Junglist's UNSE3N Journey To E3 2010

Want to see what it's like to be on the ground at gaming's greatest show? Here's the first of my exclusive daily reports for Kotaku Australia. [This first appeared Tuesday evening, but we're bumping it up for those that missed it. Through to the end of the week we'll have daily reports appearing late afternoon / early evening direct from Jung at E3. -SB]



    Sort the bloody audio out with the handheld outdoor mic! Its only in the left channel!!

      Oi! Chillax! They've rushed their butts off to get this to us ASAP!

        But I'm trolling and its a site for geeks hehe!!

        Looking forward to some real E3 goodness!!!

      That'll teach me for just having one ear phone in, now to re-watch it.

    We miss you on GG Jung!

      at least they replaced him with a hot chick

    i was seriously expecting a picture of the IN-n-OUT burger dunny following your burger eating snapshots.

    Oh-so-glad to see Junglist doing something ARRSOME! Better this than GG I reckon, you sexy bitch you!

    I’ll use my lip reading powers to transcribe the first parts of this video

    “Hi I’m Junglist, and I’m in LA right now........OMG A RED TRUCK!!!!1!!!!11”

    *Looks around trying to find red truck*

    “So I couldn’t find that red truck, but I did stumble upon E3. Let’s go look around. Play some games ’n’ shit”

    We missed you Jung... please do more stuff like this. ;_;

    Also, they really have a restaurant called "In-n-Out Burger"? ...and here I was thinking the name "Hungry Jacks" had good dirty joke potential...

      While In-N-Out Burger sounds a bit like "chew n spew", it is honestly the home of the best fast food burgers on the planet. It's a chain of burger joints that is only found in California. Once you've tasted the goods, you will crave their burgers forever... oh no, I'm doing it now...

    Jung needs to do more Kotaku stuff.



    Great to see you again old friend :D

    Junglist is game mentioning Chuck Norris. If Wildgoose was about he would not put up with this crap.

    So, where can I grab on of those 'Back to the Junglist' shirts?


    *seconds the above enthusiasm* :)

    I'm looking forwards to seeing some interviews from you. I wish I could be there myself but I guess It'll have to wait a few years. Have fun!

    awesome. first time ive seen jung since now titled lame game. hes still does great work

    The 3 seconds of In-N-Out burger was the hilight of this video. I took my wife there on her first trip to the States and she loved it.

    Pro tip: Get the fries "animal style". It's freaking awesome.

    I hope you pick up tonight, my friend ;)

      Relevant gaming information, that is..

    Oh god, I hope he's not going to that party with only that towel on.
    Cannot unsee!

    Ah man, that was a surprise and a delight. Definitely will look forward to more of these this week.

    And awesome shirt to boot. My wife thought I was being retarded laughing at it though.

    Entertaining and informative as always. More please...

    One thing I've noticed about American hotels is that it's easier there to find one with free wifi. Much trickier in Australia I've found.

    In-N-Out Burger or anything in America pretty much just order a small. Anything else is too much for anyone.

    Also I have now seen more of Junglist than I ever hope to see again. o___0

    I don't know which turns me on more, the part where he's wearing the 'Back to the Junglist' shirt, or the part where he's _not_.

    Also, In'n'Out is a wicked burger.

    Wait, Jung is at E3? According to this week's GG, So is Bajo.

    Cage match? Anyone?

    Or maybe just a couple of rounds of the new Mortal Kombat would do?

    Awesome to see Jung again! Can't wait to watch the rest...

    I actually enjoy good game more these days, but am happy to see Jung again. Shame the mic is stuffed, or is that just on my computer? Looking forward to the interviews.

    We missed you mate!

      He's still got it. The kind of humour I am missing on good game now.

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