Kate Lundy's Speech To Parliament

We posted the news earlier this week that Kate Lundy had tabled a record breaking petition in support of R18+, but now a video has been uploaded of the speech.

Thanks to AusGamers for spotting that the video had been uploaded. You can check out the video below.


    What a legend.

    I'm going to write her a letter telling her how awesome she is.



      Just because she says a single that that is welcome to liberty-minded geeks, doesn't mean she's any good.

      She's a union lifer. The only real job she's ever had is being a union and ALP hack. She's barely worked in the real world.

    That's pretty well said. Woo, go Lundy! Those people behind her at the beginning couldn't look less interested if they tried. I suppose that's just Aus Parliament though.

    I dont want to be critical but her speach didnt sound convincing, it might be my computer audio but it sounds like she had no confidence in what she was saying.

    Anyways... why was she saying this in front of the senate when she has to convince the AG's of this argument.

      You obviously haven't watched senate meetings before! The most dull events on the planet.

      Believe me, in this video, she is being comparitively charismatic. XD

        That's not true (regarding the first line), sometimes whenever Barnaby Joyce gets up to talk, you can't help but laugh at him.

          The guy speaks a lot of sense.

          "Julia Gillard thinks she can cool the planet from her office in Canberra"

          "If taxes cooled the planet, the place would be freezing!"

    She's a milf. Wait, what was she talking about? =D

    The opening of the Senate this morning was entertaining. One of the Libs was having a light hearted go at Senator Brown when his colleague Rachel "crazy bag lady" Siewart lost it and started screeching at him.

    Nothing brings a smile to my face like an irate hippie [that took the bait]. Rank amatuer.

    Thank you senator.

    I agree, she's probably on a speaking level of a highschool student, no confidence, no enthusiasm, no eye contact, no gusto, she nervously swayed for the entire speech, even failed to read her own pre written speech at some points. It's ridiculous that you can even get that far as a politician without the ability to speak at an advanced level. The content however was not lacking.

    Thanks Kate, glad to see the ball rolling on this so we can catchup to the rest of the world and stop having this be an embarassing punch line to web-comics about our homeland. :)

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