What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I'll be playing through the first hour of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker this weekend. Assuming I can find my PSP, that is.

Kidding. I know it's under that pile of dust over there.

This'll be my first Metal Gear game since, er... the first Metal Gear Solid. I'm not expecting to have much of a clue about the broader plot and the significance of the events detailed in Peace Walker. But I'm hoping for plenty of nonsensical, vaguely stealthy shenanigans. We shall see.

I'll also be helping some strangers in Red Dead Redemption, mixing up my Bourne with a little Bond in Alpha Protocol (I'm playing it mostly professional with the occasional suave one-liner), and hitting giant enemies in their weak spots for massive damage in increasingly excellent Lost Planet 2.

How about you?


    Haven't managed much this weekend. A few embarassing beatdowns in SSF4 and a bit of Symphony of the Night on XBLA.

    Having finished Alpha Protocol, I've been putting bits and pieces back into heart gold, and finally playing KotOR2 with the restored content mod, because I am on a bit of an Obsidian kick right now.

    - Super Mario Galaxy 2 (import copy showed up late last week)
    - Sin and Punishment 2 (as above, only it was here earlier)
    - Wold Cup fever has reached fever pitch in my house. With all the bloody rain lately, I have a bit of cabin fever to go with it, so PES2010(Wii) and FIFA2010(360) are both getting a whirl at the moment.

    I just bought Split/Second. It's good fun when played in small bursts.

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

    I've been playing Lego Star Wars (complete saga or whatever), I've only got the blue kits and super stories from the original trilogy and I'll achieve 100% completion.

    Ever since I bought Dante's Inferno and got 1000/1000 gamerscore for that (I won't buy the DLC, it sounds like a waste of money), I've had the itch to go through my games and 100% ones that aren't too difficult. Since then I've finished off Wolverine and Dead Space, after Star Wars it'll be Condemned, and then... I don't know...

    In the "new game" pile, I'm still working through Final Fantasy XIII. I still appreciate the linear nature (meaning I don't have to grind), though I have to admit I do look forward to the last chapter for the open-worldness (and the achievements that come with it...).

    Splinter Cell Conviction, ModNation and RDR for me this weekend

    Metroid prime (from the trilogy set), metroid prime hunters ds and modern warfare mobilized on ds have had my attention this weekend.

    Another week of holidays left. Lucky me :) I told myself I'd finish metroid prime during the holidays.

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