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This morning Seamus appeared on Sunrise to discuss the R18+ rating in the wake of Brendan O' Connor's statement yesterday that the Federal Government are in support of an adult rating for video games.

Seamus and Kochie went over a handful of points - debunking the 'floodgates' argument, and going into how games themselves are actually classified.

There has been a large amount of R18+ stories in mainstream news as of late, and a sea change in how the R18+ debate is being reported. We see this as a hugely positive sign - this issue is now in the public consciousness - it matters, and it is now impossible for decision makers to ignore. Now it's up to the Attorneys-General to do the right thing and approve an R18+ rating for video games in Australia.


    That's pretty damn sweet. It's amazing to see this in the mainstream media. I didn't think I'd see something like this in my lifetime *sniff*

    Also, "Good to see you too *muah!*";

      The only way to get more people involved in this, say the NORPs (aka non-gamers, parents, 'everyday' Australians) is to put it on these mass consumed low-end, morning talk shows.

      Kudos to Seamus also for presenting a rational mind and sound reason to the issue. This is great marketing for the 'change'.

    Wow, nice job again guys. That actually sounded like Kochie asking a question and learning something for himself, how amazing.

    But yeah, go go go.

    Good on Kochie! One of the few people in the 'news world' who actually understands what it means to have an R18+ rating.

    I like the fact that we're confident enough to refer to the R18+ classification passing as a 'when', not an 'if'.

    Thanks for the video, guys.

    It's ridiculous how much positive media has come out of this!

    This morning, hearing Jonesy and Amanda talking about how good it would be if the R18+ rating was introduced just blew my mind!

    Seeing this on Sunrise (Seamus' SECOND appearance) is really heartening.

    I'm certain that, this time, we won't fail. We've got too much support!

    Hi-Fives all around!

    I have to commend Seamus on another great presentation and smart argument for the pro side of this debate.

    Excellent way to hold our side strong!

    Oh thank god, Kochie shaved the 'mo off.

    Good work Seamus! I especially like that part where you tell Kochie that games will still be able to be RCed and he goes "Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as if a sort of "Oh, I get it now!" lightbulb just went off.

      Yup that's exactly what it was, a lightbulb moment.

      I don't really agree with that, in principle, I'm a big fan of freedom of speech, but one step at a time.

    I like the part when Kochie says "When we get the R18+ rating category" like it's a certainty.

    Great work Seamus! Nice that you completely debunked the whole floodgate panic the Australian Christian Lobby are trying to scare people with.

    I wonder if Sunrise's rivals have been treating the R18+ with the same amount of respect (if any)?

    I love how the sensible conversation was in juxtaposition with alarmist footage of 12 year olds playing modern warfare and GTA....

    Still, great work Seamus - very good stuff. :)

      Haha! Yeah this was my thought exactly on those kids. Blah, can't help themselves putting that in.

      But I don't reaaaally think Kochie understood, he was saying oh so we still can ban games? Um Kochie, he just said we only banned 13 games. Stop stressing Kochie!

    Another good, though too short, piece there. Assuming things go well on Friday Seamus, you'd better have a victory dance ready for Monday's Sunrise.

    And in the spirit of the R rating, it should be absolutely not suitable for children

    Yeah I'm amazed that I've been hearing it on the radio also. Its actually garnered some steam and the mainstream media is reporting it.

    That bit at the beginning with the guy talking about how kids get less empathic toward violence was completely taken out of context, I've seen the video that that was taken from and in the full version of what he's saying he SUPPORTS the R rating because it's more likely to keep these games out of kids hands. shame on them for editing that to make it look like he's against it :(

    SA Attorney General in favour of R18+ rating. Never thought I would type that.

    Anyone want to do an AG 'count' in the lead up to Friday? :P

      This is the same SA attorney-general who refuses to roll back the ridiculous restrictions imposed on R rated films a year or two back which basically treats them all like porn.


        I thought that was an act of parliment though... not the actions of the AG.

        What restrictions? i live in SA have never seen R movies with clear packaging. Plus it was implemented when Micheal Atkinson was in power.

