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Every Wednesday I ask you to ask me stuff. If you have a burning question about the games industry, leave it in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer it this afternoon.

Now, fire away with those questions.


    Since starting with Kotaku, how many...

    ...Scottish jokes have been made?

    ...comments/posts have actually been filtered? have you violated?

    ...times have you been arrested?

    Hi Mark!

    So, does your wife:

    1. Embrace...your love of video gameage - if so, what do you enjoy playing together? -Take turns? Co-Op? Arcade games only?

    2. Is indifferent to...your love of video gameage - if she's neutral, do you wish she was more interested and therefore try and lure her in?

    3. Or does she reject...your love of video gameage - if so, do you find things get awkward when you want to play, talk about them because they are so freakin' rad etc. games? I guess in your case you also work in the industry too, which could makes things even more uneasy.

    I'm interested in getting into voice acting for video games. I'm wondering if you know of any talent agencies in Melbourne or anywhere else in Oz that I can get in touch with.

    I realise that Oz voice acting agencies may very well want prospective candidates to do other less glamorous stuff first like radio commercial tryouts or narration, etc. which I am quite happy to do - just want to get my foot in the door.

    did you know Celtic are going to win the league this season?

      Promise me that you are not joking... right now!

      *shakes fist in the air*

      Promise me...

    Xbox 360 Racing Wheel?
    Any word on rumours of a new MS wheel on the way?
    I desperately need a good wheel for xbox 360 now that I have F1 2010.

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