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Why have you forsaken us, oh great god of game discounts?! Do you not see the effect it has on CheapSkate Gamer?! This is a sleeper week for deals, my friends. We must push through the drought and await the Holy Grail of sales; Christmas! Once those glorious sales appear, we will prosper! Hold strong, brothers and sisters!

Now, to what few deals we have:

PC Digital Download A Farewell to Dragons - $6.79 (66% off) Fourth in a string of games beginning with "A Greeting to Dragons", continuing onto "A Tea Party with Dragons" and reaching a thrilling romantic climax in "A Passionate kiss with Dragons". This game is low on coverage, but looks to be a stellar game.

Avernum 6 - $12.49 (50% off) The Avernum series is a throwback to the RPG's of old. Most closely resembling Neverwinter nights and Diablo, I'd list this one (and the entire series) as some of my favourite games.

Beyond Divinity - $3.99 (60% off) Not sure what's beyond divinity apart from becoming a deity... Apparently this game puts those questions to rest! Atheists beware! (I can say this because I am an atheist, so calm down!)

Gothic 3 Gold Edition - $14.98 (50% off) When I first heard about the gothic series, I was slightly appalled that people enjoyed games about dying hair black, writing emotional poetry and pretending to be a wolf. These fears were all instantly allayed when I played it and found that the "dying hair black" mini-game was not only innovative, but clever and enjoyable too!

SpellForce 2 Gold - $9.99 (50% off) It's called "Alchemy", isn't it? (SpellForce 2 Gold = Spellforce to gold... get it? Okay, okay, I concede. It wasn't that funny...)

Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Premium Edition pre-purchase - $44.99 (10% off) I don't care what other people say. The first one was brilliant and I'm certain that this one will be too! Also, considering that this is a premium edition (and looking at all the extra goodies), I think it's worth the price on that alone!

Ion Assault - $8.99 (10% off) Do you like eye-candy? Well this is the visual equivalent of Halloween... on steroids.

Alien Breed 3: Descent - $8.99 (10% off) DISCLAIMER: If there is an alien breed on the planet, and you decide to descend into its nest, Cheap$kate Gamer waives all responsibility for any damage incurred to you physically or mentally.

Clones - $8.99 (10% off) The modern-day equivalent of Lemmings. Buy it.

PC Retail Boxes WoW: Cataclysm pre-order - $48.00 Dragon. Evil Dragon. Need I say more? I don't play WoW any more, but this is a temptation to get back into it.

Xbox 360 Nier - $29.99 A short while ago in a land nier nier away...

RDR: Undead Nightmare pre-order - $46.00 The trailer makes this look even MORE epic that the original game. HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE?!

NFS Hot Pursuit Limited Edition - $74.00 Not certain about the game, but when you say NFSHPLE aloud, it kinda sounds like "enough shipple", which made me crack up, at least.

PS3 RDR: Undead Nightmare pre-order - $46.00 There are apparently undead horses in this game, if the trailer is to be bel... hang on... Oh I see what you did there... (For those that don't get it: "Undead Night Mare")

God of War 3 - $38.00 Don't get your *hopes* up when you close pandora's box. Zing!

Gran Turismo 5 - $65.33 Oh my god. It's almost here! I need to steal one of my mates' PS3's. Right Now!

Wii Resident Evil 4 - $23.49 Look, as far as I'm concerned, if you have a tenant on your residence that is evil, I believe it is perfectly within your rights to kick them out and end their lease... with a shotgun.

DS Pokemon SoulSilver + PokeWalker - $48.00 I swear to you, the PokeWalker is just about the coolest accessory to any game. Ever.

Brain Training - $38.00 I thought I was going to be clever by putting in a pun to make me sound dyslexic (Train Braining), but then I realised that it would only make me seem bad at grammar. Perhaps I need this game after all!

Indies The Line - $0.99 (iPhone) [PS, you can get it for free. Read carefully!] A brilliant little iPhone game. As opposed to Apple's marketing and release strategies as I am, I must admit that the iPhone game developers are a very clever bunch!

Sorry for the disappointing turnout this week, folks. Perhaps next week will pick up the pace. In the mean-time, have you seen an oasis of cheap games? If so, comment below or on facebook, and tell us where!

