Kirby’s Epic Yarn Set for 2011 Release

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Set for 2011 Release

Kirby’s Epic Yarn Set for 2011 ReleaseWe almost expected it, but IGN Australia just confirmed it. Kirby’s Epic Yarn won’t be released in Australia until 2011.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn has been enjoying some seriously good reviews as of late, and looked set to add to what has been a great year for Nintendo in terms of software targeted specifically at core Nintendo gamers.

Plenty of high profile Nintendo releases have seen delays in this territory, with some not even receiving a release, but this delay is a real kick in the Kirbys.

No Kirby in 2010 for AU or Europe [IGN Australia]


  • Are you freaking serious? Its been reviewed. That means its DONE. Im just going to import from England… AGAIN. Bless the UK.

    • If you read the original article, its delayed in all PAL territories. Also the rated copy is never the final copy. There’s probably bugs and other stuff that’s still being addressed.

    • If you read the article on it is also coming out in 2011 for Europe which means no importing it from that region.

  • Wii bought in Aus.

    Won’t play games from US

    Makes me resort to getting my wii modded and importing a game just so I can play it when it’s released.

    This is just atrocious. A couple weeks, maybe even a month is excusable, but three months is not. Why does it even take so long to localize it? I just don’t understand.

    I’m one of the good natured ones that has the means to buy an import copy, but how many Aussie nintendo fans will simply resort to piracy because of this?

    Poor form Nintendo

  • Why is it that every other god-damned company can get their games released internationally simultaneously (as is the case for most PC/360/PS3 games)except Nintendo of Australia? There is no good reason for this. I mean, yes, we are a PAL region, but we are an English-speaking nation. Surely we can just get a PAL version of the U.S. game. But either way, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a game fairly light on text. How the hell can translating it for European nations take months anyway?

    And game companies wonder why piracy occurs…

    • Ozgameshop are selling UK based games i.e. Europe and PAL region which as already noted the game is also going to see a 2011 release for that region so no buying it from Ozmodshop until then.

  • Come on Nintendo, get your bloody act together. I thought we were over this whole having to wait months for a release thing after the likes of brawl, paper mario and galaxy. You’ve been on a winning streak lately, why ruin it now? Oh, I forgot. Because you’re Nintendo, and you have the word ‘Australia’ next to that. Sorry my bad. I should know better than to expect what loyal customers deserve.

  • And another collective sigh from the southern hemisphere. I really hope the message gets across, but the cynic in me tells me that it wont.

  • This game looks horrid. Standalone gae, it’s cute and ingenious! But Kirby? Nup. Sucks.
    I want 3d Kirby like what was SUPPOSED to be released, not this. I hope it’s delayed forever personally.

  • Was looking forward to this as much as anything – this kills a lot of enthusiasm.

    I don’t know how they can justify such a delay, but it’s just not good enough.

  • Hacked my Wii, got the game on preorder at EB, downloaded the US version and I’m currently playing it on my Wii right now.

    So cute.

    Seriously, for those of you who don’t want to wait so long for this to come out here, go and preorder it, grab a copy of Lego Indiana Jones 2 or Yu-Gi-Oh 5D and hack your Wii yourself to download and play it, it takes like 10-15 minutes (minus the download time for Kirby itself). I had SMG2 like a month before it was here (had it completed a week later =3)

  • Oh dayumm, that’s kinda sucky. Oh well, less distractions from my studies knowing that xD

    At least there’s Donkey Kong Country Returns to look forward to later on this year … unless of course Ninty Australia work their magic -_-

  • Seeing as they’re taking three months to release it here, they should also change the title to “Kirby’s Epic YAWN”. Seriously Nintendo Aus, this is getting tiresome.

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