Remember This?

Can you guess this old game from just one screenshot?

I’ll update this post with the answer at 5pm today if no one has guessed before then. Or if you do guess it before then, feel free to share your memories of a classic game.

Good luck!



    Outcast. A good game that I never got very far in.

    I had a mate that used to rave about this game, but it was way buggy and crashed all the time.

    I thought I read somewhere there was to a be a remake in a modern engine... has anyone else heard this?

    Gree i am determined to get the theme...

    All the games now come from studios that were closed, sold off or just defunct... or at elast as far as i know..

    They all offered something revolutionary to gaming in one way or another..

    Not sure if all of them had software-based graphics or not...

    They were all PC games...

    OH THAT'S IT ISN'T IT?!!? THEY'RE ALL PC GAMES!!! You just recently requested you first PC game for quite soem time and this week all the games are PC games!!


        Damn it.. hahaha

        They're all some of your favorite PC games???

        Wait, is that even the part i'm warmer on?

        This is really getting to me now, i've been guessing like a madman all week and i'm so damned determined to crack it before someone else does.. Just so you know i won't be playing the Lunch Time Waster now, as i'm going to dedicate my break to solving this...

          Uh, wasn't Outcast on the Dreamcast? Also, hasn't the Theif series and the Ultima series been back in the news a bit lately? I'd say it's older games that are being rebormn in some way nthis generation, but The Last Express doesn't really fit.

            It was the appearance of Outcast that made me think you might be on the money with the theme being "David's favourite games".

            Which reminds me... I do still need to play Outcast.

            You might be on to something. I swear there was an article recently about the director of Robocop possibly making a movie based on Last Express.

    I'm going to guess critically acclaimed/revolutionary titles that failed commercially due to poor sales.

      thief (98)
      Last Express (90)
      Ultima Underworld (92)

      They are all PC games from the 90's?

      I'm really struggling here.. i have spend my entire lunch break trying to figure it out haha

    Looking at the structure in the background, I'm going with Red Faction... something.

    Games that broke ground with their visual approach? (Rotoscoping, vector based terrain, and I think Ultima Underworld was the first to use a BSP engine.)

      And Thief first used lighting information to determine your character's visibility.

    Games that I never played. Thats the them for this week.

      *them = theme...


    Is the theme all games that Mr Wildgoose has reviewed from his PCPowerplay days?

    Big fan of your work BTW!

      Ultima Underworld was released before PC PowerPlay launched and I did not review Outcast for the mag.

      Some of you are getting close though. And also suggesting plenty of good themes I hadn't even thought of.

    Davids favorite revolutionary 90's games from now defunct studios/developers???

    yeh i know.. i just crammed together a bunch of my guesses.. lol

      LOL *sigh*

      This is going to be one of those things that was actually so simple that when you reveal it we're all going to kick ourselves... right?

    Damn Outcast was awesome. I wish there was an Outcast mod using the Oblivion engine.

    Perhaps it's something about games that are receiving sequels after their studio closed down.

    Someone or other is doing an Outcast Sequel, Ion Storm did a sequel to LG's Thief... hm. Didn't Jordan Mechner say something about a Last Express sequel? Or did I dream that.

      ...And Ultima Underworld is itself the sequel to an existing IP from a new studio. Were Origin closed down by then?

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