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This has been the best week ever. Easily. In terms of Community involvement it has completely destroyed every other week in my short time at Kotaku and reinforced for me just how incredible this community is.

First off - this. FatShady, I don't know how long it took you to do this, but it was incredible. I can't believe you made me Strickland. I can't believe you made Chuloopa Marty McFly. But it was one of the best things I've ever seen created by the community on this site. What an amazing effort!

Then TadMod organised a rogue kidnapping - and an incredible Gizmodo invasion the likes of which we've never seen. Sweet bejeebus this was awesome. Elly, our early morning Editor was completely bemused by the whole thing! Then she found it hilarious. And she never laughs. Ever. Unless it's at my misfortune, or if I slip on a banana or something.

Nick Broughall - the Gizmodo equivalent of me - basically came in the next day with a giant WTF painted on his forehead. Seamus was just happy to get his photo taken as part of Kotaku list of demands. Seriously Tadmod - I don't know where you get these mental ideas from, but I'm just happy to play along. This was awesome.

There were other mental stuff - stuff you might not even have noticed. Ray has actually started creating a video games design document for 'Commando: The Movie: The Game' based on a mental discussion in a previous Talk Amongst Yourselves. James Mac has been posting as a zillion celebrities, and also received a Kudos nomination from Strange for being 'a good kisser'. I suspect email hax.

Then there was Chuloopa, creating a Kotaku Twelve days of Christmas song, and grossly overestimating the size of my hands.

Man, this week I truly don't know where to begin, and I can't help feeling like I've forgotten incredible things that others have produced this week.

Basically, in light of the insane stuff you guys have created, I couldn't choose just one winner - so I chose three.

FatShady, you truly are the MBA of my heart! After your Back to the Future stuff I got in contact with Universal, who distribute the Back to the Future series here in Australia. I told them what you did for the community, and they decided to reward you with this...

I hope you have a Blu-ray player! That's the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-ray along with Robin Hood and Get him to the Greek.

Second is Chuloopa, for his services to everything. For Photoshop, for coming this close to winning an iPad, for doing the update on the Kotaku Indie game, for his 12 Days of Christmas song - basically for being a great pillar of this community and being hilarious.

Third is Tadmod. This guy does so much for this community. He ran the 'Kidnapping', he's organising the Kotaku Indie game, he writes CheapSkate gamer without fail, every single week. I hope you know how much everyone appreciates your hard work, especially me!

Both of you guys, we'll sort out something when I get back! I have a mad backlog of prizes to get through, I know! I'll get right on it in the new year!

Thanks for making me feel so welcome during the tail end of this year! Can't wait to get started on 2011.

Have a happy Christmas and a great new year!



    I just want you three to know, I sent Mark an email last night nominating you all and demanding he gives each of you a prize... I expect a cut. :P

    Congrats to all!!! Thoroughly deserved by all parties. Mark you are part of what's driving all this ( not taking ANYTHING away from The Goose ). Contacting Universal and that prize is a prime example. This community is truly epic. Hope everyone has a safe and happy non-denominational family celebration.
    PS. I thought Kotakudos had caught on, go on Mark change the title.... I sent you a haiku :D

      If Kotakudos catches on he would have to give me a prize and I would have my name removed from the Hall of Grand-Master Bastards, then the universe would break.

    Awwww, you're so sweet, Mark! :D

    I get a Christmas present from Kotaku (albeit after Christmas)! I hope Australia Post feels compelled to actually send me this one...

    Congrats to all. And I agree; FREAKING EPIC WEEK here!


    Good work guys, it really was a stellar effort from all of you.

    Aww not even a mention for my 15 hours of work on my christmas tree :( I dun need more prizes, but damn! oh wells.. MERRY XMAS ALL!! W0000000!
    and enjoy that blu-ray BTTF trilogy shady! I can tell you from first hand experience, that it's firetruckin HAWT!!! ;)
    Congrats guys!

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year everyone! You guys make my heart all warm and fuzzy....or maybe that's something I should get checked out? Meh. MOAR BACON!

    Awesome. I has big smiles for all of you!! Just awesome. :D

    Sorry Mac, I tried.

      That's alright... I obviously just need more practice.

      Well done, and Merry Christmas... one and all
      /end TinyTim

      Thanks for trying Strange.

      Serells obviously doesn't grasp how good a kisser I am; I'll have to track him down and French him at some point.

    HO-HO-HO my god!

    I really can't explain how elated i am! :D

    Thank you so much Mark!
    Also massive congratulations to the other Kudos-men for this week, and my personal kudos to the whole community - you guys are like a big bowl of cotton candy! dawwwwwwwwwwww

      Almost forgot!

      Once again, everyone have a very safe and happy x-mas break! :D

    Thanks Mark. Awesome. I have a ps3 and only own one Bly ray so this will do nicely. Congrats to all of us. Truly great kommunity.

    Can't wait for them.

    Congrats :) This was a good week.

    I tell ya,
    That James Mac guy can't get no respect.

    He went on a blind date once... was supposed to meet the girl out the front.
    He got there and asked the girl
    "Hey, are you Sarah"?
    She said "Are you James Mac"
    He said "Yeah".
    She said "I'm not Sarah".

    He came from a rough neighbourhood... as a child he put his hand in some wet cement and felt another hand.

      You're kidding right? Surely he's OK and "let's hear it for James Mac"...right???!!!

    Can I please nominate blaghman perhaps for some new years kudos for his song. Granted it was posted late in Tay but I don't want it missed. Check it out guys. Mark, surely there's is something left for blaghy

      Hey dudes I've in the middle of nowhere no Internet no phone reception, so if something happened on Friday I wouldn't have known about it! Sorry Blaghman!

        I second this, can we nominate him for next week? The embarrassment alone deserves some free stuff!

        Bahahaha, I don't mind.

        It actually got posted one minute after this, so I was never in the running anyway.

        But thank you FatShady (MBA), I appreciate it.

    This is what keeps me coming back... even when I should be working!
    Thanks to you all and Mark for the dedication.
    Merry Gaming Christmas to you all!

    YAY congrats guys!
    Also Mark is awesome for contacting Universal. That is all.

    uh uh .... nah Mark you MY NerfHerder!

    Well it's been one hectic week, congrats to all three of you! Hey Mark... just a reminder, when are you going to send the email to me about my kudos prize last week? :)

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