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This review was submitted by Steve Croft. If you’ve played Naughty Bear, or just want to ask Steve more about it, leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Naughty Bear (360)

Ever wondered what would happen if Jason Voorhees met the Carebears? Me neither! But 505 Studios did, and Naughty Bear is the bastard offspring! Pick up a controller, pull out your sociopathic tendancies and todays the day Dexter went to the Teddybears' picnic...


Dahmer Meets Playskool: Naughty Bear himself, he's over the top, yet scary in a family friendly way. But there's nothing family friendly about this stuffed animal. From his flea bitten, patchwork fur, to his psychotic scowl, this bear wants to hug you and squeeze you... and tear your arms off in the process. Character design for the other bears is pretty top notch. It's fairly humorous seeing teddy bears dressed as police, army and ninjas complete with katanas!

One Violent SOB: The kills are pretty creative! Sabotage a powerbox and wait for a bear to fix it, sneak up behind and SLAM his head into it! Use a bat and go Al Capone on some poor furry sap! Set a landmine and wait for a teddy to walk on it, then kick them square up the furballs and watch them explode or even the harder to do fourth option... scare a bear to death! It's possible! Even better? It's fun. Very fun.

Combo-Based Gameplay: Build up the combos! Kill bear after bear, destroy items, be naughty! Rack up those points! It gives instant replay value to each level. Get that higher score! Find new combos!


Lasting Appeal: It's all over too quick. The levels, the appeal, the fun. It's a rental at best. The value isn't there to justify the 109.95 retail asking price. If you can find this game for 50 bucks? Sure go ahead. But full price? No way. Sure there's unlockable content in the form of extra costumes, four extra missions per each of the seven levels, but they're more diversions, extra objectives to 'do the mission without getting hit', or 'do the mission in under this time limit', etc. Nothing of major actual difference.

Poorly Presented: The graphics. Very very simple. The game reeks of being released during beta. Seriously, these are reminiscent of five years ago. Textures are so muddy and unfinished at times it was like looking at an N64! The aliasing is *terrible* on the 360 (the version this was reviewed on), there's no environmental interaction, Naughty Bear will just walk straight through foliage for example.

The Controls: Too loose. At times Naughty gets stuck on objects easily, the camera is just way too close, he's just possibly 'too' responsive. At other times, he's like a statue, too hard to move! Combat is just a matter of spamming X with a weapon in hand until RT shows up on screen, then pull the right trigger. Voila. Too simple really. You can dodge, but there's no point. Spamming X is the order of the day.

In the end? Rent, don't buy Naughty Bear. Not at this price. It's a budget game in premium packaging.

Reviewed by: Steve Croft

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    This game had so much potential... so twisted! Too bad it looks like much of it was wasted :(

    I knew it would be bad.

    Your review summary is absolutely spot on, everyone who was interested in this game should rent or borrow it. And when it inevitably hits the <$30 bin later in the year, it's probably worth picking up.

      Ta Brickouthouse :) (steve here!) that's what I think. Problem is most will think it's a kids game :/ so expect to see it pop up in the media sometime I'd say.

      When it gets cheap I'll grab it for sure. I have room in my heart for games like this, but not at premium price that's for sure...

        Standing in line at EB the other day, I stopped a mother buying it for her five year old cause the cover art and MA15 plus rating didn't give it away...

          First off, good work I can't beleive a parent would ignore an MA15+ rating despite what the cover said.

          Now for my small rant.

          What the hell is with parents, when I wanted something as a kid my mom read the box and decided if it was suitable. I seriously think EB and everyone else need to make a mature shelf and put all the MA15+ on it and make sure it is A; high up and B; marked as such so parents look at the game on the shelf and know that everything on it is bloody and violent and not right for the kids.

          I can only hope the person at EB gave enough of a damn to point it out to the mother at the counter (if you hadn't interveined, once again Good show old man). Sure they could make the quick sale, but you can bet the parent would return the game for a full refund and tear into them for not providing the warning.

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