LunchTimeWaster: (This One Goes Out To) The One I Love

This is just such an adorable idea. The first person to finish Love Letter will have the opportunity to write a dedication to the one they love on the game's title screen. And everyone will see it.

Love Letter is a tricky 2D platformer. You move from screen to screen collecting hearts, all 50 of which must be collected - without dying - before you're considered to have finished the game.

Beyond the sweet dedication idea and the wonderfully well-chosen colour palette, what I like about Love Letter is the switchable characters. You start out black, but when you walk into a heart, you switch to red. In this form you're smaller so you can squeeze through tinier corridors, and you're also able to jump higher and further. Walk back into a heart and you'll switch back to black.

It adds a nice puzzle element as you're exploring the levels that complements the straightforward platforming and trap-dodging that forms the staple gameplay.

Can a Kotaku reader be the first person to finish Love Letter?

Love Letter [Jonathan Whiting]


    If a Kotaku player *is* the first to finish Love Letter, it would be awesome if they could stick a plug for the website in the dedication somewhere ^_^

    got to 31. then died stupidly..

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