Sin & Punishment Shipping To Stores Today

Yes, Wii shooter Sin & Punishment: Star Successor is getting an Aussie release, we know that. We're now hearing that it's actually shipping to JB Hi-Fi stores around the country today. Hurrah!


    Rang a few stores, none in Perth had it yet but Melbourne City had it. Only four copies though... so if each store that has the game has only 4 that means there is only like 100 copies in the whole country.

      At the JB in Marion, SA, we got about 8 copies in today. And head office said if demand is high enough they will bring more into the country.

      I guess I'll have to call around tomorrow to see if any Perth stores even got copies, yet.

      Perth stores are all sold out already.

      Looks like it's import time, then.

    Pretty ridiculous when I found this out last night. Great to see it out here, sad that I don't need it just at the moment due to other games.

    Won't be buying this locally, importing later down the track instead I guess.

    It's good to see more serious Wii games making their way to our shores.

    Still better to just import though.

    too little too late nintendo aus as usual. I bought on Ebay for $55 including postage when you announced no local version.

    If I can find a copy I'll probably pick one up locally, but this sounds like a throwback to trying to locate local releases of more niche Dreamcast games. :\

      This is exactly what happened when the GameCube was out, which is weird because that was 3rd place, the Wii is 1st. Go Figure.

    Damn, I was hoping to put off buying this until I had the money to afford it and the time to play it. Now I'm just going to have to rush out and get it ASAP!

    My local retailer has five copies. Considering Kotaku's reach, I'm hoping there'll be one left when I try to buy it later this evening!

    Next time when I'm in the city, I'm getting it.

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