          Go into your local JB and go looking for Fight Club... it's in a seperate section.

    So when does the contract get written up with Sunrise for a regular Kotaku appearance on all news video games....?


    great work from Seamus, I love how he mentioned about the 13 games banned in Aus atm (and frankly those sorta games suck ass) top work from a bloke with his smart head on his shoulders

    Handled very well by both. Well done Seamus!

    Is there some kind of youtube version? This player doesn't seem to like me.

    That was a great follow up piece to the first interview a few weeks back :D
    I've been somewhat annoyed though at the fact that most of the news headlines I've seen in the last day or so regarding this is "kids to be banned form playing violent games". I think that's a pretty poor choice of words and is going to make a lot of people look at this the wrong way...

    On a side note I liked the little moment at the end of the video where Kochie quietly goes "good to see you"

    Now, we just need more people on the Anti-Internet Filter campaign, and we'll be up there with the rest of the world (on the internet).

    The introduction of download limits on connections, didn't exist in any part of the world ever before.

      I should clarify, that I was talking about quota, and my point was that 'that' was ridiculous enough - First, they limit to how fast, then how much, and now to 'what'? NBN was a step forward (despite it's cost(s)), but a filter is a step back.

        There is no filter anymore it won't pass the greens and coalition have said they will block it so stop spreading lies

    Shame WA look like they're going to block it. BS system that it needs all GG's to agree. Seems they were happy to hide behind Atkinson

      This is the bit that scares me! All the media attention, growing public support, petitions, surveys, submissions, well spoken arguments by Mark and many others. The simple fact that none of the anti R18+ arguments hold up...

      All it takes is one AG to simply say "NO" and all of the above won't mean a tickety-boo!

    The issue given dedicated airtime twice in just a number of weeks? Now that's what I wanna see. Good to see Kochie still has his support behind the rating. Once again, good work.

    The situation is looking good. And those people who are trying to scare monger people by by saying things like: it's being extremely naive if they think these kind of games won't find their way into the hands of children.

    Well, OK then, let's go to every video store in Australia and take all the R18+ movies off the shelf. While we are at it, why don't we take off all the pornography off the video store shelves as's pretty naive to think that it won't end up in the hands of kids.

    Let's also stop the manufacture of cars, because it's pretty naive to think that if we leave keys lying around that kids won't grab them and reap havoc. And let's stop the manufacture of pesticides and chemicals, because it's pretty naive to think that kids won't get their hands on it somehow and inflict damage on themselves and others.

    ...where does it stop? Where do you draw the line? I know that isn't the most intelligent argument, but heck, neither is theirs! I'm tired of hearing all the doomsday blabber about the end of the world if an R18+ rating comes into effect for games.

    P.S. Why does SUNRISE insist on having those windows in the background, where all those blank faced imbeciles stare through as though the cure for cancer is on the other side. AND master card! Damn you, and your stupid ads! I'll tell you what is priceless - not having to see your ugly mug for 30 seconds to see that video.

      I thought they were zombies in the background!! Ban them.

    I don't get how they plan to keep existing games banned. If the publishers resubmit a previously RC'd game and it passes as R18+, why shouldn't they be able to release it?

      This confuses me too. I just wiki'd the games currently banned in Aus and it seems to me some of them could be resubmitted and reclassified under an R18 rating.

      Whether devs/publishers would bother doing it is another question though.

      Anyway getting mainstream media to pay attention to this is pretty awesome and to have Kochie advocate it is pretty cool.

        Currently publishers can't resubmit the same game for re-review, they can only appeal a decision. The introduction of the R18 rating alone wouldn't necessarily trigger the ability for RC games to automatically get a second chance, and I'm not sure if there are any time limits that would apply preventing the appeal of an old decision. Thus in the absence of specific wording to enable re-submission the inability to re-submit would be blocked.

        As you point out, assuming they can, a publisher is really only going to re-submit if they think (a) it'll get through and (b) it's cost effective: think submission cost, repressing and repackaging (or maybe just patching), advertising, destruction of current stock, versus the additional sales which may be generated. I doubt many would opt to do so.

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