Who Wants A 2D X-Com Remake?

Who Wants A 2D X-Com Remake?

Who Wants A 2D X-Com Remake?When 2K unveiled its reimagining of X-Com, many of you despaired as the series abandoned its isometric, turn-based roots. You’ll probably be interested in this fan remake then.

Dubbed UFO: The Two Sides, it’s a remake of the original X-Com, or UFO: Enemy Unknown. That means it’s a) turn-based and b) isometric.

The developers are also promising a host of minor tweaks, including “rebalanced and reworked tactical combat” to eliminate the element of luck, a day/night cycle during missions, “reworked” air combat to allow 4-on-4 engagements, extra racial abilities and, apparently, many, many more.

But the most telling changes are that not only will you be able to play as the aliens during the campaign, but there’s even humans versus aliens multiplayer. Will the X-Com die-hards be railing against that, too, I wonder?

It’s not finished yet. The screenshot above is dated May, but the team has just this week issued a new beta build. Hit the link below to download it and find out more.

UFO: The Two Sides [official site, via Rock, Paper, Shotgun]


  • Ooh, that’s looking really good.
    At the moment there are two other freeware ‘remakes’ that are a bit less faithful to the original: UFO: Alien Invasion which is 3D and UFO2000 which is multiplayer based.

  • David,
    What are your opinions on the X-Com remake?
    So far it looks cool to me as someone who never played the original X-Com games, but the combat may be a bit boring just facing off against black blobs.

    • There where no black blobs in the original Isometric games. Mostly “Greys” where the enemies.

      You intercepted UFO’s with aircraft on the real time Geoscape, and than sent a team to the turn based crash site to recover what you could and kill any surviving aliens.

      There where also terror attacks where they sent hideous monsters to population centers.

      You could also research alien tech and some of your own.

      • Much of what you describe occurs in the new XCOM as well, including choosing where to send your team and recovering and researching alien technology. Obviously it isn’t turn-based, but it is more than just a shooter.

      • There were lots more races than just the Sectoids (Greys) – there were Snakemen, Floaters, Mutons and Ethereals, and each race had attendant Terrorist species… But you did have to get rather far in if you wanted to face them all.

        • Been awhile since I played and I was sure I was mixing the enemies from Terror from the Deep and Enemy Unknown. I think I need to pick them both up on Steam, unless I can somehow find my discs.

          David, thanks for the info that the new X-Com is not simply a shooter. Infact with the concepts of R&D looming it may be a proper successor to X-Com.

    • Without pre-empting an XCOM preview I’m writing at the moment, I will say that the black blobs 2K has shown thus far are not the only enemy you’ll face.

  • How about an official remake or the original? Do it as a budget priced download for PSN/XBL as part of the marketing for the new one, like what they did with Bionic Commando. And we all know which was the better out of those two BC games 😉

  • I bet, the developers will get a lawsuit warning from 2K Games just before the completion of the project (just like how Square Enix did for a lot of Fan remake projects).

  • I would totally play this – I’ve just recently re-obtained the original for some old-skool gaming while on holidays, and I’m sinking way too much time into it!

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