How Much Would You Pay For The 3DS?

We already now that Japan thinks the 3DS is too expensive, but what do you guys think?

Australian Nintendo site vooks is currently running a poll asking you how much you'd be willing to pay for the Nintendo 3DS when it comes out in Australia next year.

At the moment the $250-$300 price range is what most Australians are willing to pay - with over 40% choosing that option - but what about you guys? Personally I'm so excited for the 3DS I'd probably be willing to sell my soul, Bart Simpson style, for one - but that's just me.

What do you think would be a fair price for the 3DS?


    I'll be paying the same amount I did to get my previous consoles at launch. What it costs. A fool and his money....

    Yeah, i'd say considering how much every other console/handheld costs these days, $250-$300 seems pretty reasonable..

    I probably won't be getting one for quite a while though, as i just don't have that kind of disposable income :(

    I would also sell your soul so I could own one.

    The question Nintendo should be asking is are parents willing to spend that amount on a child. Sure there are people who purchase for themselves but in general that market is very tween/teenager dominated.

      The answer is a resounding YES.

      parents these days spoil their children to the point where they just don't appreciate things any more, and start to demand pricer things constantly.

      Of course the parents cave and fork out the money.

      Example: I saw a kid that couldn't be more than 4-5 years old with a DSI XL - poor kid could barely hold the thing.

      Also, someone said on here, not long ago, that a woman walked into a JB HI-Fi and bought a PSPGo and a bunch of UMD Games. Not only was her purchase expensive, but foolhardy too, as we all know PSP Go's can't use UMD's.

      All to make the child happy.

      Also i would see this kind of thing all the time working at EB.

      So, once again, a resounding yes, parents are more than willing to shell that money out blindly for their children.

        In addition, I think the 3DS is very geared towards the SNES/N64 generation. Look at the games they're putting out - Nintendo realise that the kids whos parents they exploited 15 years ago are now grown up and making money for themselves, all ready to exploit.

        And it's a brilliant strategy, coupled with the fact the sequels/remakes seem to be at a quite impressive standard. They're giving people exactly what they want - who doesn't get nostalgic over video games?

        Not all parents spoil their children, at least not in the areas I know in Vic. There are parents that can be rather stingy, a lot of them would wait for cheap DS bundles or resort to preowned consoles. And they'd buy DS games at a cheap price, even it's a game their kids wouldn't even like sometimes. It's things I see in a lot of places like EBGames & Cash Converters. I also see parents resort to buy preloaded DS flash carts like the well-known R4DS'.

    $90,000 Zimbabwe Dollars

      Isn't that the cost of a loaf of bread or something?

        It was about 5 minutes ago, now it will just get you the crumbs

          After Mugabe's finished eating the bread.

    Do we even know the final price of the 3DS in AU?

      EB Games Aus says "New $348.00 Available TBC 2011"
      Of course it might change but just a rough estimate atm. Definitely way too high.
      If it doesn't drop about $100, or at least to something reasonably close to the U.S/U.K pricing I'll stick to PSP or might even get the PSP2 unless it falls under the same price deal-breaker.

    I have no problem paying up to $350 or so.
    Heck thats what I payed to import the original DS from the states when it launched and they were sold out everywhere.
    It really isn't a lot of money at the end of the day.
    I'll get a good 5 years out of it so thats about 20 cents a day. Seems like good value to me.

    I think they should be Free to everyone over twelve. Think of the install base they would have. The government would help them out if they put a "gift from your benevolent Labor party" sticker on it I'm sure

      I think you mean malevolent Labor party, there.

    I'd pay $350 with a couple of games thrown in, but partly because it's also the first commercially available 3D camera and I'm a tech head.
    Stock I'd be leaning toward $300, tops.

    Probably around that price because this is a piece of advanced technology we're dealing with here.

    The 3DS is missing a few letters from what I see.


      You had me crapping myself for a second [irrational fear of typos]

    Yeah I'm willing to pay up to $300 (if I really wanted one, I'm not to keen at the moment). I think a lot of people would be put off if they saw a price tag higher than that.

    I'm personally not interested in it (I find I can't game on the move - my iPhone is loaded with stuff but I end up reading things - like Kotaku) however I feel $300 is the upward limit on it. Above that, it starts hitting the more 'hardcore' console prices, and then I just can't justify it.

    However, I may be swayed by a hands on demo. Price wise, that is. Still wouldn't buy one. DSs are just not for me :)

    I'd pay about $150. I don't need to get the console on launch. I'll get it when the initial price drops or a sale is on.

    I got my Guitar Hero DS Lite for $130 from K-Mart.

    I'm willing to pay up to $300. I think that's kind of a sweet spot for handhelds. Anything over that and I can wait for a sale or something. I'm not jumping up and down to have one like I was with the ds.

    Oh, and does your soul have the same value as barts? :P

    Yeah $300 is about what I'd pay, $350 if I found $50 on the street on my way into BigW.

    I'd pay $250. I'd consider paying $300, but i really wouldn't like it. I really want this console, but I'm a poor student :(

    I live my life in 3D... gaming is supposed to be an escape from that.

    250 I think is the outer limit of the portable market... More than that's taking the piss, I think.

    I'd like to know how much the games are going to be.

    Definitely a bit on the expensive side, it doesn't help that Australian retailers will tack on another $50 to $100.

    If the game cartridges are different as well, I'd probably expect them to go for $100 each at least.

    I'd pay up to $300 max probably, $350 with a game, and wouldnt be to happy about that. It's more reasonable to go more expensive in Japan cause the features will actually get used, how likely is it that we in Australia will get the same use out of it all. I suppose it depends how much it launches for in the US. Our dollar is much higher now, so the usual prices we get stuff for would be like a 50% markup, which is unacceptable.

    No more than $300 would be nice but I reckon it will be more.

    But I'm a sucker and will probably pay whatever it costs, and Nintendo know this.

    I'd pay up to 350 dollars and I kind of suspect if that is the price people will pay it even if they would have thought they would only pay up to 300. But that's my thinking. I would have said I would sell my soul too but I think that's only worth about 250 dollars with current exchange rates. Now I think about it WoW costs about 170 dollars a year to play so I guess my soul is worth that. ;)

    By the way, and I am being pedantic here, but I don't read it that Japan thinks the 3ds is "too" expensive, they just think it's expensive (well 81% do at least). This tells me that "yes" people think it's expensive but also "yes" they will buy it anyway.

    My limit is at 250$, not because I can't afford more, but because I don't reckon a handheld of this kind should cost more. As long as the 3DS costs more I'll just stick with DS/PSP.

    "Personally I’m so excited for the 3DS I’d probably be willing to sell my soul, Bart Simpson style, for one – but that’s just me."

    I more or less agree - if the price of my soul was ~$350-400. Potentially more if there was something else significant on offer with it.

    I mean, PSPs are still ~$300, and I'm pretty sure the PSP GO! had a $400 RRP (possibly why it didn't go too well, but if something that doesn't bring as much to the table costs so much...) if Nintendo's reading, I meant to say no more than $100.


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