Video Game Controller Buttons, Ranked

Video Game Controller Buttons, Ranked

Wherein game controller buttons are ranked using a combination of numbers and brackets.

27) R3

26) D-Pad Right

25) Share (PS4)

24) R Trigger (GameCube)

23) A (Xbox 360)

22) C (Wii Nunchuck)

21) 7 (Intellivision)

20) Mouse Wheel

19) Trigger (GunCon)

18) -/Select (Wii U)

17) D-Pad Up

16) "Xbox, Go Home" (Xbox One)

15) C Down (N64)

14) D-Pad Down

13) LB

12) R2 (PS4)

11) Sync (Xbox 360)

10) EJECT-CMD (Steel Battalion)

9) TV (Wii U)

8) RMB

7) Xbox Button

6) Square (PS3)

5) RT (Xbox 360)

4) Start (Dreamcast)

3) RB

2) Button (Atari 2600)

1) A (GameCube)


    What the hell is this? A subjective list? Ranked by number of presses/usage? Comfort? How does one rank a button? Have I used too many question marks in this comment?

      Some of these recent Kotaku posts... I just don't know. I mean, someone somewhere must get something out of them, otherwise they wouldn't do these, right? Right?!

        Well, enforcing the stereotype of Americans we all have in our heads, this post was very well received on the US Kotaku site, apparently this post is entirely appropriate and acceptable.

          I... I don't even know what I'm looking at.

          How do people willingly use this website? Why do we have to share a planet with them?

        I know, who places the PS3 square button over the Gamecube's R trigger!

      "Aw man, that B button was totally sweet, it fit right where my thumb was SUPPOSED to go!"

      It seems to be the start of a running gag. There are a few articles tagged 'underexplained lists' on the US site where they just type out a ranked list on random things (the others are review scores and console colours).

      I guess it'd be sort of funny if we had their comment on anything system where you can tag pretty much anywhere on the article with a comment. Then I'd be able to leave a hilarious comment on #24 where I pretend to be a Nintendo fanboy outraged that GameCube R was ranked lower than PS4 R2.

    This has to be one of the worst articles I have come across on Kotaku, and I have come across some pretty horrorific example of journalism on this site.

    But what is this? Is this meant to be a joke?

    Last edited 05/01/14 4:02 pm

      Yeah um with you in the "how the fuck did ththi wos its even crashed my phone dictionary

    You win, Kotaku. Have some activity you didn't earn.

    Fuck the haters. This is art.

      Shart is more appropriate.

        I'll pay that.

        I still think this is a wonderfully absurd article.

          I agree. I laughed so hard an article popped out my anus. It's a testament to categorisation and qualification. A tribute to the world of gaming journalism. It is ART and it's all explained in the first line!

          Dadaist game journalism! And they say Kotaku doesn't take risks.

    DS4 R2 is amazing. Never thought I'd say this, but I don't think it should be lower than the 360s RT. After getting used to it, the dualshock 4 has become my, hands down, favorite controller.

    Kotaku. Wot r u doin. Kotaku. STAHP.

    You know this list is complete bollocks because some how LEFT MOUSE BUTTON ISNT ON THE LIST

      I find Right mouse button to be more comfortable to press. (That doesn't mean RMB is the fire button)

    How is the Intellivision's 7 on here? And how is a kinect command a button? How is the freaking sync button for Xbox 360 on here? So many unanswered questions.

    Wait a second, is this list really counting "Xbox, Go Home" as a controller input button?

    I'm assuming they mean the audio command you speak into Kinect... How can that under any circumstance be classified as a button?

      They tried "Xbox, go home, you're drunk," but it didn't seem to have responded as well.
      Things were thrown, names were called, all in all, it was rather unpleasant.

      He just put that in to see if you were paying attention. :P

    Do you actively think "today I am going to write garbage"? You must do, no one is accidentally this bad at writing.

    I get the feeling they spent more time making the GIF than the article.

    I like how even this time there aren't even any apologists coming in saying "if you don't like it then don't click it" or whatever.

      It would be exceedingly hard to try to justify it this time. As @dogman said it appears to be some sort of in-joke for the American site that got lost in translation so to speak on the way here, and since we don't have their comment system the intended (i think) rumour of the article is lost of us.

      If there was ever a sign that the editors of the US site should think a few seconds before exporting articles to it's international affiliates... this would be it.

    I think the right trigger on the 360 controller should be number one. The triggers on that thing felt so nice, as opposed to PS3's strange attempt or the Wii's lack of triggers.

    Where is the Mega Drive buttons? Or Snes or NES or Master System etc etc etc or keyboard and mouse?

    If kotaku had a down-vote article button methinks it would hold a top 3 position in a list like this, for lists like this

    If you press all the buttons in order you unlock some absurdist art featuring Konami chatacters.

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