READY: R18+ Record Breaking Petition Verified!

Just in case there was any doubt as to the veracity of the record breaking R18+ petition we reported on last week, the auditors have come back and verified 100% that Game and PALGN's R18+ petition did indeed have 89,210 signatures across 3,684 pages.

As Roland Kulen, one of the architects behind the petition, said to us over the phone, auditors are a "prickly bunch" and generally don't like to see their name next to an official number - so this proves without a shadow of a doubt that the R18+ issue has created a record breaking wet signature petition in its support.

You can check out the official letter below, and head here for more information.


    you like this post

    Smashing, Basil!
    ..but what does it all mean?..

    No really, that's great news!

      austin powers?

    As someone who frequents Game stores (well, less often now - the online prices are usually better), why was I never asked to provide a signature?

    I feel like I've let the team down... if I threaten to commit some gratuitous act of violence against the SCAG participants, will that make things better? :P

      ...only if you do so in a tu-tu :)

      I was asked twice, the second time by a guy whose nametag said "My name is: Inigo montoya". Made me wish I hadn't signed it the first time.

    This is not the same as the online petition that went around during the L4D2 censoring debacle is it? I never go to game stores (PC gamer, steam covers me and TBH the selection of PC games in stores is atrocious), sad I didn't get to make it 89211 :(

    Its an agreed upon procedures engagement, not an Audit or a Review. Might want to reword the post as they are not providing an audit report. They are VERY different things.

    Still pretty solid effort getting 89,210 out of 22 million :)

      dont forget this beat the work choices petition that was 85 thousand odd

    Oh, where can I still sign it now?

      Sorry, the petition is closed and has been for some time. But for more facts please visit...

    i'm pretty sure i signed this at the supanova convention in perth when that was on. i'm rally happy so many people have done this, i'm 16 and i even know that not having an r18+ rating is ridiculous...

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