READY: The Story So Far

Today the Attorneys-General will discuss and vote upon the introduction of an R18+ rating for video games in Australia. We’ll hopefully have word around noon, or early afternoon, on the decision. In the mean time we thought we’d collect all of our R18+ coverage so far, to help you get up to speed on the news over the last month.

The last five weeks have been interesting. There’s been a distinct sea-change in how the media has been reporting the R18+ issue but, perhaps more significantly, the Federal Government’s turnaround has made us extremely confident that today’s SCAG meeting will end with the correct result – the result that makes sense.

It’s been an interesting journey to say the least. Thanks for all your support and fingers crossed for today!

We’ll be tweeting the story throughout the day with all the details: follow me @Serrels and check out the #R18au hashtag.

READY: General
R18+ Are You READY?
READY: R18+ Petition Breaks Records
READY: R18+ Record Breaking Petition Verified
READY: Won’t Someone Think Of The Children?
READY: The Opposition
READY: Will Changes In Government Affect R18+
Final Submission Report: 98.4% In Favour Of An R18+ Rating
The Australian Christian Lobby Responds
Senator Lundy Tables Record Breaking Petition: Supports R18+ Rating
Brendan O’ Connor: We’re Considering The Pros And Cons Of An R18+ Rating
READY: Attorneys-General Consider Their Position
READY: Federal Cabinet Supports An R18+ Rating For Video Games
Government Study No Conclusive Evidence That Violent Games Affect Children
READY: Take A Time Out
Two Thirds Of MA15+ Games Are Rated Adult Overseas

READY: Guest Posts
READY: Tripod
READY: Grow Up Australia
READY: Dr Daniel King
The Australian Catholic Lobby: R18+ No Game
Junglist Speaks Out Against The Australia Christian Lobby
Brendan O’ Connor Blogs On The R18+ Debate

READY: Mythbusters
READY Mythbusters: Children Will Have More Access To Inappropriate Games
READY Mythbusters: The Flood Gates Will Open

READY: Submissions
READY Submissions: Media Classifiers Association Of Australia
READY Submissions: Australian Catholic Bishops

READY: Features
READY: Speak Directly To Your Representatives
READY: Writing To Your Representatives
An Open Letter: The Attorneys-General
A Crusade In Search Of A Crisis: R18 And The Moral Panic
READY: We Talk To The Australian Christian Lobby On R18+

READY: Video
READY Diary: Kotaku On Sunrise
READY: R18+ And The 7PM Project
READY: Kotaku On Sunrise
Kate Lundy’s Speech To Parliament

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