Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit comes out tomorrow in Australia, which is why we’ve found it so surprising that info on SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED has started leaking all over the web. But then it hit us, the ‘Need for Speed’ moniker is curiously absent from this sequel. It seems that, much like Modern Warfare before it, EA isnow concentrating on allowing SHIFT its own space and brand within a brand, which we think is a good thing.

This new trailer is also a good thing.

The original SHIFT was launched under the Need for Speed brand, which helped sales obviously, but SHIFT was also a very, very good racing sim. We’re glad that EA is giving Slightly Mad Studios the chance to create something a little more independently and can’t wait see what they come up with.

This trailer is light on gameplay, and heavy on hype, but we’re relieved to see that the sequel is sticking close the roots of the original shift, focusing on a more physics driven, realistic race experience.


    • I concur! Will be totally ace if it has the kind of damage they were showing in there! It’s the one thing racing games need more than anything these days… really good damage systems

  • Well, the “Need For Speed” logo is still present at the end of the video… so I guess it technically is still a Need For Speed game.

    Looks freakin’ sweet either way.

  • Looking forward to seeing how this one turns out. For an “almost-sim” the first one wasn’t great (the outrageous tendency to spin under braking, and oversteer/understeer settings being reversed both come to mind), but in my opinion NFS:Shift’s physics were far better than GRiD’s on the whole.

    With a bit of polish (and feedback from some of the handling tweaks people made to first), this could be great.

    Hell if they take the complete opposite tack to Codemasters of late, and focus on the experience during the race itself, as opposed to the experience outside of the races (live-the-life… bleh!), I’ll be very happy.

  • I just hope they fix the wheels popping through the bonnet/road bug. That made setting fast times in the Elise almost impossible. Almost.

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