Bargain Hunter: How Much For This Wii Bundle?

The new JB Hi-Fi catalogue is promoting a Wii console bundle absolutely stuffed to the gills with games. However, they're not promoting the price; instead advising to check in store.

So what's in it?

The standard Wii console and Wii Sports, of course. Plus, there are copies of New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Let's Tap, Wii Cricket, Virtua Tennis and some kind of Wii accessories pack.

How much would you pay for that? (And if anyone works at JB, do let us know how much you are actually charging for it.)

The bundle goes on sale November 12 to coincide with the launch of New Super Mario Bros. Wii.


    Considering that all the games except wii sports and new smb are crap, I'd say about $250

      250 haha do u realise you get the console with it and the console alone is something like 380

        He was asked how much he'd pay, not how much he expected it to cost.

        Now, let's see what's in it.

        Wii+Wii Sports - $388
        New Super Mario Bros Wii - $99
        Let's Tap - $39
        Wii Cricket - $79
        Virtua Tennis - $69
        Accessory Pack - $29/39 (depending on the pack).
        Total: $713.

        That's based on RRP. It's also from my memory, so some of it might be out.

        I'd expect to see this for around about $450-$500. That's my guess.

        That said, they're competing with stuff like GAME's 4 games for $388 and 6 games+warranty for $480. So... I'd say that sounds about right; $450 for this many games. Most of the ones in the GAME deal are junk anyway.

    no way more like 400 some thing lol

    I work at JB Hifi in Brisbane. I'll grab the details as soon as I get in there next and post 'em here.

      lets just hope your boss doesn't frequent kotaku then shall we kevin munroe!

    Well - ask EB Games how much THEY would offer and take about half the price off that and theres ya answer.

    Work at JB in Melbourne, it will be $419

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