The People Behind Kirby's Epic Yarn Are Making A New Yoshi Game

Just look at that adorable twine Yoshi. This new Yoshi game, made by the folks who made Kirby's Epic Yarn was announced for Wii U this morning.

We really enjoyed Kirby's Epic Yarn, a Wii game starring a knitted version of the obese pink furball that came out back in 2010.

We don't have many more details on the new game, other than the short teaser that you can see above. But it sure is cute.


    I am keen! I have been wanting another game starring Yoshi for years!

    Looks great!

    Although I was kinda hoping for Kirby's Epic Yarn 2 :(

      ... and Epic Yarn 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, like with the Mario and Zelda games, right?
      More like Epic Yawn.

    Fantastic. Yoshi's Island on DS was amazing, and I always say Yoshi is my favourite Nintendo character.
    Hopefully they don't end up reusing assets from Epic Yarn, like they did with Mario.

    It's not just a new Yoshi game, it's anew Yoshi Story game, the greatest Yoshi game of all time.

    I seem to be the only one here who remembers.

      Where did you get that impression?

        I'm not sure actually, I got it from somewhere earlier. I might be wrong. Oh well.

          They mentioned that the last game featuring Yoshi to be released was Yoshi's Story but otherwise it wasn't mentioned.

    Very Nice! How Much?

    It's Little Big Yoshi

    I'd have much preferred a really lush, HD quality Yoshi's Island sequel. Can you imagine these;

    done in a nice, high quality, hand drawn art style, with those songs done by a good orchestra?

    This is a good substitute though.

    Since 1986 we've had six console metroid games.
    Since 1986 we've had six console zelda games (including four swords).
    Since 1993 we've had six star fox games (including a remake), four for home consoles.
    Since 1992 we've had seven mario kart games, five on consoles.

    How does that stand up to the series from other companies? Leaving things like CoD alone, even Uncharted has done three console titles in five years on one generation of hardware, and with a hell of a lot less variation than is found within any of Nintendo's series.

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