Golden Sun Release Date Announced

Golden Sun Release Date Announced

Golden Sun Release Date AnnouncedGolden Sun is one of the best handheld franchises, especially in the RPG space, so we’re pretty chuffed to announce that the latest game in the series – and the first to be released on the DS – has an Australian release date.

We’ve just been informed by Nintendo Australia that Golden Sun: Dark Dawn will be released in Australia on December 2, almost in line with the US and Japanese release, and a whole week before Europe.

Set 30 years after the sequence of events from the first two games, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn introduces a new set of heroes to the series, and revolves around a catastrophic threat in a universe that has rapidly evolved.

Any fans of the previous games here? We’re looking forward to this one.


  • Remember when Golden Sun: The Solar Soothesayer was ‘revealed’?
    How exciting was that!
    This is just as awesome, except better because it’s, you know, real.

  • Fantastic! Golden sun has been one of the ONLY JRPG’s in the history of JRPG’s that i have actually ENJOYED playing. Not really sure why either, as I usually loathe JRPG’s with the special kind of loathe usually reserved for pedophiles.

  • Why is this game (series) considered so good? That’s a genuine question. This is one genre I have never ever touched. I have only played about 4 hours of Final Fantasy X, so never gone near a Japanese-ish game on a handheld at all.

    Just curious.

    • Because it’s really enjoyable, it’s that simple. It’s bright, cheery, the music is enchanting, no lame voice actors etc. It’s what a lot of JRPGs should be, yet surprisingly this series is almost alone in a genre full of dull stories and grindfests.

    • Because its a mix of zelda like dungeoning and puzzle solving and a really good example of a strategic turn based battle system.

    • Adam – Final Fantasy X is an incredibly terrible example of the series, and the genre in general. There is a large dedicated fanbase for that game, but upon closer inspection you’ll notice a large chunk of it is a rather, dare I say, Twilight-esque audience of hardcore fangirls who love it for its twee romance, and fanboys who will readily defend its dull battle system to the death.

      Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII, VIII and IX were all excellent examples of the Japanese incarnation of RPGs in their prime, so if you were ever to consider taking a leap of faith in that direction, jump towards those games. As stated above, Golden Sun and its sequel(s?) are also an absolutely excellent example of not only adventure and entertainment, but also storytelling.

      Please note though (and this is for everyone out there considering trying Golden Sun) – the original two games were actually designed in a Kill Bill-esque fashion, in that it was originally planned as one giant game, but mid-way through production it was decided to make a split in the narrative for praticality’s sake. So in other words, you can’t really play The Lost Age without playing the original. Dark Dawn however seems to stand somewhat separate, so this could also serve as an entrance point.

      • Fair enough, good points. I knew that FFVII was the favourite and was recommended, but I couldn’t find it when I went shopping, so I grabbed X. I’ve just always been fascinated by this entire genre that has such a rabid fan base that I’ve never been able to comprehend.

        So… teacher becomes the student eh? See, we never stop learning.

    I can’t wait for this either!

    *heads to ebay to track down the other titles he has obviously never played but wants to fit in*

    Serrelously, though, if you guys all seem to like it so much i’m sure it’s going to be awesome 😀

  • Anyone know if there’s a use for the clear data from number 2? Maybe it’ll go in the GBA slot?? Maybe we’ll have to punch in a 1000 page code (which should be easier with a stylus now)???

    Also, I thought I heard this was for the 3DS? I guess not!

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