Brendan O' Connor Blogs On The R18+ Debate

Yesterday we posted an ABC guest blog from Lyle Shelton of the Australian Christian Lobby, but today it's the turn of Brendan O' Connor, who has written a post in The Punch that summarises his views on the matter.

We recommend you head over to the site to read the entire thing in context, but here are a few select quotes.

The jury is in, as far as the public is concerned, and I believe there is very strong public support for the introduction of the new adult classification for video games.

The question is now one for State and Territory Classification Ministers, who will meet in Canberra on Friday.

Like many debates in our society, this one is a question of balancing the right to individual choice against the potential harm that might be caused to society by allowing that choice.

I don’t believe there is sufficient evidence to prove that playing violent games causes violent behaviour. I released a literature review last week that found the evidence is inconclusive.

Brendan O' Connor's support of the R18+ rating isn't a new thing, but it's reassuring that, with lobbyists and a handful of MPs attempting to harangue the WA AG Christian Porter, that there is a politician in our corner.

Hopefully common sense will prevail this coming Friday.


    Common sense from a senior politician, have I woken up in some sort of alternate reality?

    Yay, finally some mention of adults having the freedom to choose for themselves what they play.

    I have to shake my head in disbelief when I see a politician spewing out such logic and commonsense like Brendan O'Connor is doing here. There's no place in modern society for politicians like that. How on earth did he ever get elected?!? :P It's like the real politician has been replaced by some kind of pod person that doesn't spout garbage.

    Fingers crossed everyone for Friday's outcome. Nothing is certain, even with the overwelming support of the community. As a senior gamer (Amiga 500 days) I'll relish the chance to buy (or not to buy) games designed for adults.

      The problem is that even if the AG's unanimously agree with the rating (which will be a feat in itself), there's *still* a public consultation process to happen after that. Even if they agree, it's still no sure thing, and even if it is, we've still got a reasonable length of time to wait.

      Why that even needs to be necessary when there's already been the discussion paper to get the public's view on this, I have no idea.

    You guys read the comments on yesterdays ABC ACL link? Hi-f***ing-larious!

      He pretty much got crushed.

        Into a fine paste suitable for lubricating model train components.

          Torgo's Executive Powder, it really soothes the burn.

      I'm still a little annoyed thou that the ABC lets them recycle the same unfounded claims again and again.

      Why not here from the actual childrens commissioner or some of the other "cited references"

      Just hoping that these types don't have a tight grip on one on the AGs.

    I would be very surprised if Mr. Shelton ever posts something related to this issue again. But then again, ignorance tends to render opposing arguements moot.

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