Now, to the Community Project! We're making an indie game! Join us here! I've got to set a deadline or we'll never be done, so I'm giving you all until the 1st of December to join collabratory before we start actual work on this!

Signing off for another week of stinginess, Tad


    Has anyone come across NBA Jam for Wii at a decent price anywhere?

      OK so i just had a bit of a look around for you...

      Ozgameshop have the PS3 and 360 versions for almost half the aus retail price, but no wii.

      ebay has a few options, all expensive
      Once again it has the 360 and PS3 version much cheaper..

      Gamelane also have 360 and ps3 for just over $50, but once again, no Wii

      Eb and Game both don't show stock of the title.
      Game's online site DID have it for $69 but it's completely sold out.

      So basically if you're after the Wii version, it's slim pickings no matter where you go, and if you can find it, it'll be about $30 more than the cheapest you can get the 360 or PS3 version..

      Sorry i couldn't be more help, mate

      The cheapest I can find is $67.95 with free shipping from CDWOW:

        Thanks for the help with NBA Jam Wii guys. I had a bit of a look around as well but as you found out, they are all pretty expensive :(

    I thought this was changing to Fridays?

    Either way, still a great article, Tad.

    Also, Ecogamer have a price round up for Epic Mickey, if anyone wants to pick that one up:

    Both online and retail stores are included.

      Also, Taddy - you may want to ease off on the jokes a little bit. You need to keep it as informative as possible, people are generally lazy and would like you doing their research for them so it's as simple as possible for them to say "hey that's worth my money points".

      Maybe if it's a horrible game, then throw in as many puns as you can, but if it's a great game no one has heard of, do it the justice it deserves and tell everyone how it's great and why.

      I don't mean to cramp your style, mate, just a little constructive criticism, especially if you want to eb taken seriously in your writing.

        God i hope i didn't word that badly.. i just want your article to do well for you, mate :)

        Mate, none taken ;)

        I can understand where you're coming from. I may include a "BUY THIS" rating from now on, actually, maybe a "out of five stars" thing. Would that be useful?

        I don't want to make the article too serious though. I'll definitely try and implement the rating if people want it, though :D

        I'd agree, or keep just as many jokes but have at least 12 words that actually give us a hint what the game is.

        I enjoy the read, but also want to know what the games are without having to click on each link.

      Mark and I are talking about possibilities about moving it around, but if anything it will probably be discussed a bit later.

      Nice find with the Epic Mickey stuff btw :D

    God of War 3 says $119 after the jump.


      Makes sense since Harvey Norman are probably the most out of touch retailer when it comes to game pricing. GOW3 will probably be $120 there for the next five years.

      My own stupidity :(

      I didn't see that the sale had ended. I'm in panic mode to try and get all my Uni study done.

      Next week I'll be far more careful!

    Avernum! Then there were the Exile games before that. Great little gems they were.

      I am sooo glad somebody knows about this series!

      I'm so sick of recommending them to friends only for them to say "DERP. IT'S 2D, How lame!"

    The Line promo code deal ended on the 19th November.. Just FYI as I am always keen for free stuff.

      As above, just a mere Bachelor's degree student in panic mode for exams XD

        Mate, I love the article, I followed the link and found it had expired. I also know that these are put together before the posting so fully expect that in the time to print, some deals have expired. My comments were more for others not to waste their time with the free app side of things.

        And with Exams, I am impressed you bothered at all... The fact that you did anything is credit to you and your dedication to this thread!


    Hey guys,

    Just wanted to mention a couple of things here.

    -If you guys would prefer this to be on a Friday let me know. This is really a community thing that Tadmod has done a great job of sorting, so it's really more your call than mine!

    - If this indie game gathers steam, we'd really love to support it here at Kotaku AU, so if you guys are really serious about it, get it going and we'll cover it here. We'll update everyone on its progress and help you guys out with whatever you need.

      To add to these:

      1.) Either day is fine with Mark and I, it's just a case of getting off my arse to do it during the week XD

      2.) Join the collabratory group to become a member of the game dev team. Don't worry about skillsets or specific roles right now, we'll use what we have.

        Yessss! Come join us! Meh, it's not easy impersonating some cave dwelling creature on the interwebs.

