Look At The Pretty Controller Colours

The Afterglow range of console controllers are getting released in Australia in September. They glow red, green and blue. Like this!

The 360 and PS3 controllers will retail for $49.95 while the Wii remote is $59.95 and nunchuk is $24.95. Would you like one?

Xbox 360

PlayStation 3

Nintendo Wii


    Yes, please. I would love one if you're offering Dave :)

    Well i guess because of their lights they cant be wireless. I keep my PS3 too far from anything i can sit on to have a wire.

      Torches?? Even those controllers are wireless they still have batteries, LEDs don't use that much power.

      I'd say there not wireless though based on prices.

    Do they come in wireless?

      Microsoft don't license the tech needed for wireless (it is encrypted and patented) to anyone who is making a gamepad. They have license it to select few companies that dont' directly compete with Microsoft's controllers (like GH controllers and Madcatz arcarde sticks).

    They're kind of...hideous.

    I might get 3 if possible. Are they wired only controllers though? Apart from the Wiimote?


    OMG, when I win powerball tonight, Imma buying me a gold plated horse and a thousand of these to put on a XMAS tree.
    And a netball whistle.

      Holy crap!!! These things would look AWESOME on an Xmas Tree!!!

      And a netball whistle!!! coated in LED's?!?!

        I've had a second thought. The XMAS tree would actually be a remote controlled bomb disposal robot as well, with a netball whistle cannon on it, that fires out netball whistles. Oh and David our Beloved overload Wildgoose would be sitting on top. Cause he's an angel.... awww :)

          Angel - more like my shining star!!!

          *anime blush*

          What if the tree was made out of weapons grade plutonium instead?

            Hells YEAH! Now yer a thinkin! Can we put in a radioactive beaver living in the tree too? He will be grumpy, rude, named Balky, and be addicted to eating ice-cream straight from the nozzel of the install Mr Whippy machine on the branch above him.

    This is why PC controls will always be superior to the consolers.
    My coolermaster mouse has a choice of seven light colours, adjustable weight and a customisable icon on top, as well as adjustable sensitivity while a game is running.

      Yes. The pretty lights on your mouse are what makes PC the superior platform.

      Nothing to do with flexibility, power or openness =)

      everything's a competition.

        mines bigger than yours...

    Am I the only one who thinks they all look ghastly?

      i'm usually the first to be distracted by shiny things but agree... I dont really like them. Also, I play most of my gaming in the dark for atmosphere etc so this would suck. Imagine playing Alan wake with a bright blue ligy in your hand... kinda sucks.

        I just think they're something different from the bland white controls i currently own..

        ..that being said the Wii ones really are horrifically ugly :P

        You mean... like a torch? ;)

    The wii remote's look rad.

    They remind me of something Attenborough might find at the bottom of the ocean.

    Except absolutely shit and of no use to anyone.

    are they durable though?...

    the ps3 controllers have the directional buttons and the left joystick swapped around, it'll feel more like an xbox360 controller

    where can i get one from and does the one controller change into all colours or does each controller have the one coloured LED

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