Wii Party Gets Started On October 7

Nintendo has today dated Wii Party for an Australian release on October 7. That's a mere four days after the mini-game compilation hits the US.

Wii Party features 13 party modes and 80 mini-games, including the amusing Hide ‘n’ Hunt which sees players rummaging through cupboards and peering under the sofa in a desperate search for their lost Wiimote.

It all sounds a bit like Mario Party meets Wii Play. Indeed, at $99.95 with bundled Wiimote, it's likely to replace the latter as the second controller package of choice. Wii Party will also be sold standalone for $79.95.

Does this look like a party to you?


    Before everyone bashes it, and yes I know it is a mini game compilation. Having owned the Japanese version for the last month, and played it with friends. It's actually not bad, in fact - it's quite good.

    But alas, trolling commence.

      How does it compare to other party games? - I certainly wouldn't mind adding one to my collection to mix things up between MonkeyBall and BoomBlox, especially given how fun some of the original Mario Party games were, but Mario Party 8 and Bomberman Land showed how badly the concept can get botched in some cases.

      What are some of the more memorable minigames on offer and what's the crap:quality ratio through the selection overall?

      and mad danny takes the troll bait!!

      Hoping this game is as good or better than mario party 8

        No trolling intended! I'm seriously interested in this but found Mario Party 8 to be rather lacklustre mini-game wise, especially compared to things like MonkeyBall and earlier Mario Party iterations.

        Minigame collections have a lot of potential conceptually but there are far too many 'pump the Wiimote up and down to inflate balloons' routines and not nearly enough 'here's how UniRally would work with motion controls' or 'roll around on a ball using the analogue stick whilst flailing the Wiimote to knock over other people' - too much 'mini' and not enough 'game' if you know what I mean.

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