Bargain Hunter: Wii Bundle Madness

Bargain Hunter: Wii Bundle Madness

wii lifestyle 091021There are some crazy Wii bundles happening right now. Here’s a quick wrap.

Note that all Wii consoles come with Wii Sports, one Wiimote and one Nunchuk. I’ve also mentioned when each deal expires, if specified by the retailer.

Obviously GAME’s web only price is the lowest, but there are some good bundles out there (Good Guys and Kmart, for example) if you’re interested in those extra controllers and games.

Let me know if you’ve spotted any better deals than these.

David Jones (until Nov. 8)
Console plus Cars: Race-O-Rama and 2nd Wiimote – $469.90
Console plus Mario Kart and 2nd Wiimote – $399.95

Dick Smith (TBA)
Console only – $399
Console plus Wii Fit – $547
Console plus Wii Fit and Shaun White Snowboarding – $604.95

EB Games (TBA)
Console only – $368
Console plus Link’s Crossbow Training and Wii Zapper, Mario Kart, World Sports Party, 2nd Wiimote and 2nd Nunchuk – $488

GAME (until Nov. 11)
Console only – $339 (web price only)
Console plus Guinness World Records, Mario Kart and Wacky World of Sports – $388

The Good Guys (until Nov. 2)
Console plus EA Sports Active, Grand Slam Tennis, Mario Kart and a bunch of accessories – $429

Harvey Norman (until Oct. 25)
Console only – $367

JB Hi-Fi (until Oct. 26)
Console plus EA Sports Active and Game Party – $399

Kmart (until Oct. 28)
Console plus Link’s Crossbow Training with Wii Zapper, Mario Kart, a 2nd Wiimote and a 2nd Nunchuck – $468

Myer (until Oct. 25)
Console only – $379

Toys R Us (until Oct. 27)
Console only – $369.99


  • At GAME they also have:

    Wii + 5 games (including Mario Kart) for $447

    Wii + 6 games (including Mario Kart) for $464

    Both have exended warranties in them as well.

  • So Nintendo’s forcing retailers to bundle and lose their margin instead of dropping it themselves like the rest of the world. Bravo.

    Good for consumers either way though haha.

  • Actually that’s not true Daniel, Nintendo are providing more margin on the console so retailers can make their own bundles or sell them cheaper (eg Game’s $339). I work at a game retailer, and the consoles are cheaper at cost price to let us make bundles. Bundles always seem to sell better, even moreso than just a cheap console.

  • These Wii bundles are “crazy” only in the sense that they are still $150 overpriced and only come in one colour.

  • EBGames also has starting from today:

    Wii + Mario Kart + Hasbro Family Games for $398

    The previous bundle mentioned here has ended.

  • Actually JB’s deal is different.

    $399 – Wii console, Game Party, Mario Kart and EA Sports Active.

  • At Target til April 25, Wii console, remote, nunchuk, Mario Kart, Wii wheel, Wii Sports Resort & 12 – in – 1 accessory kit all for $179. What a bargain.

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