Bargain Hunter: Swap Shop at GAME

Things can't be travelling too bad at retailer GAME, despite word of job cuts and store closures. They're offering a pretty crazy swap deal right now that's better than any trade-in offer you've seen.

Right now you can take in your copy of one of the following titles:

* Red Dead Redemption (360, PS3) * Just Cause 2 (360, PS3) * Nier (360, PS3) * Dead to Rights: Retribution (360, PS3) * Split/Second (360, PS3) * Modern Warfare 2 (360, PS3) * Alpha Protocol (360, PS3) * UFC Undisputed 2010 (360, PS3) * Lost Planet 2 (360, PS3) * Mario Kart (Wii) * New Super Mario Bros. Wii (Wii) * Monster Hunter Tri (Wii) * Splinter Cell: Conviction (360) * Alan Wake (360) * ModNation Racers (PS3) * God of War III (PS3) * PlayTV (PS3)

And swap it - that's a straight swap, you won't pay extra - for one of the following titles:

* Red Dead Redemption (360, PS3) * Split/Second (360, PS3) * Alan Wake (360) * UFC Undisputed 2010 (360, PS3) * FIFA World Cup South Africa (360, PS3)

[Thanks Nick, for the tip!]


    shit, wish id bought alan wake now could have knocked it over in a week or two and swaped it for rdr

    See you later Monster Hunter Tri, hello Alan Wake!

    Do I have to hand over my Classic Controller Pro as well? :(

    Play TV for a game is a bit rough though

      You can trade monster hunter and keep your classic controller =D

      Play TV has been given away free at a lot of retailers with 250gb since the consoles release, so its not as bad a deal as you think.

      And I had a customer probably trying to be a smart ass trade red dead redemption 360 after finishing it for the PS3 version to get the trophies as well...

    so I can buy a cheap 2nd hand copy of say, Mario Kart, and then swap if for a new Alan Wake?

    Sweet :D

      If you Do find a CHEAP second-hand copy of Mario Kart give me a yell, the cheapest I've seen is $90, and I want it bad (for cheap).

        I saw a new copy of Mario Kart Wii with the wheel at the new Gametraders at Fountain Gate for $49. Not sure if this is all stores or just an opening special.

      Take off the pre-own stickers, and it wouldn't be an issue because they wouldn't know.

    Heh, I wonder if they accept Media Pack versions of games ;)

    GOW3 for RDR? Done

    Is there an end date on this promotion?

      Yep - you've got until the end of the month mate

    Wait, I can swap Split/Second for Fifa World Cup 2010, for nothing?

      Fifa World Cup is $40 at JB and EB this weekend.

    This is awesome.

    What's in it for them? I don't get it.

      They probably make more money off selling a second-hand game than they do off a new one, so this would work in their favour.

      What's in it for them?
      Customers that's what.

      They now officially have the best trade deal in town so they will hopefully capatalise on this and steal customers away from jb and eb in the long term

        I don't think they'll steal much. I don't really see this deal as being that good, but even if people do go for it, they will only go back to game when another similar deal is on offer. They certainly won't go back for the prices.

          @ 706,
          You don't see Trading a wii game that came out last year, for a new copy of Red Dead redemption, as a good deal???
          You must be a very unhappy person...

    is it playTV the device or can I just take in the playTV dvd... cause I dont think i really need it... I think that "who am iiii" idea is a winner... EB will sell out soon...

      damn, I should have kept it to myself...

    what game on the list is the cheapest to buy. I saw dead 2 rights 4 $78 at GAME. anything cheaper

      Lost Planet 2 is $68 at Big W. I think that sale ends next Thursday.

      You don't have to initially purchase the game at GAME. You could buy it at Target and still trade it in at GAME.

    When I heard about this, I went to get a copy of Red Dead Redemption with the woeful Modern warfare 2. This was on the day the event first started, so it was a wonderful talk with the clerks, followed by a phone call to headquarters for the go ahead.

    Trade in Mario Kart, get Alan Wake. Beat Alan Wake before the end of the promotion, trade it in for RDR...profit!

    so... this isn't on the GAME site

    is this confirmed to be nationwide?

      Page 7 of their June catalogue.

    I was hoping to see FF13 on the swap list...damn!

    Shame there's no PC or Wii games up there. I'd trade my Mario Kart in but I don't have a PS3/360.


    This is awesome!

    I wonder what would possibly motivate them to do something like this? Getting people into the store, perhaps?

    yep great deal, i swapped mw2 for rdr when the deal started.

    rang the store to confirm the deal was real and not just dribble on the net first though

    i think they are hoping to get additional sales from ppl when they enter the store. also they may find they get a slightly larger customer base seeing as they have the best deal around.

    I was going to return monster hunter, but then I saw there were no Wii or PC games on the list.


    I swapped conviction for alan wake.... Hmm, was that a wise deal?

    Wow David, glad my little tip helped a few people out!

    I've been playing RDR after trading in Mario Kart like crazy... I sure hope they do this kind of deal again in the future.

    (aka Valkyrie)

    It's a good deal I plan to trade RDR for Alan Wake, knock that off in a week and then swap it back for RDR again.

    They would still make money, and it attracts customers. Good marketing IMO!

    Good deal. Although, maybe a last ditch effort for some customers? :P

    I traded my copy of Nier (that I only paid $30 for from the Uk) for a 2nd copy of RDR for my Fiance. Now we have both finished it and can play online together :)

    I think I'll trade in Splinter Cell for some RDR or Alan Wake.

    Tough call on which one to choose D=

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