Somehow We Think The 3DS Is Safe For Now...

With the news that mobile phones are threatening to go 3D, Hasbro has spotted a gap in the market and decided to go ahead with My3D, a device that works with your iPhone or iPod to provide 3D images.

We honestly don't know what to make of this. It looks ridiculously clunky, and not at all user-friendly.

Somehow we think the 3DS is safe for now...


    I'm buying 3!!

    And i don't even have any apple devices!!

    I'm a mad buyer!!


    ...seriously.. this is just dumb...

    Reminds me of the virtual boy :) Well at least it will have colours.

    So one of these

    Hahaha it looks like one of those oldschool ViewMasters

    Ah, the iToy! geddit?

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