        As welbot mentioned in talk amongst, we've started playing a LITTLE bit with things, but it is still only practicing things at the moment and it's still relatively quiet over there. We would love some more support! And friends :'(

          I'm curious... signed up! Though I don't have the years of formal experience a lot of people have ;)

            Meh, neither do I. But enthusiasm I have in bundles! Woo! Oh and welcome :D

    Dick Smith is doing Cataclysm preorder for $38, free shipping.

    Nice write up!

    I think a better link for the Witcher 2 preorder would be the GoG version which will be DRM free seen here

    Undead Nightmare for $46?!?!? It only costs 1600 MS Points (~$30) to download, unless you have to buy the 3000 points :/

      I would also like to thank Tadmod for alerting me to the 'Night Mare' pun, because I was too stupid to get it without outside help.

      It's because it's also a stand-alone game.. Because you don't require the original RDR to play it..

      I think the DLC is just "add on content", not a stand alone version

      It only cost me 800 points on the weekend and I'm pretty sure it wasn't on special which makes the disc version even worse. If it was RDR that came WITH Undead Nightmare on the disc it'd be a good dea but not just for it alone

        800 is for the Undead DLC by itself. 1600 is for all three RDR DLC's that have been bundled together. I didn't have any of them so bought all 3 of them. Just clearing it up.

    Alan Wake $26 at OzGameShop. I know Strange was looking for this game, others may be as well...

    Also, nice job as always TM!

    I would like to add that PopCap Games are having a 50% off holiday sale (on their site). Not sure about Steam versions, but most are at $9.99USD.

    cod black ops $29 on catch of the day today, could be any hour on the hour, good luck

    PopCap Games are having a 50% off holiday sale on their website.

    OzGameShop's prices are great, but the game takes soooo long to arrive. I'm still waiting on a game that was shipped on November 2nd. Sad face.

      Both orders i have gotten from there arrived within a week...

      Shipping times have slowed down dramatically world wide due to the impending holiday season, and the growth of the AUD. Paying less for games does have it's drawbacks

        I'll second this.

        Latest order is just going over the 2 week mark. The previous order in early October took 3 weeks.

        GT5 was despatched yesterday which is good, waiting till Xmas is bad.

      I've only ordered 1 game from Ozgameshop, but it arrived in a week (might have only been 6 days even, I can't remember for sure).

      I think my order was probably placed at around the start of November too, so not sure what happened to yours.

    I wouldn't bother with Spellforce 2 Gold for $10 since you can often get the Spellforce Universe collection (all five parts) in a retail box for under $20 at places like EB.

    Also I've seen a few good discounts in EB and Game this week for some of the 'smaller' or older titles - things like Batman: The Brave and the Bold (Wii) for $28 [down from $50], and discounts on things like Worms Reloaded (2 for $28 at Game [down from $25]) and Torchlight ($20 at EB [down from $30]). Also Masters of Orion 2 is down to $10 at EB [from $20], and JB have that Wii Rabbids party game triple pack compilation for $50 [down from $75].

    And one for collectors to keep an eye on; EB look to be getting rid of their last few Mass Effect 2 PC Collector's Editions for only $47

      That reminds me.

      I spotten an AVP hunter edition (the one with the facehugger) at EB swanston street for $48 on PS3

    I saw Force Unleashed Sith Edition (xBox 360) for $28 at my local EB. Not sure if it's still there though, there were only 2 copies left.

      WHICH EB!?!??!

        It WAS the Canberra City Centre EB. Alas, all out now.

    Harvey Norman in Sydney (Moore park I think)are doing a Midnight launch for GT5 and you can pick it up for $68. Limited to one per customer between 12 and 2am only. Any attending?

      I'm tempted to go even though I don't have a PS3, lol!

      But that could change if everyone elses Marvel vs Capcom entries become invalid.






    GameLane have NFS:Hot Pursuit PC for $57, it's imported from Europe, but it's region free

    Anyone found a good deal on Donkey Kong Country Returns?

      Check out last weeks article:

    Just saw the PC version of Dragon Age: Origins for only $36 at EB today, if anyone's interested.

    Ok, I’m gonna throw in my 2 cents. I think “Retail boxes” should be limited to places I can actually go and pick up a physical copy of the game right now, like Big W and EB and JB.

    Ozgameshop and PlayAsia should go under a different heading.

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