AU Diary: R18+ And The 7pm Project (Updated With Video)

Be sure to check out the 7PM project tonight, and not just for the ‘comedy’ stylings of one Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, but because Seamus Byrne will be on the show representing Kotaku and discussing the R18+ debate.

The last couple of weeks have been incredible. R18+ has gone from a niche, specialist issue to one that interests the entire country. It’s everywhere – on mainstream media, on television, on radio – and people are being educated with regards to what an R18+ rating actually means. This can only be a good thing.

Hopefully this sea-change in media coverage will help Australians get the R18+ rating they deserve.

In addition to the 7PM Project we’ll also be appearing on ABC News 24, after the SCAG meeting to discuss the result, whatever it may be.

So make sure you check in tomorrow for all the latest updates on the SCAG meeting and, of course, the final result. It’s been a long hard slog and we appreciate all your support. Hopefully, common sense will prevail.

UPDATE: You can now watch the video below.


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