MC Hammer Xbox 360 Auction Contains Obvious Pun

Kotaku reader Aaron won an Xbox 360 case signed by MC Hammer when the rapper-turned-social media guru toured Australia late last year. Now he's selling it on eBay.

According to Aaron, the case is suitable for HDMI consoles, has no face plate and "can be touched."

The auction starts at $49.99 and, as of writing, no one has yet made a bid.

Xbox 360 case - Signed by MC Hammer [eBay]


    To continue the theme I think Aaron better "Pray" that there is someone out there dumb enough to drop $50 on a defaced Xbox case....

    ROFL at winning a 360 case and not the actual console.

    I know gift horse and all but that is comical!

    Stone, I used to live with the guy, just ask him.. he has sufficient xboxen to last him :)

    I guess no one is touching it, I'm sorry.

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