AU Diary: R18+ And The 7pm Project (Updated With Video)

AU Diary: R18+ And The 7pm Project (Updated With Video)

Be sure to check out the 7PM project tonight, and not just for the ‘comedy’ stylings of one Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes, but because Seamus Byrne will be on the show representing Kotaku and discussing the R18+ debate.

The last couple of weeks have been incredible. R18+ has gone from a niche, specialist issue to one that interests the entire country. It’s everywhere – on mainstream media, on television, on radio – and people are being educated with regards to what an R18+ rating actually means. This can only be a good thing.

Hopefully this sea-change in media coverage will help Australians get the R18+ rating they deserve.

In addition to the 7PM Project we’ll also be appearing on ABC News 24, after the SCAG meeting to discuss the result, whatever it may be.

So make sure you check in tomorrow for all the latest updates on the SCAG meeting and, of course, the final result. It’s been a long hard slog and we appreciate all your support. Hopefully, common sense will prevail.

UPDATE: You can now watch the video below.


  • Much appreciation and thanks to all the work Mark, Seamus and the contributors have put into READY during this debacle. Good luck/common sense to everyone for tomorrow.

  • 7PM project is usually just drivel but I’ll watch it for our boy Seamus.

    “Hopefully, common sense will prevail. ”

    Let’s hope.

  • I saw an ad. for 7pm showing Bajo with a Good Game backdrop (last night maybe?) and was gonna ask why you didn’t offer Seamus up, but it’s good to see it’s all been rectified without any exertion required on my behalf.

  • Yeah you are right Mark, it’s really awesome to see all this! That being said, 7pm project is so lame. Over rehearsed POS, comes across like they’ve timed and practiced their jokes all day. And God, someone fire that over opinionated woman, stat!

    But I’ll watch it just for Seamus. Man, if it’s not watching Seamus with Kochie its watching him with…her!

  • Well, that was… short.
    I gotta say though, O’Connor actually sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. Not just some rehearsed statement about how most Australians support it, but he eveb answered the second question by mentioning the Catholic Bishops group. Good on him.

    • Oh, also, was it just me or did anyone else hear something from Anamanaguchi from the SP vs The World game soundtrack?
      … I probably should have been paying more attention, but it was one of those “… Hey, I’ve heard/seen/noticed that before” kind of things where you then get distracted by trying to figure out what it was from.

  • …just watched it, disappointed with the panel – for some smart people, they were pretty naive/didn’t seem to watch the story.

    i.e. Dave Hughes: “I don’t like those games where you get points for running over people”

    Apart from that, O’Connor was good but Seamus & Bajo should’ve had as long a run as Lyle.

  • I just watched it and it was entirely uninformative. Jennifer Byrne (I think is her name) made a floodgate arguement statement(R18+ = more violent video games/violent content), the Dr. on the panel made some bizarre comment about FPS games and medical technology and Hughesy voiced concern about getting points for running down padestrians in games. I don’t really know of any games where that is the main objective/reward or even a feature.

    The panalists mightn’t be gamers themselves and that’s fine, but atleast do a little research into the topic don’t just fire off silly ideas at the end of the segment.

    I think it would have been much better if they had Seamus or Bajo or someone else in the studio to answer those question as opposed to just closing the segment with ridiculous statements about the issue.

  • Interesting segment.

    Seamus/Bajo outlined some good arguments, Lyle Shelton was Lyle Shelton (THE CHILDREN!!) and the hosts were surprisingly sensationalist (Dave Hughes mentioning GTA ‘running over people in cars’ and Jennifer Byrne saying something about more violence). Brendan O’Connor made a good appearance, glad he’s quoting the Australian Catholic Bishops. The way the media coverage has ramped up before tomorrow has been surprising.

    A good overview of the issue (although I did hear ‘Attorney-Generals’), fingers crossed for tomorrow.

  • OK. WOW. I just managed to watch it, and ALL respect lost for the 7pm crew!

    Not only did they give the ACL fanatic 90% more time than the supporters COMBINED, they cut off O’Conner, Made Seamus’ statements seem disjointed, and (I believe) deliberately showed Bajo playing one of the R18+ Candidates…

    I’ve heard of spin before, but this is just dirty!

  • The presenters did seem rather uninformed, yes.

    “Doesn’t that mean we’ll get more violent video games?” was one of the comments. I mean, this kind of stuff has been brought up many, many times and you would have thought they’d have done a least a cursory amount of research before making comments like that.

    Oh well, thankfully this is not a decision for Jennifer Byrne and Dave Hughes.

  • Wow… and your all surprised that the views that were given were absolutely useless, I hate the 7pm project, Most of the people on there think they are funny but in reality it like someone scraping their fingernails down a chalkboard, That and Ryan Fitzgerald ruined any liking for the show the one time i saw him on there.

    Back on topic its not surpising the opinion coming from a 2 bit wannabe news program.

    • not sure she meant to be though

      it seemed a rather throwaway comment compared to everything else that someone else had told her

      Though i feel that the ACL spent some money on that piece.

    • that Jennifer lady on the right, with her “whaaaaa more violent games” is fairly indicative of the uninformed public’s perception, as shaped by the mainstream media/ACL argument.

      cue “the blonde” Carrie Bickmore with both the quietest and most poignant rhetorical question: “where are the parents?”

      home run Carrie. this is, i feel, the most important issue out of the whole debate. we, as adults (and parents) should have the right to enjoy gaming, from Farmville to whatever freaky-deaky stuff that may come out of Japan.
      FIRST AND FOREMOST THOUGH, WE HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY TO CHILDREN AND MINORS TO ASSIST THEM IN GROWNING UP, AND SCREENING THEM FROM INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT. too many parents wish to palm off that responsibilty and not be involved with their kids activities. an R18+ classification means that when adults go to EB or GAME, they can see *quite clearly before purchase* that a game is NOT suitable for their 8 year old. hopefully it also adds a level of responsibilty for game retailers to request ID upon purchase of an R18+ game.

      if we are going to ban anything, lets ban IGNORANCE and APATHY…

  • I found that very…underwhelming and biased. They gave that ACL guy way more time then Seamus and Bajo combined :/

    They obviously didnt do their research very well. A simple history search here could have enlightened them but I am glad Brendan O’Connor said his piece and hopefully the AG’s will pass this.

