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Today the Attorneys-General will discuss and vote upon the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia. We'll hopefully have word around noon, or early afternoon, on the decision. In the mean time we thought we'd collect all of our R18+ coverage so far, to help you get up to speed on the news over the last month.

The last five weeks have been interesting. There's been a distinct sea-change in how the media has been reporting the R18+ issue but, perhaps more significantly, the Federal Government's turnaround has made us extremely confident that today's SCAG meeting will end with the correct result - the result that makes sense.

It's been an interesting journey to say the least. Thanks for all your support and fingers crossed for today!

We'll be tweeting the story throughout the day with all the details: follow me @Serrels and check out the #R18au hashtag.

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    Just let me say this has been covered really well on this site. Thanks for the extra effort.

      I couldn't agree more. Some incredible coverage here and hopefully has been part of the reason why this issue has received the attention it has.

      It's really encouraging to see Mark make the extra effort to cover issues like this. Keep up the good work!

    I'll be crossing every available limb for a positive outcome

    Serrells for Wakeley award in 2011!

      +1 :D

      I don't know what that is, but i'll vote it's arse off!

        Award for Australian journalism.
        Think Logies... but for reporters, and Lawrie Oaks.

        That's right, I went there.

    I'll second FatShady. The coverage and depth of the stories here on Kotaku has been second to none. Massive thanks.

    Fingers crossed.

    watched the 7pm project last night. Didn't mind the spot they did on it. But i was very dissapointed that they didn't include the fact that, i think, only about 3 or 4 games have actually been banned in aus

      Each year you mean or something? Because certainly far more than that have been refused classification since the introduction of ratings for games.

    Kotaku has really kept me in the loop over this entire saga of Australian video gaming.

    Though I hope for the best, I really don't expect that we'll get the change we're hoping for.

    But thanks to all the parties involved in making this issue even be brought up and seriously discussed by our law makers. Jungslist, Mark, Brendan O'Connor and so many more.

    You're all absolutely awesome people.

    Yeah, i'm with the other guys.

    Mark, your commitment and dedication to this topic has gone above and beyond the call of duty. You have not only shown what a fantastic writer you are, but what a superb leader and motivator you are to our group and gamers in general.

    Hopefully all will go well for us today. If it doesn't, i know i won't be the only one devastated by the decision.

    Thanks again Mark. You have been, and will continue to be absolutely outstanding!

    I'd like make a nomination for Mark Squirrels for Community Kudos this week :)

    So what are we going to do if we don't get an R18 rating? Are we going to keep campaigning or just give up and move to another country?

      Nope, we'll just keep importing or finding workarounds.

    Mark Squirrels? LOL

    But I concur, Kotaku has been the most prolific site as far as reporting on the issue goes. Hats off to you, Mr Serrells, and thank you for leading the charge!!!!

    My optimism on this issue has been raised by the fact the only vocal opponent to the bill this time around is the ACL.

    The only real threat I can see to the R 18 this time is the pressure being placed on the Western Australian AG by the parliament over there, hopefully he will focus on the facts of the issue rather than political influences.

    I'd like to thank our editor, Mark, for being available to comment on the issue and for keeping us up to date on the key points.

    Thakns also to Bajo and Jung for making their thoughts heard.

    Shame on the 7pm presenters for muddying the waters with their ignorance on the issue. Hope it doesn't have much of an effect.

      If Christian Porter votes against R18+, I'll send a very angry letter. I might even deliver it in person, to show him my anger! Let's hope he shows some common sense and doesn't bow to peer pressure.

      Seriously, though, I do hope that this gets through today. Fingers crossed!

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