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Two weeks ago, something unusual happened in Los Angeles. Something amazing. And today I will agree with video game producer Tak Fujii that the man deserves an award for it.


Video games need a top 10 list. Movies have them, music has them, but the video game industry still hasn't found a solid way to track the country's most popular video games, according to Michael Gallagher, president of the Entertainment Software Association.


Prior to my appointment to see 2K's Spec Ops revival, I had to go look up what sort of game it was. Yes, Spec Ops really is that memorable. Once the demo began, however, my vague notions that this would be yet another generic military shooter were swiftly dispelled.


How did I get to E3? How did I get a VIP pass? I don't even know. The idea was that I would walk up to E3 and, telling nobody anything, manage to just get in. That's what happened.


I didn't play the original 1990s arcade game Splatterhouse. I told Crecente last week that the new one I played at E3 felt like a more violent God of War. Be careful, he warned me.


Okami is a PlayStation 2 classic. The game is getting a spin-off called Okamiden for the Nintendo DS. Does it look like it's a worthy successor to the original?


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The big new twist in DRIVER San Francisco is that the entire game takes place inside the comatose hero's head. What's that mean? Car swapping!


Keiji Inafune is worried that you might think that Capcom doesn't want to work with Western game developers anymore, that the studio that made Mega Man, Street Fighter and Resident Evil would happily just back games made in Japan.