READY: Speak Directly To Your Representatives

Earlier today we reported that the Australian Christian Lobby has set up a website for the purpose of sending emails directly to the Attorneys-General and the Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O’ Connor. Well, we thought to ourselves, why can’t we do the exact same thing? So we did.

Below we’ve set up an automated email service, just fill out the details and write your reasons why you support an R18+ rating (or why you don’t – we’re not fascists here at Kotaku!) It will automatically be sent to the Minister fo Home Affairs Brendan O’ Connor but, if you add your state, the email will be sent to your the relevant Attorney-General.

In order to have the maximum effect, we recommend have a quick look at our guide to writing to your representatives, but otherwise send your well reasoned arguments using our setup below!


[contact-form 2 “R18+ Multiple Submission”]


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