Tales Of Monkey Island Under Five Bucks!

Tales Of Monkey Island Under Five Bucks!

Tales Of Monkey Island Under Five Bucks!If you haven’t already had the chance to check out Telltale games’ Tales of Monkey Island, now is as good a time as ever, as the game has been reduced from $US34.99 to a ludicrous $US4.99.

Having only played episode one, I’ve actually gone ahead and picked it up myself (before writing this story, which tells you where my priorities lie)!


  • Yeah, I picked a copy up yesterday, I thought that maybe it was the original series. then when I saw the screenshots I simultaneously lolled and clicked the “Purchase” button.

    I still can’t believe it’s so cheap! Is there an occasion?

      • Maybe it’s a new “spend like a pirate with morals day” sort of day??

        “yarrr, i be takin’ these here games and only paying ye’ 1/6th of the price – yar-har-har!!”

        • @Marky Mark:
          Yeah, I only knew of this series because they gave out the first episode free on “talk like a pirate day”…

          Interesting to note that this deal is only on Steam… not on the telltale games website (its still $35 there)

          Nah, “Spend like a pirate with morals day” was last week… so it can’t be that. Might be something to do with “lure in potential customers and hook them with addicting games day” though… just a theory…

          In any case, I have the games, and I spent a fiver on it (thanks to our awesome exchange rate atm), therefore, I win.

  • The episodic tales really do capture the old Monkey Island humour. I’ve completed the first four, and there have been plenty of moments I caught myself laughing aloud at the jokes.

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