Bargain Hunter: Isn’t This The Wrong Controller?

Bargain Hunter: Isn’t This The Wrong Controller?

This is a strange one. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is best played with the classic controller or even a Gamecube controller. So when a retailer bundles it with an extra controller, which one do you think they’d pick?

Why, a Wiimote, of course!

That’s what you can get at JB Hi-Fi right. Super Smash Bros. Brawl plus Wii Play – which, as we all know, is basically a Wiimote with a bonus mini-game colelction – for $79.

Seems reasonable enough, given that you’re likely to pay only slightly less than that for either game/accessory individually. And yes, I realise you’ll want to use that extra Wiimote for other games.

But still, it does strike me as a little odd.


  • Come on, odd perhaps, but an absolute steal? YES!

    I remember, back in the day, paying about the same or even more for the game alone and about $10 less for WiiPlay!

    anyone who does not have either of these or needs an extra wiimote is stupid, READ STUPID! to not pick this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cannot exaggerate any more!!!!!!

    • I’m not stupid and I don’t need another remote and I’m not going to buy smash brothers until I can get it below $50.

      • i totally agree with your brawl for under 50 comment. i only bought it a little while ago when it was like $40 at cashies.

  • I regret buying Brawl, as I found myself getting really bored of it after 3-4 hours of gameplay. Maybe it’s to do with my not knowing anyone else with it to play against, but it really didn’t grab me like the N64 or GC Smash Bros games did…

    • Agreed, Brawl did not hook me like Melee did back on the Gamecube.
      If they introduce a more diverse range of characters with their own moves and not a re hash of someone else then i think it will be more interesting.

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