Dancing Man is the New Angry Hitler

He's the yin to Angry Hitler's yang. We'll probably find out a lot more about this enthusiastic chap in the next few months. In this chronicle, we discover Dancing Man is an avid Call of Duty player.

See, console FPS players? Dedicated servers bring on a state of ecstacy.

Now fly with this one, my internets. Fly!


    Hahaha, look at how happy he is. What a champion.

    That moment he was told whatever it was at 0.20, he suddenly turns in to a cartoon character.

      LoL "suddenly turns in to a cartoon character" is probably the best way to describe it. I like how he doesn't actually say anything after that, he just starts his dance of joyness!

    I eagerly await the moment when I or one of the many like me in Internetland edit this to say that Onslaught mode for Bad Company 2 has been announced for PC.

    Now that was friggin hilarious.

    hahaah that was friggin brilliant!!!

    OK that was fairly frikken funny. I lol'd irl

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