Gran Turismo 5 Australian Release Date Revealed!

Hey guys, just a quick one - Sony got in contact with us five minutes ago, and we just wanted to let you know the good news!

Gran Turismo 5 will 100 per cent be in stores in Australia on November 25 – only 12 days away, the week after Thursday!

Have a good weekend, everyone.



    hahaha. yeah right.

      April Fool's!

      It's actually gonna be the day before; someone's bound to break street date.

        True someone probably will break street date, but being such a big game, Sony is more likely to keep the date the same and fine the people who break it, and not give that retailer the next big release till a few months after everyone else

      Dont some people in Aus already have it? Its been shown played on Youtube for a while now.

    YAYAYAYAYA Finally Thanks for the best news to start anyones weekend Mark!! WoOoOoO


    I'll believe when I see it on the shelves

    wonder if anyone will risk putting in holiday requests at work starting the 25th.

      That's what sick leave's for... right? :D

    Miscommunication I bet, more like November 25th 2011 amirite?

    Fantastic News Mark, I am really looking forward to Christmas this year, as I'm being given the 25th Anniversary Wii and GT5 Signature Edition, so glad I'm owed a half day off from work, I know exactly where I will be :)

    Mark, also thankyou for doing a wonderful job on the website as editor, I'm really pleased with the content and the way it's delivered and that the community aren't a bunch of jerks.


      I laughed, I cried, I hurled.

    don't believe everything you read on the internet thats how WW1 got started

    25th of November, 2011. Bwahahahaha.

    And all you poor people screaming NOOOOOOOOO when I write this, it only hurts because it's so plausible.

    I've been following this too much over the last week and I am glad that the game will be out sooner than the previous first rumours of December 9th.

    Nov 25th, is the day after my birthday! Bonus!

    However, with the US date being the 23rd and Europe being the 24th, am hoping that it will slip out earlier than the 25th! :)

    Sooooooo awesome!

    Dammit that's only a week after NFS and I've preordered both. Gonna be a busy few weeks!

    I think I just exploded with excitement. Or that could've been a coronary..

    Someone BETTER break the street date - not to get it one day early just to rub in Sony's face and scream, YOU GOT THE DATE WRONG... YET AGAIN!

    It's really a good news. But I will believe if I can see on shelves from a stores.

      Mmm so is that you will believe it when you see it in more then 1 store or at least 1 because when you write from a is suggest singular but stores suggest plural mmmn.....

    25th or 24th? says 24th as does

    I know games are usually released on a Thursday and the 25th makes more sense but these are .au specific Sony websites...

    Anyway it's close!

    I think this is it this time, The head honcho for Polyphony Digital said that the game is being stamped, meaning that the game is now in mass production, i bet this will blow alot of what will come first bets, Duke Nukem Forever or Gran Turismo 5.

    well according to Official website, it's 24th for Aus

    I swear to god Sony... I bloody swear... You better deliver

    JB hi fi already knows of the date and I have a friend who works where they print the discs in mitchibury, they been manufacturing them for about a week now.
    It's a real release date.

    So I was just looking at the car list.

    Um... there's more Skylines than there are Fords. FORDS. You know, one of the world's biggest and important car manufacturers.

    Good to see the GT carlist is still as absurd and stupid as ever...

      Well it was developed by a Japanese guy, should that come as surprise at all?

      I think there is actually a legal limit on the number of bogan vehicles allowed to be included in any one game, which explains the limited number of Fords and Holdens :P


    Oh hells to the yeah :)

    I'm hoping my free copy that was offered with the TV will arrive before christmas then!

    Now, which wheel to buy??

    Booked and paid for today. Needed a concrete date before I took the plunge.

    Shame I have a week off which ends on the 25th.

    Oh well.

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