Games Warehouse In Trouble?

The Games Warehouse website currently has a very cryptic message on the homepage. All functionality and ability to purchase games has been removed.

A message on the homepage states that "Games Warehouse is closing to restructure and refocus. In stock orders will be processed for dispatch this week, all outstanding orders will be contacted regarding fulfilment."

We tried calling their previous customer service number only to find that the number had been disconnected and the only link remaining on the site is a redirect to their digital download service which is run by an affiliate.

It's probably too early to make any judgement calls, but it doesn't seem to be looking good for Games Warehouse. The strength of the Aussie dollar, and the speed of delivery from overseas, has meant that anyone ordering games online can save large amounts of money by importing games from the UK or the US. We hope this isn't a sign of things to come for other local retailers.

We'll let you know if we hear any updates, and feel free to get in contact if you've heard anything different on the situation at [email protected].


    Yeah speed of delivery is another factor like you said. I'm in Victoria & games from overseas sometimes arrive in 4 to 5 days which is often faster than when I order games from Sydney.

    Damn that sucks, they were my go-to site for games I was too impatient to wait weeks to get and they were a good source for finding older and more obscure games

    Hmm. First impression is that it's a hasty decision (otherwise 'reguarding' would've surely been noticed) and it looks like they're going to focus on digital distribution only, to minimise expenses.

      Note the digital distribution link is actually an affiliate program for a '' website.

        Yeah, only just decided to look for some more info now - seems like there was a couple of weeks warning as well, and people noticed the premises closing down: (some idea of a timeline and speculation)

    If I remember correctly, Games Warehouse were moving from their Silverwater Road Location. It was on their games clearance page.

    They sent an email about it around a week ago, which also announced they had a big sale happening. The email said pretty much the same thing as that message, and I thought nothing of it.

    Unfortunately, I no longer have that email, so I can't check it to see if they gave any more information. Sorry.

      The email read:
      Games Warehouse Clearance!
      Last Days.

      Hundreds of titles below cost price!
      With Christmas fast approaching this is a great time to grab a trolley of bargains!

      Clearance items only available while stocks last, so be quick!

      Games Warehouse is closing to restructure and refocus.

      Final date for orders is the 30th of October.
      All outstanding orders at that date will be contacted regarding fulfilment.

      We would like to sincerely thank all of our customers for their support over the past 10 years. We wish you all the very best of gaming fun.

      I checked it out but their prices were as bad as ever (comparible with EB's).
      I only ever used them as a last resort, so I'm not that fussed. You can usually get it all cheeper on ebay anyway.

    Hmm... maybe should swing by their store and see if it's all boarded up or something.

    If this makes games cheaper by increasing competition then i feel sorry for the retailers, but it will mean that the ozzies get less ripped in the long run

    Hey All,

    Completely unrelated, but Play Asia are selling Halo:Reach for $19.90 USD. That's just over $20 for anyone interested.

      That's ummm... that's probably actually quite related.

    Well maybe if game prices over here weren't so rip, we would actually buy them here.
    New games in America go for like 60 bucks, and since the exchange rates are pretty much even its clear that we're getting ripped when new games here can be up to $110.

    misspelled regarding

    Why does this seem more like a publicity grab like what Good Old Games did?

    Not surprised given the warning lights had started blinking nearly 6 months before. When I ordered a game from them, I didn't get a word on the status of the order and found out the other retailers had it in stock compared to them which had it listed as delayed. I cancelled the order and bought the game. A few days later, I found out the game I had on order had been removed from the list so I thought something must be up.

    It was a shame too as I had several games ordered from there.

    Shame to see them go; they provided good service :(

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