What Is Your Favourite Total War?

What Is Your Favourite Total War?

There’s a new Total War coming, a sequel to the Creative Assembly’s original Shogun: Total War. But what’s the best Total War game?

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  • The second medieval for me. It was the first time I could run a total war game with my computer and also the game that allowed me to put into practice my imaginations from chilhood of great crusades and the like. Medieval was also the best lego.

  • Never played any of them.

    Heard they were turn based.
    After playing Civ games and a few JRPGs I realised that I didn’t like turn based games so I gave them a miss.

  • James, you might have been slightly misinformed. The combat in Total War is not turn based, only the world map/city management etc…

  • Personally, it’s Empire, although that’s because of the time period more than any other factor.

    I love the mix of cavalry charges and firearms, I personally found a whole new depth to the game that I never personally saw in the older ones.

  • Rome for me. Amazingly addictive and fun to play.

    The original Medieval was very well made, its sequel was decent but most recently Empire and Napoleon have been very poorly done. Empire especially was plagued by problems due to its lead AI programmer leaving, which Creative Assembly never really fixed (or even explained adequately).

    Here’s hoping Shogun 2 can restore some faith in the series.

  • Love the atmosphere of Shogun with its death poems, “excellent news, your majesty” and the great end video so here’s hoping the new one repeats that.

  • Boo yeah for Shogun. That’s the game that ignited my love of the series… and Japanese history. I’m psyched for the sequel (which should probably be described more accurately as a ‘redeux’ or remake).

    Only thing is I’ve been content enough with a PS3 for the last few years so I’ll have to upgrade/get a new PC.

  • Rome II, that would be the game to give the franchise the glory it deserves, Shogun II really doesnt do it for me, it doesnt motivate you to play different factions, they are all the same!!!!!

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