How Did My E3 2010 Predictions Go?

How Did My E3 2010 Predictions Go?
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Badly. Spectacularly badly. My predictions for a whole bunch of surprise announcements was foiled by a show where the real surprise was the lack of surprises.

Let’s run through them on by one.

1. Sony will tease Uncharted 3 with a very brief CG trailer.
Wrong. Nathan Drake was name checked at the Sony press conference and while Naughty Dog is obviously working on another Uncharted adventure there was no mention of it in any form whatsoever.

2. Sony will announce Demon’s Souls 2 (exclusive to PS3) during their press conference.
Wrong. This was always a long shot, so I’m not terribly shocked that Demon’s Souls played no part in this year’s E3, at the Sony press conference or otherwise.

3. Microsoft will not show a slim 360, nor announce a 360 price drop.
Wrong. Microsoft did announce a new, slimmer 360 and the older Elite model did get a price drop. My thinking here was that it was too soon for an announcement and that Microsoft would wait until closer to the end of the year. For me, this was the show’s one major surprise.

4. EA will unveil a new Need for Speed from Burnout developer Criterion.
Right. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit was unveiled and Criterion is driving development.

5. Nintendo will show just one Motion Plus title at their press conference: Zelda.
Right. The Wii accessory everyone seems to have forgotten about was represented by just one game and that game was the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, pictured.

6. Kevin Butler will MC the Sony press conference.
Wrong Right. Sure, Jack Tretton may have – technically speaking – been the official host. But there’s no arguing over the real star of Sony’s show.

7. A new Wii Fit will be announced and support the Wii Vitality Sensor.
Wrong. Nintendo did not announce a new Wiit Fit. And in an odd move, no mention was made of the Vitality Sensor at all.

8. Microsoft will announce Killer Instinct for Project Natal.
Wrong. Killer Instinct developer Rare is making games for Project Natal Kinect, but a fighting game was not one of them. Instead, they showed us Kinect Sports and Kinect Adventures.

9. Nintendo will announce a new title from Retro Studios based on an original IP.
Wrong. Half-right, at least. Retro did have a new game announced and it was heavily featured during Nintendo’s press briefing. However, Donkey Kong is about as far from an original IP as you can get.

10. Call of Duty: Black Ops will have DLC exclusive to Xbox 360, while Medal of Honor will have DLC exclusive to PS3.
Right. More right than wrong, at least. Microsoft and Activision partnered to bring all Call of Duty DLC to Xbox 360 first over the next three years. And Sony and EA partnered to bring a limited edition of Medal of Honor (with bonus MOH: Frontline remake) exclusively to PS3.

11. The Last Guardian will be given a 2011 release date.
Wrong. The Last Guardian was not even mentioned. What a tragedy.

12. Both Sony and Microsoft will tie up at least one third-party title as a timed exclusive.
Wrong. Microsoft announced Kingdoms from German developer Crytek, but it will be published by Microsoft Game Studios. Sony, meanwhile, secured some exclusive content from third-party publishers (Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2, Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood), but not entire games exclusive to PS3.

13. Valve will announce Half-Life: Episode 3 for PC and Xbox 360.
Wrong. Sigh.

Four out of thirteen is appalling. And it’s two worse than last year. I think next year I’ll play it a bit safer: “EA announces sports game”, “Microsoft mentions Halo”, “Reggie Fils-Aime is tall”… that sort of thing.

How’d your E3 predictions fare?


  • 1. The Last Guardian will be given a 2011 release date.
    Wrong. The Last Guardian was not even mentioned. What a tragedy.

    I really hope TGS will shed more light. I was quite disappointed at the lack of Team ICO. Still. Kevin Butler was awesome. 😀

    • As for predictions. Well. I hoped a SOTC/ICO collection and more info on TLG, that failed miserably.

      I knew and was pretty certain that there would be no Naughty Dog announcements.

      Gabe’s appearance was one of the biggest surprises: never would I have thought he’d happily put portal 2, let alone be at the Sony Press conference. Doesn’t matter though, Valve’s games are best enjoyed on a PC.

      Did not expect a new Twisted Metal.

      Was expecting a Rising demo, but only a trailer.

      Also was expecting more on Ghost of Sparta, apparently a CG trailer is all there was. There was some crappy footage on the demo by IGN though. Was expecting a release date.

      Was also expecting Kinect to show integration for the core gamers, like Move did with Killzone and Socom.

      And um. Yeah. Bring on TGS 🙂

      • Ghost of Sparta was playable at the Sony booth. I had a quick look and it didn’t seem much different to Chains of Olympus.

