The Last Post

In case you hadn't heard, this is my last day at Kotaku. Let's celebrate with one last post.

Of course, it's not really my last post - there are more posts to come from me today. View it instead as my final farewell to you all. Except without all the tears.

To truly celebrate today, I want your help. Really, I do, because you guys are what makes Kotaku tick - more than me, more than the editors before me and more than the editors who'll follow.

And by help I mean I want to hear your comments. Comments about what Kotaku means to you. Even the bad things, but mostly I want to hear why you come here each day, and why you're going to stick around.

Yeah, I'm gonna miss you guys.


    good luck to you wildgoose with whatever you are moving onto

    Parting is such sweet sorrow.....Thank you once again for the memories. Now go play some Far Cry 2. Do that and we'll, no doubt, all just be a distant memory! ;-)

    I like the slight off-beat reporting style (while still being the most factual games site I read), the layout of the site, but most of all, the Aussie content. I enjoy the fact that when something major happens in the games industry, usually there is a story explaining what it means to us Aussie gamers.

    Thanks Kotuku, and thanks David! Good luck in your future endeavours!

    It's sad to see you go David, but hope the future holds something awesome for you ;)!!

    Oh...I got excited and didn't read the second half of the post. TBA!

      I keep coming back, and have been doing so for a good couple of years now, because it's current and integrates the Australian element so well. There's nothing here in AU that's quite like it.

    Years and years ago I admit to being fairly dismissive of Kotaku; considering it something of a soft news gaming site.

    But as I've grown older I've found my interest in games is as much about the community around them as the games themselves and Kotaku does the gaming and gaming culture mix better than post.

    I may have become semi-active with posts only recently (It's called stalking Wildgoose :P) but I've long used Kotaku for a source of gaming info that I don't come by in my own dalliances with games journalism or through other major news outlets.

    Kotaku fills a gap few other websites have the requisite ambit of coverage to do.

      Oh and I completely forgot...

      Best of luck with your new projects David. I'm sure I'm speaking for most who read this site when I say you've given us an excellent run and we're all thank for it. Just don't be dropping off the interwebs completely 'kay? ;)

    Congratulations on a job well done David, I've enjoyed this site through the Aussie lens. Hopefully our paths will cross again in the future, I'd love to know what a committed gamer/writer is working on next (as a fellow committed gamer/writer myself, of course).

    Thanks david! good luck with your next endeavor!

    I think the thing that drew me to the site initially were all the creative comps, my girlfriend and I really had fun coming up with fun ideas for them...and of course I stuck around cause I realised the site was just so well put together:)

    Thanks David.

      I have to agree with this one. Although I didn't enter it it was the 'boy and his blob' one that directed me here and I haven't left since.
      Thanks for all the awesomeness David, hope the next steps for you carry many a great gaming experience!

    Kotaku means pictures like that awesome (read: terribad) Wildgoose... thing.
    I think that image sums it up.
    (I think that's supposed to be a good thing?)

    Dude, I remember you from your PCPowerPlay days. Good luck on the next adventure. Thanks for being awesome.

    Always a welcome distraction on a slow day at work :p

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

    I have been in my current job for 10 years, I couldn't imagine how hard it would be to move on from this place. So I have no idea what it would be like in your shoes right now... I hope you get an awesome farewell cake + gifts!!

    I come here essentially for PS3 news, everything else is a bonus really! Kotaku seems to be one of the most up to date sights for articles, and because of the way they are mostly written... short and to the point, readers can get a good idea of what is going on in the industry without having to read multiple pages!

    Gook luck David. Hope to see you join in the other side of the community now. Who knows, you may win that Dj Hero game for being the best community contributor for the week ;) I know you want it.

    I knew you were leaving, I just didn't think it would be so soon. :(

    Would just like to say thanks for all your posts, articles, comments, competitions and general awesomeness your brought to Kotaku.

    I'd say I'm a fairly new visitor to the site, amongst the majority of poster. I've only known about Kotaku for a bit over a year now, but since discovering it, I've been a daily return visitor... I usually refresh the page every 10-15mins on work days.

    Its is the only site I need to visit to keep up-to-the-minute with all things gaming.

    The reason I keep coming back is most certainly the community though, yourself and all the regular posters such as Chuloopa, Qumulys, welbot, EzyLe, FatShady etc.

    Although I'm usually a lurker, I read all the comments. I've won a few competitions and DLC giveaways, been the first to guess a few 'Remember This' posts as well as having some of my burning questions answered.

    Whoever takes the reigns of Kotaku Australia from here on surely has some big shoes to fill.

    I and I'm sure everyone else here all wish you luck in your future endeavors, whatever you choose to do.

    Maybe you might even come back and join the ranks of us commoners and post a few comments from time to time?

    Farewell Wildgoose!

      Well said! I'd like to be a free-loader and just agree with this sentiment ^_^

        +1 :)

    Farewell, and goodluck with whatever you choose to do! Remember though, you could always comeback as a regular pleb like us and give it to the next editor! ;)

    Kotaku pretty much covers all the news from all the sites from around the traps, so it saves me time in this regard. It also is a more compact form of website that I prefer over an IGN or Gamespot.

    At the moment I'm almost exclusively here as the forum I belong too has issues connecting at work, so this is the only contact at the moment with gamers and also gaming related websites as alot of others are simply blocked!

    I don't think I will ever not come to the site, and at least be a lurker for it's duration, unless of cause the whole site changes direction and becomes something different.

    Hope you're being replaced by a chesty red head... Or I'm having no part of this Kotaku mutiny!

    We're going to miss you Wildgoose. I come to Kotaku because it's gaming news with the fat trimmed leaving me with exactly what I need/want to know. You taught me to love again. It also helps me avoid work every half hour or so. You complete me.

    Mainly I come here for the news, I like the Australian spin on things.

    Can't stand the design of the site though or all the ads. I understand why they are there, but I think it makes the site look less professional.

    Thanks Dave, courtesy of you (and Kotaku) I've been dragged into HR on more than one occasion for inappropriate internet usage within the workplace ;)

    Fingers crossed for your readers, your replacement's gonna have the humor, spin and style that you bring to the Australian Kotaku site. Good luck for the future!

    Best of luck, dude. Thanks for all the fish

    It's the pre-eminent source of gaming related information relveant to Aus gamers. Cheers to you.

    Kotaku has been a enjoyable part of my online life for over the past year.

    I've entered comps, written reader reviews, made inappropriate comments on the odd occasion but regardless, the joy that new articles on this website brings each hour only confirms why I keep coming back here often.

    Make your last day a good one and it's most likely all us readers will see you somewhere soon Dave!

    Till then, take care and thanks.

    Goodbye and goodluck David. I've been reading your work in magazines over the years and was delighted to see a familiar name when you first started working the Kotaku, so I hope to see you popping up somewhere else in the future.

    Kotaku has always been great for getting a decent selection of news without having to google for it myself, as I never have the time these days. It's much easier just to hit refresh and find it all in one convenient location. I also like seeing regular names appearing in news stories and even in the comments, it adds to the community spirit of the place.

    May your enemies die swiftly, and your replacement be competent at their job.

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