What Have You Been Doing In Just Cause 2?

Just Cause 2 is one of those games that allows you the freedom to pretty much do anything that's on your corrupted, disgusting little mind at that precise moment.

And recently Namco Bandai were good enough to forward across some cool stats detailing just precisely what it is you have been getting up to. The result? Well, you've been mostly exploding yourself to death, basically.

Here are some of the cooler stats we found...

- Total kilometres driven in the game equates to 173,505,190, which is roughly equal to 4,338 times around the circumference of the entire planet. - Players have caused over 1 billion explosions in the game. - 85% of players use parachute climbing as a mode of transport. - Gamers have accumulated over 3000 years of play time.

Namco Bandai have created a clever little image detailing all these awesome stats, which you can click on below.


    Ummm Namco Bandai?
    Square - Enix right?

    And now I've got to go back and get all of those generals...

    Look at what can be accomplished when we destroy together!

    Blah, I was getting to the point of wanting to trade this in... now I want to find that hot air balloon!

    Well I've accumulated almost 60 hours of game time but I have only done 4 of the story missions which I think is a pretty fair indication that I just screw around in game.

    Only 85% of people used para climbing?! It's the quickest way to get around short distance!
    That's more like 15% of people don't know how to play the game xD

    I didn't even know there were scorpions to kill! Then again, I never really explored on the ground, so that explains it. Do want to find that hot air balloon!

    Ugh, the game irritating the poop out of me. I couldn't wait to finish it so I could stop playing it. Tooling around was fun for a while but the missions themselves were awful.

    But that chart is very cool, almost makes me want to play it again, would be nice to see other developers do something similar.

    I've got to go back and finish this game. As soon as uni exams are over...

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