  • Re: #13
    God damn you, Gabe Newell, just god damn you.
    If Valve weren’t just a generally great company in not only games quality but in also fostering a community and actually having a sense of humour, I probably would not like you very much. In fact, I would go so far as to say I might even dislike you. Yeah, that’s right, poo just got real.

  • lol – E3 2011

    “EA announces no longer making sports game”
    “Microsoft doesn’t show up”
    “Reggie Fils-Aime loses legs in fan-stampede incident”

  • After having spent the weekend reinvesting myself in that masochistic passtime called Demon’s Souls your prediction of sequel was brought to mind and I could do naught but cry.

    I hope you can sleep at night! 😛

  • I was hoping MS would prove me wrong about the Natal/Kinetic. Nope I still want the promise of the technology, but none of the software presented inspires purchase.

    Using my Video game Logic for a $200 (Aus) Expansion I need to see four games (1 game per $50 of investment) I want for it.

    That being said I know I can throw $350 at 3DS and be happy. And I only know of 1 game, but I’m sure there will be another 6 I want by time of release.

  • Kevin Butler was a joke – an abysmal fanboy inducing performance that made me cringe. Why does Sony always feel the need to directly sledge the competitors? I find it infantile… an appalling exaggeration of the brash american stereotype I encounter whenever gaming online…

    • You, sir, need some calminex…

      such outrage. possibly a microsoft fanboy?

      I don’t own a PS3 – all i’ve had is a 360 and Wii, yet i find the guy highly entertaining. At least sony isn’t taking themselves too seriously, nor anyone else for that matter – and i admire that.

      • I hear ya Loopy,

        I don’t own a PS3 either but I think the guy si a brilliant piece of marketing… I just wish MS had thought of it.

      • Sorry Chuloopa – not a fanboy – I hate that part of the gamer culture.

        I am a gamer (for 30years no less) – regardless of the platform. I think that the fanboy culture is appalling and Mr Butler and Sony are constantly reigniting the arguments. At the end of his speech his cry to arms was that it was “about the games”. Hard to think that is his true intention after he finished puting the boot into the competitors.
        Sony should focus on their own product and informing their potential customers. If there product is so strong why do they need to prop up their argument with detrimental comments?

    • I like my PS3 and I haven’t seen Sony’s presentation for this year, but it does bother me that they seem to spend more time taking cheap (often outright unfounded) shots at the competition than selling people on their own products.

  • For next year David, you should make a list of serious predictions, then a wacky, random list just for laughs. Then we can compare them after the dust settles!

    I think my biggest disappointment was nothing at all about The Last Guardian. Not even a teaser trailer!

    I also had a peek at last years predictions list. GT5 2009 release date was funny 😀

  • And just like that, you have caused EA to become a developer of Ninjabread Man style shovelware, Microsoft to cease all involvement in the Halo franchise, and doomed Reggie Fils-Aime to an accident in which he loses his legs.

  • M$ did do a great job at keeping the new xbox a secret minus the USA today (?) post that leaked a couple of hours before and runied all surprises for me… I read it before the live feed so was pretty bummed that I knew everything already…

    Other than that, who do you back in the world cup. Everyone in here will gladly bet ‘against’ that team winning after your effort here.

  • I asked you a couple of months ago Dave if you thought M$ would announce an Xbox slim. In the back of my mind i disagreed, thinking they would have to come out all guns blazing to try to get people thinking about Kinect.
    That said, i don’t dare say i could have done better with predictions of my own.
    Like you said at the end there, it’s easy to predict the ones that are obvious.

    P.S. Did you get to try the 3DS? If so i assume you’ll do a seperate article on your impressions.

  • No mention of Ep3 was easily the biggest disappointment. I’m all for Valve trying to extend their games to other platforms (MAC, PS3), but when they start to neglect their actual, you know, games, it’s going to stir up their core audience.

  • I was actually thinking about your predictions when watching a little of the Microsoft conference. When they unveiled the new Xbox I thought “Wildgoose won’t be happy” then they added insult to injury when they announced a price drop.

    My only prediction was that I would be excited about Fallout: New Vegas, and I was wrong. The live Demo I saw on Gamespot of the game was horrible. At one point a glitch meant that all of the main characters equipment was lost. I know that this is a work in progress and the main game will be awesome. But this demo was awful.

  • No sign of Starbreeze’s Syndicate (redlime) project 🙁

    Not a whole lot of original IP or game concepts either..

    But I’m happy with Donkey Kong, Golden Eye, Civ 5 and MK..

    3DS looks neat too

  • I think the inaccuracy of your predictions is more a reflection of your optimism about the industry rather than any lack of insight. That’s probably a good thing… maybe?

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