Which Motion Control Device Are You More Likely To Buy?


    At least with kinect, theres less of a chance of something going through your tv screen, WII mote im looking at you!!!

    Voted for the Move.
    Im one of those people who like gimmicky things.
    And yes I bought Eye of Judgement/EyePet even though it wasnt great and never worked in less than perfect lighting conditions.

    As for the Kinect, I think we've seen all 2 possibilities of the kinect.
    The awesome interface navigation, and the not so awesome, less than revolutionary, disappointing game play.

    Really make you think about it(as always) game play mechanics these days really does go backwards, doesnt it?

    I bought an Eyepet PS3 package just for PS Move when it comes out.

    I already have a Wii and I'm proud with that but if I had to choose either Kinect or the Move...

    I'd go with the Move as it gives me more control than Kinect can offer and from a first impression standpoint, there are better games supporting the Move than the Kinect.

    Not to mention the Move (as expensive as it is) is much cheaper than Kinect. Although I'll probably wait till the Move becomes cheaper.

    I voted for "who cares" on principle! To be honest I am not sure. I guess I am more curious to see how things go with kinect than I am with move (I have both consoles). Kinect seems like it might have a lot more potential than the others.

    Are we going to see props sold for games? With a wii or move you need some sort of device which doesn't look like the thing it is trying to imitate. However with Kinect you don't need anything of the sort.

    Having said that I am not keen to play any flailing games where I pretend I've got a sword or a gun or a steering wheel in my hand. I would feel like I'm doing pantomime. If we get to use props though.... that might well be kickawesome.

    don't own a PS3 yet and the Move just doesn't interest me at this point if the best thing going for it is a dance game...

    The Wii doesn't get much use anyway - i must prefer old school controllers. For me gaming is about relaxing and enjoying something - sort of like an interactive movie. I can't relax when flailing around like an idiot. lol

    Move for me. I like the concept of Kinect but my wife is disabled due to and accident. No sitting makes Kinect kinda pointless for our family as motion control will be primarily for her.

    Can't see myself buying any of them. If I HAD to buy one then I'd go for Move since it seems to be the one best suited to actually playing videogames.

    But it's still not as good as the traditional controller, and I've already got several of those.

    Move or Wii for me. Kinect fails epicly.


    Kinect looks the most promising IMO, and I already own an Xbox and have no intention of buy ANOTHER console.

    Also, Kinect enables voice and gesture based control of the console interface, this is the future.

    Kinect is to my Xbox, what clapper is to my fireplace.

    Move annoys me in that you put down one controller just to pick up another, where Kinect is liking taking off the gloves and getting dirty. Dirty games, the possibility - think dance dance revolution for your bedroom.

      This is the future? I'm pretty sure Eyetoy came with the PS2. How is being on the rails for every single game revolutionary for gaming? If anything that's a step back.
      "Dirty games, the possibility – think dance dance revolution for your bedroom." Wow. DDR. Very Dirty. And all the Xbox fanboys are criticizing us for having Time Crisis...

    I've got a Wii already and will probably buy both Move and Kinect, but I voted who cares because it sums up my view of the whole thing. I've got no real interest in them. I'll only buy them because I always buy these sorts of add-ons (lightguns, cameras, etc).

    I already have a Wii but out of the other 2 I'll probably get the Move first. Existing games like RE5 that take advantage of it have my interest, and I still like my physical controllers. The only thing that will stop me is the price.

    I'll probably get a Kinect eventually if there's some decent games that take advantage of it, but I'm not seeing the point right now.

    Who am I fooling - I will be buying both.

    Voted for the move, well I already got a PS3.

    Really depends on what's available since it would probably involve trading in the Wii (primarily for the kids of course).

    Motion control = needs games suitable for the kids

    All other times involve me getting a chance to kick back on the couch and relax!

    Kinect. More than anything, I admire the tech and Microsoft taking a chance with something new. It's not winning me over with it's shoddy launch titles, but I'm still thoroughly intrigued by the device.

    I've got a MotionPlus at home, but the Wii is under about 4 feet of dust.

    I have a PS3, guess which one I voted for.

    Fanboy voting ahoy!!

    I voted for motion plus, because I already have one for Red Steel 2.
    Kinect has potential for racing games, but not for shooters or rpgs, from what i've seen, and they're the main genres.
    You'd also look like more of a tool playing it without a controller as an excuse.
    Move feels too much like a Wiimote upgrade for my taste, but I wish them luck.

    Well, seeing as I have a PS3 and we may get some good Wii ports (Dead space & HOTD) I’ll get the Move I guess. But, I’ll wait probably 6 months to actually get it. That will be long enough to see if Sony is serious about doing something else with the Move or if they will just release Wii Shovelware.

    Voted move.

    The playstation eye detects your body movement already and the move makes it more accurate. It will be especially good for third and first person style games.

    I'd say the Move. They seem actually care about integrating it with the core and casual gamers. But I wouldn't get it day one, I'd be cheap and hope for one of those crazy sales and hopefully pick it up then, when it's cheap and has a good library.

    Voted for Move.
    It has way better games announced that support it and it's more accurate than Kinect.

    I selected Move but I'll still need to see a title that convinces me, nothing yet is even close to making me bite.

    Kinect lost out when it was revealed it only supports 2 active players.

    I voted Move but at this stage I'm not willing to lay down the asking price to get it up and running. I'll wait for it to get a bundle deal or something - otherwise I'd just shell out for a Wii.

    Who cares! I'm too lazy to get up off the couch anyway....

    Voted Kinect. Dance Central + Dance Masters = insta-buy.

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