to such a dirty, nasty place!).

    On my dual screen setup here I have one screen doing our payment runs for the day and on the other kotaku. Would you trust me taking your loan repayments I wonder?

      Hopefully you're kiwi, and i get to see some unexpected cash flows. :D

        Haha, yes human error can be a pain but I've been a victime of it at our business far more times by other banks than what we have ever managed to achieve.

    Hey Dave, Just wondering when you're gonna announce the winners of the Lost Planet 2 competition. Is it gonna be today or next week?

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