    *crosses fingers*

  • You can watch it online here if you missed it , bit of a waste of time tbh tho, spent way too much time throwing up the emotional arguments we’ve been fighting so hard against and almost no time to reply to them and then had some completely uninformed banter at the end going so far as to talk about fps=mind control, wtf… still good job by Bajo, Seamus and O’Conner, but honestly, good thing no-one watches that show.

  • I can’t even begin to express how horrible that story was

    Lyle got so much screentime, while our side got a few statements and thats really it

    Not to mention the panelists
    Their comments at the end have to be incredibly stupid
    Is this normally how their show functions? Start a subject, only ask one side for their opinion and don’t ask the other any questions relating to the problems they might have had at the end when they make uninformed comments

    The only highlight was when O’Connor used the Catholic Church as a example of people who support our side which I think was very effective

  • The 7PM project has evolved (deliberately, one has to assume) into Ch10’s version of Today Tonight / ACA. The same terrible life-is-scary sensationalism. GLASSING: the truth about how you’re not safe in any pub. RAIN: it looks nice but did you know it can drown your family. CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: twinkling, colourful, Deadly – the inferno that Will burn down Your house this week.

    The article seemed to have a reasonable tone to it, but then integrity was completely undermined by by the frankly bizarre comments by all three panelists

  • Somehow reminds me of the Mass Effect, Fox News debacle – the “experts” are given all time in the world to get there point across while “those gaming nerds” are given 10 seconds to counter that argument.

  • I just watched it and it really annoyed me. I thought gamers were completely under represented, seamus and Bajo should have had more exposure. Plus the comments at the end by the 7pm crew were completely ignorant. If only a guest on the panel had been there to set them straight so they didn’t end with those comments.
    Also, did they show uncensored Left 4 Dead 2? I’m pretty sure I saw zombies on fire >_>

  • I have a feeling if Charlie was on the panel that it would of went a bit different he seems to have views that a normal person would have

  • Dont know why people expected better the 7pm is one of the worst TV shows around, its crap jokes with “insight” into issues that cant even be said to scrape the surface because they spent all of 1 minute on them before 4 minutes of laugh track.

  • They barely discussed it, save for the Good Game host, and the hosts on the 7PM project gave ignorant comments. There were a few cheers when I was watching though, for the more intelligent and rational comments.

  • Now I know why I don’t watch this show. In one minute of banter they undid the entire video segment. Were they even watching.

    I’m scared of first person games

    Won’t it result in more violence.

    I am actually insulted by their shitty remarks.

  • It seems the article on the website was written much better than the piece on the show. All the comments are pro R18 too so that is good.

    Big day tomorrow, big day indeed.

  • Wow, it was lightweight, unresearched garbage. Jennifer Bryne used to be a journalist – “Kotchie” (spelling?) was much more informed!

    The best point which could have been added was just that games are hardly ever banned, they have to be released as MA15+ instead. The “flood” of games they fear(monger) simply don’t exist!

  • The video embedded above is the segments at the start of the show, not containing the R18+ debate. What a waste of 11 and a half minutes.

  • This is stupid, in games there is no objectives to run over civilians for no reason or harm them as in for call of duty that makes you realise that what the people fought for back in the war so whats the point of banning violent games in Australia if there’s no violent games how would you experience the history of war and what happend, you could experience what they done for their country. The world would be a boring place without violent games. Some how in a way these games would educate you about history as for other games like GTA and games that involve drugs and sexual action i wouldn’t know on what to say about them.

    7pm Project members spouting personal opinions and random comments about stuff they don’t really understand.
    Like that never happens!

    I might not be the brightest spark, but that show offends my intelligence almost every time I watch it.

  • What in the world makes someone think I would ever watch the 7pm project
    “for the ‘comedy’ stylings of one Dave ‘Hughesy’ Hughes”???????!!!

  • The old girl missed the point, but I guess it wasn’t her fault if it wasn’t explained properly in the story. Uninformed people like her ASSUME that the OFLC is doing an adequate job now, that all MA15+ games are therefore suitable for 15 yearolds, ergo an addition of an R18+ rating will result in more violent games. If the point that many MA15+ games here are actually rates 17+ or 18+ overseas was better amde then I think people like her would find the cause easier to support.

    PS That dr.s suggetsion was absurd.

  • i sat down and watched the show from the start, so i saw the thing before about wiki-leaks, and that jennifer byrne lady or whatever really pissed me off, and i thought “if she says something annoying during the R18+ thing i will explode” then she was doing good till right at the end she said “i’m worried that it means that more violent games will be let in” and THEN i exploded

    and also, this was extremely bias, the ACL guy get more time then Bajo or Seamus, and Brendan O’connor still manged to do a good job, but they still didn’t cover our main points, especially the one that very few games have been banned, and the games that are banned won’t be let in…

    so overall, it was crap, once again, seamus bajo and brendan o’connor did well, it just wasn’t enough to combat the bias of the show

  • That Christian Lobby guy was infuriating. I kept thinking “please don’t pull the ‘think of the children’ card” and before I knew it…


    Goddamn Helen Lovejoy. And the panel was pretty bloody awful too. Especially what should be from an educated professional.

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