Junglist UNSE3N At E3: It Begins

It's on like Donkey Kong, kids. Here's my report from the first day of E3: the main event begins. If you missed my initial pre-event piece, check it here.


    nice report....JEREMY!

    So how's life after Good Game?

    What did i tell you about that mic junglist...

    You guys aren't allowed to bring food inside?

    Just as hilarious as back in the day! Awesome stuff, keep it coming. :D

    Not eating is the best part of E3! What are you on about!

    Woot the audio is much better!!

    Really funny shiz mi-harties!!

    These are so much more interesting than any of the actual E3 stories. Keep it up! :)

    Wow Junglist has lost some weight.

      it's all that 'not eating' regime he has going on

    Seriously, duck out to sears tonight, I'll buy you a new mic.

    So... where will we see the interviews that happened today? And who were they with?

    What idiot took this guy off TV???? That clip was gold.

    lol at the shirt comment.

    I like that there was shirt feedback taken into account.
    I mean afterall, isn't a good community fostered by the [fully clothed] bigwigs at least pretending to listen to the concerns of the plebeians?

    Get some sleep Jung, yr eyes look worse than mine.

      that aint from a lack of sleep

    Or if you are bored, move some of the new 360s and see if you can best this effort!


    Hey Jungy, you should have taken the initiative and poured gamer fuel down your hole between events.

    Great video. Though more meaty content would be good :)

    Grrrr Good Game could have had 3 hosts. Its a lesser show without the Jung

    That guy is so ugly.

    haha you're a legend Jung

    This is the informative, genuine, easygoing silliness that we've been missing!!!!!

    *drinks large gulp of Junglist* AH.

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