Attorneys-General Currently Discussing The R18

We've currently just received word that the Attorneys-General have just gone in to discuss the R18+ rating for games. Hopefully we'll have word within the hour.


    Kotaku has NO part in things getting to the stage they have.

    I say that as someone who knows.

      I completely trust you, random internet commentator guy.

      So getting on prime time TV and arguing for an R18+ Classification as well as promoting writing to politicians and signing petitions has had no effect.

      None at all.


      Why don't we all just roll over and die then? I mean really whats the point?

    If this does pass, I wonder what will be the first game released as R18? Does anyone plan to pick it up no matter what as a part of Australian gaming history?

      Duke Nukem Forever possiby, be about right since some think that there will be content cut for Australian release under the current classification system.

        Duke Nukem Forever getting an R rating will be the most ironic thing the world has ever seen

    C'mon guys it's an Aussie Govt. Departmental thing,..they probably got in there, heard one speaker.
    Then had to call in a consultant group to figure what they were going to have for lunch and if it adheres to Aust Standards and if it was pc enough for all the subgroups represented. Then they take an hour and a half for lunch.

    We should know an outcome @ around 3.30-4.00pm i'd say because that's knock off time for most public servants.

      Worst thing is, I can't even laugh about that in this case, it just makes me angry >.<

    I am so afraid, and so hopeful. Please government, do something right! Give us a little bit of confidence.

    Big Sexy Serrels got a mention:

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