Aussie Nintendo Store: I Can't Believe It's Not Castlevania

There's another week of goodies for Wii and DSi owners this week, with DSiWare getting the bulk of the games as usual. Virtual Console takes the week off which is nothing new, and no, there is no Cave Story yet. Fear not though, there are a couple of gems worth your time.


Soul Of Darkness (Gameloft, 500 Points) - No it's not a Castlevania game, you'd be entirely forgiven if you thought so though. Taking the exact look of the Konami series and just running with it, Soul of Darkness gives you a great outing as you explore 11 levels throughout a gothic castle. Yep, very familiar and pretty good to boot. It's only a mere 500 Points as well.

3D Space Tank (Q Games, 800 Points) - This retro-inspired space shooter has a great minimalistic design to go along with it. In fact it actually looks like the original Star Fox, which is funny because it's made by the same guys who helped Nintendo on the original Star Fox. Don't worry if you haven't played the original, the game explains the entire story and is definently one of the better games on DSiWare.

4 Travellers: Play French (AGENIUS Interactive, 800 Points) - Learn French via a board game with your friends and family. It's pretty pricey so you'll want to be keen on learning French to want to give it a go.


Pearl Harbor Trilogy - 1941: Red Sun Rising (Legendo, 700 Points) - Legendo is back on WiiWare with the first in a new trilogy of World War II dog fighting games. It's actually a port of a good PR fighter and it's come across well with great graphics being squished into a downloadable title. WiiWare isn't just for puzzle games! This one features the famous battle at Pearl Harbour and there is a lot going on all at the same time.

Kung Fu Funk - Everybody is Kung Fu Fighting! (Stickmen Studios, 500 Points) - Now I could write something about this game, but it's probably not worth it going on reviews from our American friends. If you want to show someone a waggle game on the Wii, this is it, it's all you do. The only redeeming feature, it has the Kung Fu Fighting song.

Picking up 3D Space Tank myself, what about yourselves?

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    Is 3D Space Tank the same as/similar to X-scape that got released on DSiWare in the states not that long back? I am yet to find any screen shots of 3D Space Tank but it is sounding very similar...

      It's the exact same game, just a different name. It's the Nintendo way!

      (Probably should have put that in the article, oops!)


      Simply aweso... LOOK OUT A SEAGULL!!!

    What about the new Puzzle Agent game I have seen on steam. Is it going to come out on WiiWare? Looks really good and we would like to play it on Wii, I have some left over points. All i can find is a vague "July" release date. Any news you guys could offer?

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