Starcraft 2 Patch 1.1 Arrives Thursday With North American Access

Blizzard have revealed that patch 1.1 of Starcraft 2, available Thursday the 23rd, will include an in-game region selector, with anyone who purchased a Southeast Asian copy of the game having access to North American servers.

This comes ahead of schedule, considering Blizzard last stated it would be put into effect "within a few months". Players will need to log into their account to activate the North American copy of the game, and the rest of the necessary changes are made within the game, meaning it won't be necessary to download a separate client.

As their FAQ states, "You can choose which one to play on at any given time, and can switch back and forth at will."

A little while ago, Blizzard had asked Australians to submit data so they could determine whether lag was truly an issue. Initially they stated it was only a problem with regional internet users, but perhaps the peer-to-peer connection involving you, a Southeast Asian player, and Blizzard's server in Singapore, all trafficking through the west coast of the US (due to various ISP deals), was worse than first anticipated.

Region locking is still one of Starcraft 2's few flaws, but it's good to see Blizzard taking quick action on the problem.

[Starcraft 2 Community Site]


    Now, open up LAN gaming and it will be a HUGE success!

    So do we lose our achievements then?

      I doubt you lose achievements as long as you get to keep the same profile (which it sounds like you do) but wouldn't be surprised if everyone who decided to change had to re-do their ranking matches, although even then it would just be a matter of having seperate game records for the US and SEA servers, not re-do your ranking matches every time you change.

      You keep everything you have done so far on the SEA server. Blizzard is just allowing you to create a second account on the US server which will be a fresh account with no achievements on it. You retain your SEA achievements

      Yeah Phaded got it. You'll keep all of your current achievements, portraits and rankings and stuff on the SEA servers but this will not unfortunately be able to be transferred to the NA servers, so you'll need to start again if you want to earn them again (of course, you don't actually have to). The portraits in particular would probably be the most annoying one not to transfer across.

    this is the end of the Protoss!

      The protoss are getting a slight increase in zealot build time so i dont see how thats catastrophic. Personally as a toss player im looking foward to the nerfs on siege tanks and battlecruisers.

        slight increase? when ya need to rush, them few sec are vital, im a toss player, but i must say, the zerg n terran got a leg up on us, they have better n faster counters

    "Q: How will my friends list and rankings be handled?

    A: All account-specific data, including friends lists, rankings, achievements, statistics, titles, and unlockable rewards, will be tracked separately for each region's servers, and will not carry over between them. "


    Man, i've been loving SC2 so much. Havent been this competitive with a hardcore game since the old days.

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